Lakeborn by Victoria Larque #amreading #newrelease

Happy release day Victoria Larque


Eyes as deep as the bottom of her lake. A heart as wide and alive as the forest surrounding it. A voice as soft as the wind rustling through trees and as melodic as waves on pebbled ground. A power that is rooted within her very soul, the soul of her lake. She passes time flipping stones and dipping her toes. She has never asked for anything but peace. This is her lake. The lake of dreams, the lake of truth, the lake of life. And she will do anything to defend it.

Pre-order Black Dog and Rebel Rose by Dani Julian #amreading

Black Dog & Rebel Rose

Half-angel Rose has always flown solo, and that’s just how she likes it. Trained since youth by her angelic father in the ways of battle, she flees the heartache of a broken childhood by hunting the nightmarish creatures that hide in the shadows. When she discovers a nefarious plot involving a mysterious witch and her parade of grisly horrors in an abandoned California town, she eagerly treks out to see what blood can be spilled, only to discover that a boy from her past–now grown to manhood–has sniffed out the same prize.

Skriker, the Halfling son of a demon and a stripper, is a supernatural hunter with nothing to tie him down. Between gore-splattered hunts slaying things that go bump in the night, he fills his days and nights with women, cage fights, and hard, fun living. But when the tattooed, Harley-riding bad boy makes a trip out to the rotting burg of Paradise Hill, he finds that he isn’t the only hunter to arrive on the scene…and she’s someone he was certain he’d never see again. Fierce and beautiful, Rose forces feelings he’d buried long ago to rise to the surface, drawing him into a partnership that neither ever expected.

As the unlikely pair battle their way through the ruins, Skriker and Rose must survive not only the vicious enemy pursuing them, but the reawakened–and forbidden–emotions that both were sure had expired…emotions that might make or break the fate of Creation itself.

Rediscover the first installment of Dani Julian’s cult-followed dark fantasy adventure series, reimagined with enhancements by co-writer Amanda Schrader and film producer/actor Vincent van Hinte (Star Trek: Into Darkness), and featuring stunning new artwork by the creator. Come join the hunt!

The Harem of Freaks series box set releases with a special pre-order price of $ 0 . 9 9 ! @CrystalAshBooks

The Harem of Freaks series box set releases February 18th! With a special pre-order price of $ 0 . 9 9 !

When I join the circus, the last thing I expect is to fall in love…
The craziest part? It’s with shifters.

I ran away from my abusive home on my eighteenth birthday and never looked back. Working at the traveling carnival is my chance for escape, for joy and independence. Or so I thought.

But there’s more to this circus than I expected. Monsters lurk in the shadows. Those with fangs and claws, and the men who profit from trafficking them.

Shifters are real, and they’re people who need my help. The lone wolf protecting his pups. The tattooed dragon with a wicked tongue. And the prickly tiger who keeps me at arm’s length.

Captured and exploited, they’re furious at being paraded as circus attractions. They might be monsters, but they’re also men. My men. Together, we must stop the shifter trade for good.

I may not have fangs or claws, but it turns out I have magic of my own. And I’m not afraid to use it.

Because these monsters? They’re all mine.

Harem of Freaks is a complete paranormal reverse harem series with adult scenes, including M/M content. This series bundle includes the following volumes:

Freak Show
Abra Cadabra
Smoke and Mirrors
Jump through Fire
Curtain Call
Backstage at the Freak Show

Pre-order Igniting Flames by Miki Ward and Elizabeth G. Ellis #amreading

Igniting Flames – A Ride or Die Tale

Toria Russel had an ordinary life with and ordinary job in and ordinary town. Then her boss gave her the chance of lifetime. He sent her to Sturgis to get a much-needed contract to save their tech company. She met and found desire and love but also burning hatred. How she combats the flames is with a ride or die moment.

Pre-order Blade of Iris: A Dark Mafia Romance by K.A. Knight

I was sold to my enemies.

The Volkov’s are the nightmares they warned me of as a child, the ones they spoke of in the dark in hushed tones. Traitors, killers, the boogeymen themselves sent to scare children like me.

Children of their enemies.

A Kelly.

A family that they have been at war with since before I was born, and now?

Now I am to marry into the Bratva Pigs. To become their blushing bride.

