Model Ugo Arimo #interview

Tell us a bit about yourselfMy name is Ugo Arimo aka The Black Spiderman. Born in Lagos, Nigeria.. professional Mens Physique competitor and BJJ 1st degree Black belt.°°Have you always wanted to become a model?I didn’t start modeling till 2006 and no I honestly never really had any aspirations to be a model.°°°How did you get started? I started modeling in 2006 but I didn’t get into book covers till 2014 when I was with team Blackout. (group of Fitness models and competitors)°°°Do you have any quirks while working?No°°°Do you have any advice for new models?Advice for any new models is just to have fun with it. Be prepared and listen to the photographer.:)°°What are your hopes for the future?Some hopes for the future is to hopefully be on more book covers!°°°Do you have anything to say to your followers? Keep following :)°°°

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