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Demon Rising (Embers Duology Book 1)

-Urban Fantasy
-Paranormal Romance
-Enemies to lovers
-Angels and Demons… and a Hellcat

Desperate times make for enticing and dangerous bedfellows.
Fane is done living in Hell, and there is little time until her newest Maester has unrestricted ownership over her. When an Angel is captured and held in the Deep, she knows he might be her only chance at freedom—for only an Angel can break the demonic bond tethering her to Hell.
Mihr was ambushed by a bunch of Demons, who dragged him straight to the underworld. Now one of the Hellspawn—a sexy Demoness—offers him a way out. A forbidden way. He spent his life fighting her kind and avoiding temptation, but with freedom and life beckoning, he finally agrees to her conditions.
Together the unlikely pair flees, but the escape leaves Mihr close to death and in Fane’s care.
Soon both Heaven and Hell will come for them and they have to make a choice:
Die, or stay together.

Terrifying Love: A Halloween Anthology

Happy release day ladies ❤

Enter the world of terror and chills as our amazing authors featured in this multi-genre anthology bring you stories like never before. A mix of tales that will put you on the edge of your seat, keep you guessing, and wish the things of your nightmares had stayed in your sleep. Each story takes a unique spin on the fear in our hearts as the characters push for their happy ever after, even amidst some of their greatest trials. Will they overcome their obstacles, or will the things that go bump in the night be too much? This collection is full of never-before-seen tales of romance that will make you fall in love and terrify you at the same time. Get ready for a glimpse of the darkness and things of shadows as these authors show you that sometimes the dark can make your dreams come true.

Featuring stories

Bringing Home by Serena Nova
His Dancer by Isobella Dunn
La Siguanaba by Everly Taylor
Reflections of the Past by Melody Calder
Runes and Fangs by Victoria Larque
Bloody Money by Annelie Janssen
A Patio and a Spade by Ada Rossi
Poems by Helle Gade

Author Victor Larque #interview

Please give a warm welcome to



Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi! *waves*

My penname is Victoria Larque, but people call me V. I write Urban Fantasy with a dash of Paranormal Romance. Those are the genres I love reading and I combine them in my writing. My books always have a heavy romantic element, and there will be smexy scenes, but they are essentially plot driven—just to explain what I mean by that. ☺ My first series is called The Myre Series and currently has two books out. I am up to my ears in edits and rewrites of the third installment.

Originally from Namibia, I now live in Germany—in a charming house in the woods—with my very grumpy, antisocial husband, who I love more than anything.

In my spare time I love gaming, watching TV shows and movies, archery (I just started), and sleeping. I can’t emphasize the ‘sleeping’ part enough. Love it.



Have you always wanted to become an author?

Well… I have always been a storyteller. From the moment I could talk I told wild tales. My imagination was always a vibrant and very alive place and when I went to boarding school, it was the thing that got me friends. When you’re little and far away from home, stories can help the homesickness, especially late at night when loneliness hits. Being the one who told the stories got me lots of friends very quickly, and I have never stopped telling them.

So, in a way, yes I have always wanted to be an author. But it took a long time until I actually worked up the courage to try it.



What was your inspiration for your current book/series?

A dream. I dreamt of my MC roaming the nightly streets of a big city, searching for something. There was a sense of hunger and desperation she felt, and that was it. I had to write her story, had to find out what she was looking for and get to know who she was.


What are you working on now?

The third installment of the Myre Series. It follows a different character than the first two books do, but fits into and continues the same storyline. It has action, romance, demons, shadows and a volcano the inside of which is a city.

Other than that I am working on a project with another Author that might, or might not see the light of day. Currently we’re working out how to write and plan together, and so far it’s been great fun. I’m not used to writing with another person, but we also beta-read for one another, so we know how the other person ticks, which makes it an awesome experience.

And I am working on an idea for a duology that has been floating around my head for a while now.

Do you have any quirks while writing?

I listen to music, specifically hour-long melodic dubstep mixes. It’s not a music genre I’d normally listen to, but—for writing—I need it. ☺

Other than that… not really, no.


What are your hopes for the future?

I’d love to sustain writing books by selling books. I don’t dare dream of it sustaining my entire income… that would be crazy. At least not right now. I take time publishing my work, about a year per book. In the indie community that is tortoise-level slow. People expect a new book every three months (at least). So the sell-through isn’t what I’d like it to be.

And I’d love to be able to actually publish more than one book a year. That would be awesome!



Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world?

Talk to people and find your tribe. Ask questions, no matter how stupid you think they are. Get a writing buddy, listen to their feedback and criticism. Don’t let the sheer vastness of information and rules overwhelm you, just go through one thing a time.

And finally: Write what you love.


Do you have anything to say to your readers?

You are amazing, kittens! I thank each and every one of you for picking up Daph’s story and coming on a ride with me. I would not, and could not, have done any of it without you.