Author Addison/Adara Wolf #interview

Please give a warm welcome to author Addison/Adara Wolf

Tell us a bit about yourself…

Hi everybody! I’m Addison/Adara Wolf. My dark MF works are under the name Addison Wolf, my dark MM stuff under Adara Wolf. I primarily write, well, dark romance. Protagonists who are unredeemable and relationships that are extremely toxic. I wouldn’t want to date any of my main characters IRL, but they sure are fun to write and read about!

Have you always wanted to become an author?

I have been writing for fun since I was around 14, but if I’m honest, I didn’t consider it as a full time profession until I was in the middle of my first real job and absolutely hating it. I wrote Under His Heel (dark m/m) for fun, not really intending to monetize it, but it grew extremely long! And things had gotten very sour at work, so publishing this book allowed me to leave a toxic situation.

What was your inspiration for your current book/series?

Raissa Donovan (my now co-author) and I were chatting about branching out into a new genre. We knew we wanted to write dark, and reverse harem sounded very fun, especially since it allowed us to include some bisexual men in our story. We chatted out ideas, throwing in all the fun kinks we definitely wanted to add, until we got to Breaking Lucia.

What are you working on now?

We just finished Book 2 in the Spoils of Victory series, Taming Lucia, and we’re gearing up to start writing the third one. We have it planned out, but as always things will probably change while we’re writing. On the m/m side, I’m working on a spin-off for Under His Heel, Leashing His Heart, featuring a rich young man out of his depths and a criminal who is finding out just how hard he can push the boundaries.

Do you have any quirks while working?

Not so much quirks, but I can’t work with music playing, most of the time. The lyrics distract me! If I think it’s too quiet, I’ll pop on some instrumental music.
… Oh, and anybody who knows me can tell you, but I spend way too long researching tiny details that will often never make it into my books.

What are your hopes for the future?

I’d love to be able to make this my full time job. I’m not there yet, but I changed day jobs mid-2021 and my goal for 2022 is to grow my author business. If I can figure out how to juggle my day job with my author job, I want to get back into painting, as well. I did a few paintings for my home office and had so much fun with it.

Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world?

If you’re self-publishing, the most important thing is to have a plan! Plan out what you’re going to write for the next year, and stick to a schedule. Marketing is important too (don’t skimp on covers) but the best thing you can do is be consistent.

Do you have anything to say to your followers?

Thank you so much to everybody who has supported me these past few years. I appreciate everybody who has read my books. I love reader comments and seeing people’s reactions to my characters really warms my heart. Thank you so, so much. 💖
As a thanks to all our readers, Raissa and I have written a little holiday extra story, titled Giving Lucia.

Teasers –Taming Lucia, releasing on Dec 28

The last dress I’m holding is black, knee-length, with a wrap design. It shows a bit of cleavage, but not as much as the white dress, and it still has thick straps and a covered back. Elegant, but still appropriate for work without being completely sexless.
“This one,” I say, pulling the dress off the hanger. “Raise your arms, Lucia.”
“I can dress myself,” she tells me, reaching out for the dress instead of obeying.
I unzip the back of the dress and shrug. “I’m sure you can. You can wear it by yourself too. I just finished clearing out one of the closets for you, we could hang you up there with the rest of the dresses.”
Angelo smirks.
All the color drains from her face. She quickly raises her arms in the air. “That won’t be necessary,” she says.
I pull the dress over her head and shoulders and nod at her. “Good girl.”
I don’t miss her quite tangible reaction to the words. A tremor runs through her, and her breath catches. I don’t think she even realizes she’s responding so beautifully to the praise.
She lets me pull the dress down over her body, hiding the bright red lingerie, and I zip it up in the back before circling around her to inspect her. It’s a good fit, just like I knew it would be, and it’s perfect for the meeting. She’s quiet, glancing at me uncertainly.
I let my hands roam over her body while I pretend to inspect it. I cup her breasts, trail soft touches down her stomach, and squeeze her ass. She tenses, her lips trembling, but she doesn’t move away from me.
There’s a certain thrill I get, knowing that I’ve molded my partner just to my liking. Lucia isn’t quite there yet, but she looks good in the clothes I picked for her. I have jewelry for her too, and I look forward to brushing her hair.
Then Angelo wolf-whistles. “Looking very, very nice, Princess.”
She startles, obviously having been caught in the moment I was where it was just the two of us. She glances over at him, rolling her eyes. “You’d think that no matter what I was wearing. You’d even find something you liked about the nun clothes.”
I give Angelo a cold glare. “If you can keep your mouth shut, you can stay and masturbate. Otherwise, leave.”
Angelo’s eyebrows rise. “So far, I haven’t seen anything worth jerking off to.”
“And there won’t be anything worth jerking off to,” Lucia says. “Right, Victor?” Like that’s going to make me agree with her.
A quick glance at my alarm clock shows there’s still twenty-five minutes before the meeting. Plenty of time. I brush my thumb over Lucia’s lips. “Mouth or cunt?”