My fathers plan, theirs as well. A marriage to create peace. To unite the families and end the bloodshed once and for all. We are a symbol of hope, of the future, of harmony.

I have other ideas.

I’m going to make these Vegas Kings fall.

I’m going to kill the Volkov’s and serve their hearts up on a platter for my father.

They won’t see it coming…

The Blade of Iris will be their end.

Even if it starts the Mafia Wars.

*Blade of Iris is a full-length reverse harem novel in the dark and twisted Mafia Wars world.
*Recommended 18+ due to mature language, adult situations and sensitive content.

Desire after Dark #amreading

Your favorite new book boyfriends were too sexy for Amazon to handle.

They’re sorry for being late but they had to he their spankings first for their bad behavior 😈

Warning: we recommend reading these sexy stories after dark. Light-of-day reading may lead to blushing, flushing, and squirming that is difficult to explain to children, co-workers, and significant others.

Swoony heroes.

Sizzling chemistry.

Sweet kisses.

This and more awaits you in the Desire After Dark anthology, a collection that proves boys are better in books and desire really is better after dark.

Over twenty of your favorite authors have come together to bring you your next book boyfriend in the hot bad boys you can’t resist, the swoon-worthy heroes that will sweep you off your feet, and all the sexy studs you’ll meet between the pages.

You’ll find all your favorite tropes, ranging from steamy to downright scorching. This one amazing compilation will satisfy your craving for enemies to lovers, small town, second chance, sexy dark, sports, rom com, forbidden, age gap, friends to lovers, opposites attract, and many more!

Snuggle up and prepare to read all night… you won’t want to put this steamy contemporary collection down.

Authors in this set include: Em Petrova, Ellie Masters , S.M. West, Sarah Bale, Catherine Wiltcher, Heather Slade, Neya Wara, Morgan James, Rene Folsom, Hope Irving, Katherine Hastings, Ara Grigorian, Katana Collins, JB Heller, E.R. Whyte & Jennifer Hartmann, Zoe Forward, Jane Suen, D. D. Larsen, Ivy Wild, Anise Storm, Erin Osborne and C.N. Marie

Author L.A. Wayward #interview

Please give a warm welcome to author L.A. Wayward

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m a lover of dark romance, with an even darker edge of smut and taboo. I also love “I’ll hold your hand” romance books. It depends on my mood.
I love my stories with a whole lot of action, romance and lots of steam.
I try to write pull at your heartstrings books filled with scorching brooding Alpha men and badass women in search of a HEA.
Because let’s face it—who doesn’t like to spend their time fantasizing about hot guys?

Have you always wanted to become an author?

From the first moment I saw the movie Almost Famous I knew I wanted to be a writer. During my years at UVA I started writing for a music magazine and different music websites, and went on tour with a band for the last leg of their UK concerts. I got to interview countless bands, and spent most of my time going to concerts for free. For years I got to see, and interview some awesome artists and bands. I also got a job as a script reader for a movie production company, I even sold a treatment that never hit the big screen:) I’m a nomad and love to spend my time on the road, I traveled throughout my life with my parents, but after graduating University I bought a big backpack and embarked on an adventure around the world with my best friend. We spent months traveling through Asia, Australia, New-Zealand, Canada and ended the trip with an epic road trip through America. 

I had about three half-completed manuscripts and when I came home I knew I had to finish them. I published my first book Make It Burn in 2020 and spent 2021 reading and writing about six books that I hope to release in 2022. 

What was your inspiration for your current book?

I’m a sucker for a good dark romance novel. Ranger Danger is a little bit spicier than Make It Burn. I love forced proximity, instant lust/love books where the main MCs have to overcome their own demons. I believe there is someone out there just right for you, who brings out the best in you, and loves you for all your flaws and demons. Who likes you for you, not because of your job or how much money you have in the bank. Inspiration comes at random times for me, I always write my thoughts down to work on them later.

What are you working on now

I’m working on Thirst, a dark romance “touch her and you die” kind of book. The MC scares me shitless and sets my heart on fire. It’s going to be another quick read, that I really hope people will like. Writing is an adventure, it has brought me in contact with so many great writers, bloggers and bookstagrammers. My dream was for just one person to read my words, having so many people actually buying my books is mind-blowing. Every day I try to work harder, and make myself and the people around me proud. Success for me isn’t measured in how much money I make as long as I’m happy and healthy, can travel, am able to keep writing my stories, and give people an escape. 

