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Seeking Serena

by Lily Levi

Serena Moon was born to die as a sacrifice to the dark throne’s next heir, one of thirteen residing in London’s Darkmourn Mansion. It’s what all lesser vampires are called to do and there’s no way around it, unless somehow she doesn’t die. But that’s never happened… until now.

Exhausted, Serena’s been on the run for three years, never once forgetting that she made a mockery of their “biting game” by walking away when she should’ve died. But what’s a life in the shadows, constantly running from creatures that never show themselves?

Except for when they do – and they’re just as she remembers them.

Will Serena survive their new game? Protect her or destroy her are the only rules this time around and with thirteen vampiric heirs ready to play, there’s no escape this time. Which of the Master’s heirs will fight for her when the game’s ultimate reward is the most powerful position in the world?

But Serena Moon isn’t at all that she appears to be with a dark past in an empty, shadowed home; whispers of the demon Adramalech; an ancient Icelandic prophecy; and her stalwart refusal to die.

Seeking Serena, a paranormal vampire romance/thriller, is a full-length novel first published as a serial in 5 parts. This is the complete series.



🔥 Lilith and Her Harem 🔥

by Grace White

I’ve been locked up in a haunted insane asylum with two men who say they can save me. That I’ll save them.

Ryker. The dangerous knight with the mystical tattoos.

Levi. The kind-hearted, sword-swinging killer.

I probably shouldn’t trust them.

But I definitely can’t trust the doctors.

And the ghosts look pretty shifty too, for that matter.

Will the three of us ever escape?

And even if we can… Should I go with them?



🥀 Midnight’s Crown 🥀

by Ripley Prosperina

The sun is Briar Hale’s enemy.

All her life she’s been in the shadows, sheltered and protected, warned and smothered.

Not anymore.

Briar is ready to take control of her life, and step out into the sunlight for the first time. A newly enrolled graduate student at Boston College, she’s determined to discover why her body betrays her.

And she knows just the scientist to help her.

Professor Hudson Nors has secrets of his own—secrets he’s kept for eternity, and which he never wants to see the light of day. No matter how wonderful Briar smells, and how important she feels, Hudson decides the best thing he can do for her is stay away.

Suddenly, Briar, with her strange condition and boundless curiosity, turns the world Hudson’s spent centuries perfecting, upside down.

But this pale, fragile girl has a spine of steel, and if Hudson won’t help her, she’ll find someone who will.

By a luck, or fate, Briar meets Hudson’s brothers, Marcus, Valen, and Sylvain. Like Hudson, they can sense this human girl means something important to all of them. But what could four, vampire brothers possibly have to offer a human?

Unwittingly, Briar brings together these immortal brothers, and teaches them, eternity is too short to give up on hope.

Slow burn.



🐉 The Chronicles of the Four 🐉

by Marissa Farrar

Three hot guys…

Epic dragons…

Freedom and lives at risk…

And one badass girl who must save them all!

In the human city of Anthoinia, Dela Stonebridge has already lost her brother to the Choosing.

Now it’s her turn.

The grueling journey across the mountains is always dangerous, but when magic and madness descends, she discovers herself exiled with the leaders of the three other races.

The Norc, Warsgra, is huge and brutish. The Moerian, Orergon, is practically a savage. And the Elvish prince, Vehel, hides a secret that has the power to tear their world apart.

But as unlikely friendships are born and the truth is revealed, Dela must accept if she has the power of a magic long thought dead…

That of the Dragonstone and the Dragonsayer.

The boxed set contains all of the novels in the series – over two hundred thousand words of slow burn, reverse harem, swords and sorcery goodness:

Book One: Through a Dragon’s Eyes

Book Two: With a Dragon’s Heart

Book Three: Into a Dragon’s Soul

Lion Mistress

by R.A. Steffan

The gods promised her a savior.

The gods are a bunch of lying bastards.

Instead of delivering her from a life of slavery, they ripped away everything she ever cared about.

Now, Kathrael must choose. Lie down and accept her fate, or risk her life and try to change the future.

Destiny is calling, but she won’t face it alone. She has a gentle Seer, a crazy lion-shifter, and the ghost of her dead best friend on her side. Of course, none of them have the faintest clue what they’re getting themselves into. But that’s all right. Because Kathrael of Rhyth has chosen to fight for freedom.

