Author Kerry Keller #interview

Please give a warm welcome to author Kerry Keller

Tell us a bit about yourself

Do you think that’s a safe idea, getting to know me might be detrimental to your health. Hmm, okay then, don’t say I didn’t warn you. So, let’s see. First off, I’m a United States Air Force Veteran that still works closely with my brothers and sisters in my day job. I just celebrated my 21st birthday this year (yeah… let’s go with that) and I’m a single mother of the sweetest, yet sarcastic 11 year old little man, you’ll ever meet. I have no idea where he gets it from, ha-ha. My start with reading books came with a love/hate relationship at an early age. I loved reading the stories but hated the reason why I started. I had problems annunciating certain words so I started out in speech therapy in 4th grade, so to help practice delivering those f-bombs I love so much, my mother made me start reading out loud during our car rides. 

Have you always wanted to become an author? 

Would you believe me if I said no? In 4th grade, I swear that was the magic grade for me, we had an assignment in English to write a short story. I decided to write about a haunted house, yes, that was the title too. With my mother’s help, we wrote out my story but continued it until it became a novel. To this day, it’s sitting in my mother’s storage locker somewhere. But since then I’ve always had stories running through my head or you could find me spinning a tale with my co-workers, playing off their own stories. My love of reading got me into beta reading for one of my favorite authors and I decided to go back to school to become an editor. That same author told me that if I’m writing, then publish my book, so here I am. Last year, I decided to do something with the voices in my head.  

What was your inspiration for your current book/series?

 Wow, you’re really digging deep huh? I love it though. So back in 2018 (yes that long ago… remember I work full time), back in Texas I was sitting down in the break room and wrote the first line of a book and just took off. I came up with the idea of a girl waking up in Purgatory and finding herself surrounded by creatures that she had only read in books. Since then, it went through a lot of revisions, because originally it wasn’t going to be Reverse Harem read and I wanted quirky and memorable creatures. I wanted to write something I would want to live! A magical word where I could fall in love with and older characters, so that’s where my inspiration for Road to Redemption came from.  

What are you working on now? 

My WIPs? Will this be classified? (I’m watching you to make sure- giving you the side eye, ha-ha). I’m currently working on my second book to Purgatory Prep Academy series. I kinda left it on a little cliffy so I need to knock that one out as fast as possible. I’m also working on two stories that are burning the back of my head and want to come out and play. One will be more of a MFM with an older single mother type deal, which I’m still on the fence of making that a RH and the other is pretty much a smut book that I’m still outlining but won’t be in works until next year at least. 

Do you have any quirks while working?

Oh my God, where to start. I have a couple of different quirks. One, when I write, I’m constantly sharing what I had just written with my alpha and bestie, Jilli. I send a lot of voice clips to her asking for word choice and end up figuring it out on my own and have her laughing at me later. I’ll send her a screen shot, asking her if she likes it and then immediately turn around and change it or twerk it. I swear, she’s a saint for dealing with me and takes it with a grain of salt. The second thing I do, is either have Family Guy, Key and Peele, or some kind of comedy playing in the background while I write or music. I love comedy and tend to have it in my writing so I’m constantly laughing or dancing in my seat while writing. If you were on a fly on the wall, you would see me either quoting a comedy or singing along in my seat while my keys are flying along the keyboard. 

What are you hopes for the future?

I hope to win the lottery, find the men of my dre- Oh, you mean as an author? Well, damn. Next time, say that before I spill all of my secrets. *eye roll* First of all, I hope that people enjoy the types of books that I put out into the world. I also hope that I can inspire others to write and go for their dreams no matter what they are. I’m a mother, full time worker, college student that struggles just like anyone else but writing is my escape. I hope to inspire someone else to look for a healthy and exciting way to deal with the horrors in the world we deal with. And lastly, I hope to create lovable characters that people fall in love with and never want to let go.

Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world?

Yes, but this might be overwhelming. First of all, get yourself out there. Join those groups that you will be writing along with. Become friends with other authors, PAs, and Readers. The more the better. Even though, I say be friendly, also be cautious. Not everyone will be there for good intentions. Also, invest in a good editor, proofreader, and book covers. You will spend money but remember you need to at times to make a statement. One last advice, if you can hold off, wait to release your first book until you 2nd book is ½ done being written.  

Do you have anything to say to your followers? 

Holy shit! I have followers? (Wow, such a humble moment) First of all, to those that consider themselves my followers, THANK YOU! Writing for myself has always been fun and like I said, an escape for me. But to know I have someone that loves my words or will once this book drops, you have completely moved the moon for me in more than one way. I hope you understand and continue to support me when I’m not popping out books as fast as a fairy godmother with a wand. I’m a pantser and write by the seat of my… well pants! I can’t schedule things out, it just doesn’t work with my creative mojo!

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