Do you have any quirks while working?

I have a ton;) I can only write when music is blasting in my ears, mostly K-pop. I’m a chaotic mess, so I have to stick to a strict schedule. I usually start with social media and emails in the morning, and write the whole day. There are post-its everywhere with quotes or scenes I still have to write. When I’m in the zone everything around me disappears, I get obsessed and need to finish it even if it means I don’t get a lot of sleep or forget to eat.  

What are your hopes for the future?

My ultimate dream is to get a book in the Amazon top 100 list and an orange banner. I want to keep traveling the world, write more books, stay healthy, be at peace with myself, be a good friend and make myself and my family proud. We all have our dark days, but it’s what we do with adversity that makes all the difference. I just want to go with the flow, keep growing, keep changing, nothing lasts forever so I try to do a little better every day. Try to find happiness in the little things, happiness doesn’t mean having a lot of material things for me, as long as I can pay my bills I’m happy. I write about love every day, and I do hope there is someone special waiting to share a life with, to enjoy the little moments with. I’m really lucky though, I have a place to call home, friends and family I love and a little success with my books. I really want to go to an NBA game, a Liverpool match, and spend some time in Seoul. And I’m learning Korean at the moment, at a snail’s pace but I’m making process. It’s good to keep dreaming, and challenge yourself even if it scares you. And don’t compare yourself to others, everyone is on their own path, that’s what makes it beautiful. 

Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world?

Just start writing, don’t compare yourself to others and read as much as you can. With every book you learn something new. It’s easy to get discouraged when you see people having more success than you. But you never know when your big break is going to come, keep going, keep growing and the rest will follow. And reach out to people, I’ve found everyone wants to help you along the way. Ask for help, or a little guidance and pay it forward. 

Do you have anything to say to your followers?

Thank you so much for reading my words and buying my books. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, and TikTok. I love to interact with new readers, so don’t hesitate to reach out! Thank you for giving me a chance and making my dream a reality, big virtual hug!  

Author Rowan Thalia #interview

Please give a warm welcome to author Rowan Thalia

First interview

Tell us a bit about yourself…

Hello again Helle! Gosh it’s been forever since my first interview! I’m Rowan Thailia – Ro. First, I’m an author, I published my first novel  on February 14, 2019. 

I discovered very early on that I loved writing. Poetry was my first love and form of expression. I’ve written poems since I was sixteen and have quite the collection by now! Some of them you can find in my poetry novella, Deep in the Ro.

I’ve always been an avid reader and writer of short stories. My favorite author of all time is Anne Rice. In fact my pen name stems from one of her characters, Rowan, from The Witching Hour.

It wasn’t until 2018 that I decided to push through and write a full-length novel. I started Binding Rayne (which went through several title changes at first) but struggled with the direction. In the middle of the first draft, I happened upon the reverse-harem book community on facebook. The complicated romances rooted in my author heart and before long my book took on a new direction.  The Keepers of the Talisman trilogy was born!

Thank you for all of the support and love that you’ve shown toward my book babies so far, Helle, I hope to keep surprising you with bigger and better projects!

What has happened work wise since our last interview?

Since our first interview, I have written and published  many more reverse-harem romance novels, most of them paranormal in genre. Never to be one to sit idle, I opened a second pen name – R. Thalia . With this name, I began the journey of writing my first (non-romance) paranormal thriller, Song of Bones which I hope to publish in March.

Covid hit, and I backslid into depression for a while, but I came out fighting. I began a rewrite of my second series, The Soldiers of Blood and Ruin. At first, I thought to work through a quick edit, but realized I wanted to do more with the series – expand it – so I began the long road to reimagining the series. I just finished book one, Renegades Exiled (formerly Rox’s Renegades) and I can’t be happier! I’ve given Rox a deeper backstory and developed the plot and characters more than the first go around, even if you’ve read the first novel – I highly suggest you pick up the twe one. Renegades Exiled drops January 15!

What was your inspiration for your current book/series?

Which one? Ha! I’m working on several projects right now. The biggest one is Soldiers of Blood and Ruin, so I’ll talk about that one. I’ve always been a fan of vampire novels – cue my Anne Rice obsession. Before writing this series, I read a dystopian novel and it got my mind spinning – what if I combined the two? This was right after finishing my first book, Binding Rayne in 2018. Anyway, I sat down and plotted/wrote the first ten chapters of this series in a weekend. The rest is history! Rox and her team were born. I mixed my love of vampires, dystopian, and zombies all together in one sexy package.

