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Book Promotion Directory: Bloggers & Promoters

The Book Promotion Directory lists blogs and book promotion providers to help Indie Authors promote and market their books. Listing blog addresses, contact information, what types of posts they allow authors to share on their sites, if they review and if so where reviews are posted, standard turnaround time, and book formats accepted. Indexes list bloggers by accepted genre so you can easily find sites amenable to your subject matter.

Book Promotion companies show contact information, what genres they are equipped to promote, services offered and pricing range.

With more than 180 blogs and almost 40 book promotion companies, complete with live links to facilitate easy contact, this is a must-have for authors looking for help promoting their new releases and backlist titles.

Bonus material of almost 200 other book promotion avenues as a starting point to help authors start building their own promotion blueprint.

Stop Hiding from Blurb Writing by Charity Parkerson

Does just hearing the word blurb make you throw up a little in your mouth? It might not be as hard as you think.

There is nothing worse than losing an entire day of writing time—if not more—struggling to create the perfect blurb. Not to mention, losing your creative stride in your frustration. Let’s not even talk about it turning into a five-thousand-word-long diarrhea of the mouth. That’s why I decided to create this short and to the point guide to writing blurbs. While using a combination of templates and examples, my hope is to get you to a place where blurb writing is a snap. Grab your copy and get started on taking back your writing time.

Writing Reverse Harem for Fun & Money (A Rage Against the Manuscript guide)

Pantsers Plotting & Planning Workbook by Deena Rae Schoenfeldt

Now Pantsers Can Benefit From Simplified Plotting

Whether you are a bestseller or an aspiring author, this planning workbook will help you keep your characters, plot, and timeline straight.

With pages to detail your locations, characters, scenes, plot points, etc., this workbook organizes all the prewriting, writing, and post-production aspects of getting a book into print.

110 pages of plotting worksheets to help flesh out your characters, keep your timeline straight and keeps your book consistent and flowing

Each workbook contains:

• 4 2-page spreads Main Character worksheets;

• 6 2-page spreads Secondary Character worksheets;

• 10 2-page spreads Location worksheets/visual ticklers;

• Space for up to 84 scene breakdowns;

• Book budget to track payments to each of your publishing team members and miscellaneous expenses;

• Project production / publishing schedule;

• 2 2-page spreads to list beta readers and reviewers for feedback tracking;

• Lined pages for notes and ideas.

Contact E-BookBuilders if you have suggestions to make this better for your specific genre.