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The year has almost reached its end and what a spectacular year it has been.

I published my very first poetry collection “Silent Dreams” in January and continued to publish two collections more during 2013.

“Northern Whispers” is a collection of my three first poetry collections:

Silent Dreams, Nocturnal Embers and Savage Rose.

They revolve around all aspects of my life such as love, pain, joy, Nordic mythology and much more. My photography accompanies many of the poems in Nocturnal Embers and Savage Rose, enhancing the feel of the poetry.


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First #review of “Silent Dreams”

My first review of ‘Silent Dreams’ is so beautiful ❤

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imageThis author is new to the poetry world, this book proves she belongs there. The words cut deep where they count. The style she writes resonates with the soul. Everyone can relate to these beautiful and sad words. I love them all, so it’s hard to have a favorite, but MOTHER touched me..this book will touch you to. Thank you for sharing your skill with us.

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