What are you working on now?

After finishing Renegades Exiled, I am working on four projects:
Renegades Mission: Book Two of Soldiers of Blood and Ruin
Juniper’s Trial: The final book of The Academy of Elite – Cowritten with Jarica James
Song of Bones – A thriller standalone under my non-romance pen, R. Thalia
Death Knell – a PNR RH Romance Co-written with Darcy Ray

Do you have any quirks while working?

Hmm. This is a good question. I think my biggest quirk is my need to see photos of everything I’ve imagined. I spend a lot of time searching pinterest and other sites finding the right images to go with what is in my head. Other than that – I’m needy. My poor alpha group can attest. Thankfully I’ve got people all around the world, so someone is always available in our chat- haha!

What are your hopes for the future?

I hope to get back on a regular schedule with my writing. In a perfect world, I’ll be publishing a book for each pen name at least bi-monthly. I’d also love to go back and get my Master’s in teaching – but that’s a long way away right now.

What have you learned about publishing since our first interview?

Gosh, I’ve learned so much. When you first interviewed me I had people helping me with the process – a small publishing house. Since then I’ve separated from the publisher and set out on my own. Both Deafening Silence and Last Chance Diner were self-published. The reason for rewriting my two first series is that I’ve gotten the rights back from the publisher and I will be putting them on my own account. The entire process is so intricate and it helps to know people. The most important advice I can give to new indie authors is – make friends with several editors and cover designers. Besides that, gather a small squad of beta/a;pha readers that will stick with you. Most of mine have been with me the entire three years and I couldn’t be more grateful. Shout out to my Shiver Squad!!

Do you have anything to say to your followers?

To my followers – Thank you so much for hanging in with me for the last three years. I came into the writing community rapid-releasing six books in a year. Since then, I’ve slowed down – but you haven’t turned away from me and I appreciate you! I love every comment, message, and recommendation I see out there. Stick with me, I promise I have more in store!!  Hugs, love and dicks – Ro  ❤

Preorder Lakeborn by @VictoriaLarque #amreading

Eyes as deep as the bottom of her lake. A heart as wide and alive as the forest surrounding it. A voice as soft as the wind rustling through trees and as melodic as waves on pebbled ground. A power that is rooted within her very soul, the soul of her lake. She passes time flipping stones and dipping her toes. She has never asked for anything but peace. This is her lake. The lake of dreams, the lake of truth, the lake of life. And she will do anything to defend it.

Coming January 25th
Coming January 25th

Watch the book trailer on YouTube

January RH Book Releases #amreading

January 2nd

Return to the Hollow: A Steamy Paranormal/Dark/Shifter/Romance (Misfit Protection Program Book 2)
January 4th

The Preacher’s Wife: Chasing Lynda (The Preacher’s Daughter – The Preacher’s Wife Book 3)
January 5th

Pretty Broken Things (Caravan of Freaks Book 1)
January 5th

Wasteland: Succubus Ascended Serial (Succubus Harem Book 53) PNR RH
January 6th

Haunts and Hades
January 6th

A Shifter’s Choice (Wolves of Hawthorne Cove Book 5)
January 11th

Danica: Darkness of Winter (Fallen Starlights Series Book 1)
January 12th

Grave Misconduct (Gang of Ghouls Book 3)
January 15th

Renegades Exiled
January 20th

Magic in the Making: A Curse of Blood Serial (Hartford Cove 4) PNR RH
January 21st

Pack Promised (Thrown to the Wolves Book 1) darker PNR RH
January 22nd

Zuko’s Fate: Dragon Valley’s Lord
January 28th

Jewels and Feathers (Race Games Book 3)
January 28th

Rising Darkness (The Veil Keeper Book 4)
January 29th

Fighting Monsters Part 1 and 2
January 30th

WOLF RECLAIMED: A Paranormal Shifter Romance (Aurelia’s Pack Of Misfits Book 2)
January 31st

Make Me Beg: A Dark Enemies to Lovers College Romance (Rich Demons of Darkwood Book 2) Contemporary
January 30th

Cyns Revelation- Paranormal Romance RH
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