And as far as she’s concerned, the gods can either step in line, or get the hell out of the way.

* * *

The Complete Lion Mistress Collection is a WhyChoose romance trilogy with an exclusive bonus epilogue story. It clocks in at over 800 pages (300,000 words), and the ending is HEA.

A special note for reverse harem lovers: I had never heard the term “reverse harem” when I wrote this series. It was always conceived as a poly romance story, just like The Horse Mistress. That said, it features one amazing woman who ends up with three adoring men at the end, and she is the glue that holds the four of them together.

The pace is medium burn, and the books contain explicit love scenes with strong LGBT content. If you dislike guys getting it on with each other, you’ll dislike this series.

💫 The Lilithura Prophecy 💫

by Grace White

For Daiya Cattiva, turning eighteen is a nightmare come true. Once she Awakens, her body will no longer be her own, and she will thirst for physical connection—need it to survive. But the bond is only temporary, and Daiya will be forced to satiate the demon inside her, time and time again. For that is the burden of the Lilituria.

But Daiya doesn’t want to hurt anyone—especially not the cute guy in class, with his annoying charm and fervent persistence. Staying away from Kai Stanton is the smart thing to do. The only choice she has. But when she loses control and kisses him, everything changes, and Daiya knows their connection is deeper than just fleeting lust.

Determined to uncover the truth, Daiya finds herself at the heart of an ancient prophecy that could alter the balance of good and evil forever.

She was never supposed to fall in love, but their love will change everything.

Book #1 in a brand new mature YA / NA paranormal romance series. Suitable for readers 16+

Her Dark Protectors

by Jada Storm & Emma Stark

Four cursed warriors. One vampire-hunting detective. This sexy, kick-ass reverse harem series will keep you up all night…

This boxed set contains all four books in the Her Dark Protectors series: Cursed by Night, Kissed by Night, Hidden by Night, and Broken by Night. If you like snarky detectives, badass warriors, HOT sex scenes, and page-turning action, this is the series for you!

Description from Book One:

My name is Ace Bissett, and I’m a paranormal detective who doesn’t believe in magic.

Or at least, I didn’t before I met them.

The day I inherited my aunt’s old house, everything changed. One moment, I was convinced that magic was a hoax. The next, I’m surrounded by four winged, fanged, ridiculously hot guys who are definitely not human, and who insist that I’m the only one who can break the curse that binds them to the night.

I know I should run far, far away from this hot mess, but there’s a connection between us I can’t deny. I’m seeing things I can’t explain, feeling things that don’t make sense. The detective in me has never been able to resist a mystery, and this one is just begging me to dig in.

But all that will have to wait, because there’s a new threat stalking my city. One with a taste for blood and bone, unable to be killed or captured by normal human means.

It’s a good thing I’ve got four new roommates to help me hunt them down. But even if I didn’t, I’d figure out a way. Because I never give up. I never give in. And I always protect what’s mine.

Author Ripley Prosperina #Interview

Please give a warm welcome to author Ripley Prosperina

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I live in Vermont and the winters are long, it gets dark at 4:00 in the afternoon for about three months, so I have a lot of time to think. I can’t decide which genre I like the most, so I write in all of them, usually with a reverse harem twist.

Have you always wanted to become an author?

I have! And I even minored in English, but I always viewed it as more than a hobby. It wasn’t until I had a few years of writing under my belt that I decided to give publishing a try!

What was your inspiration for your current book/series?

My current series is about a changeling, and my inspiration came from two places, the folktale of Aswaga, from the Philippines, and Slavic folklore about rusalka…they’re sort of like sirens.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on the second to last book of my Searchers series. It’s a new adult, dark contemporary reverse harem.

Do you have any quirks while writing?

I love making playlists of songs I think my characters would listen to. I also have a word count I have to hit before I let myself be done for the day.

What are your hopes for the future?

I want people to read my books!! I want them to love them and look forward to them, and seek them out. Also- world peace.

Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world?

Keep writing, and look into the business side of writing. I didn’t realize when I started how important marketing and social networking is. I thought I could write a book, press publish, and everyone would see it. HAHA. Nope.

Do you have anything to say to your fans?

I’m so grateful you read my books. I love hearing from you, so feel free to message me or follow me!

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