February Book Releases #amreading

February 1

When Arrows Fly 
February 1

Book 1 of the
Shadoewynne Series
February 1

Deadly Temptations
(Bring Me Pain Book 1)
Dark mafia
February 3

Their Dark Valkyrie:
The Complete Series
February 4

Wild Moon:
A Rejected Mates Romance
February 4

Tethered Magick
(The Veil Keeper Book 3)
February 5

A Golden Opportunity:
A Superhero Reverse Harem Romance
(The Spectra Series Book 9)
February 6

Nail ‘Em
(Jailbreak Book 2)
February 8

Beautifully Awkward
(Candied Crush Book 12)
February 8

(Silver Skates Book 4)
February 10

(The Last Note Series Book 2)
February 12

Seduced By The Peacock’s Beauty:
Superhero Reverse Harem Romance
(Cosmic Guardians Book 2)
February 12

The Shadowborn Series:
Books One to Three
February 12

An Unkindness of Raven
My Bloody Valentine #3
February 13

Two Tricks
(Hidden Empire Book 1)
February 14

A Sweet, Why-Choose, Scifi-Romance
(The Aethercurrent Chronicles:
The Baron’s Hand Saga)
February 15

Stalked by the Alien Assassin:
An Alien Romance
(Aliens Among Us Book 2)
February 15

A paranormal romantic comedy
(Silver Skates Book 5)
February 15

Alpha Hell:
A Dark Rejected Mates Romance
(The Rejected Mate Series Book 1)
February 15

Healed by the Earth Dragon Prince:
Dragon Shifter Romance
(Elemental Dragon Warriors Book 4)
February 15

Succubus Undone
(The (un)Lucky Succubus Book 7)
February 15

The Fallen Gods
Complete Series: Books 1-3

The Fallen Gods
Complete Series: Books 4-7
February 15

Waiting to Ignite
February 17

(Grimm Brothers’ Tattoo Duet Book 1)
RH PNR/Urban Fantasy
February 18

A Sci-Fi Alien Romance
(Bride to an Alien Prince Book 1)
February 18

Second Chances
(Emerald Lake Prep Book One)
Contemporary RH
February 19

Demon Sworn
(Darkest Flames Book 3)
February 19

Bloody Rosary Academy: Year Two
(The Supernatural Vampire Fae Chronicles Book 2)
February 19

Healed by the Earth Dragon Prince:
Dragon Shifter Romance
(Elemental Dragon Warriors Book 4)
February 22

Extra Credit

Contemporary RH standalone,
loosely inspired by the
Rapunzel fairy tale.
February 22

(Silver Skates Book 6)
February 22

(Hellish Book 12)
February 24

A Sword of Ice
(Fae Elementals Book 2)
High Fantasy M/F romance
February 24

Hard Boiled
(The Dragon Born Academy Book 3)
February 26

Destined to Run.
Comedic, PNR RH
with a touch of dystopia.
February 26

Her Fated Mates
(House of Wolves and Magic Book 2)
February 27

(Featherstone Academy Series Book 5)
February 27

Taut Strings:
A Rockstar Romance
(River Valley Rebels)
Contemporary RH
February 27

Blood Moon:
A Paranormal Vampire Romance
(The Blackheart Saga Book 1)

Author Duo Tiffany Roberts #interview

Please give a warm welcome to

Tell us a bit about yourselves

We are a husband and wife writing duo who writes science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal romance. We met online when we were around ages 16 and 17. Rob lived in New York, and I lived in Idaho, and after three years of dating online and seeing each other a couple times in person, Robert decided to move to Idaho to live with me. Crazy, huh? We’ve been together ever since, and have three kiddos.

Have you always wanted to become an author?

We both wanted to become authors since high school. It’s always been our dream. We wrote off and on through the years and, well, life happens. We got busy with work and taking care of our kids, we ended up putting our dreams aside. We still roleplayed with each other through a text-based RPG (this was how we met), so we were still writing in a way, but it wasn’t until 2014 when we wrote a short story together for an anthology that it clicked that we could do this.

What was your inspiration for your current book/series?

Our current series, The Infinite City, is a combination of things we love from both sci-fi and fantasy. We have some fantasy races that we’ve always loved mixed with aliens, and a futuristic, cyberpunk kind of setting inspired by the show Altered Carbon.

What are you working on now?

We just finished the fourth book in our Infinite City Series, Savage Desire. Currently, we’re working on a secret project with a few author friends of ours. So we can’t say yet! But after that, we’ll be diving back into The Infinite City.

Do you have any quirks while writing?

I don’t think we have any quirks…? We play music on occasion, but we’re pretty settled into our daily routine.

What are your hopes for the future?

We hope that we’ll be able to continue doing what we love despite the constant changes in the market. It was amazing (though scary) when we took the leap to work on our writing fulltime, and that’s all we’d like to do going forward.

Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world?

Research. The indie market is constantly changing and there is so much to learn. But also…write, write, write. And read.

Do you have anything to say to your readers? 

We love you all so, so, so much! You all have no idea how much we appreciate you. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for your support.






Tiffany Roberts’ Ravagers