Beautiful Tragedy – A Halloween Anthology

Get ready to lose yourself in this collection of tragic stories from our authors that will fill your heart and tear it out at the same time. Sometimes a happy ending is not the only one and despite our best hopes, things end in a way we never saw coming. Prepare to have your heart strings pulled and your resolve tested as stories of love, determination and hope leave you spinning.

These stories range from paranormal to contemporary, but no matter the genre they will fill you with hope, leave you guessing, and tear at your heart all at the same time. Get lost in this collection of incredible stories that show you sometimes the most tragic of stories are some of the most beautiful.

Each story is accompanied by a poem by Helle Gade:

• Til Death Do Us Part by Boris Bacic
• Never Wake Me Up by Anne Samara
• Ember Aglow by Victoria Larque
• Love To Live by Ada Rossi
• Crash Into Me by Audrey Grace
• Heart Of Magic by Everly Taylor
• The Cell by K.R. Fajardo
• A Fine Line by Melody Calder
• For the Love of Family by Isobella Dunn
• Killing Love by Annelie Janssen