Reviews… Part 2 #reviews

Please give a warm welcome to author Ann Swan.

Why review are important to an author.



Something that authors think about ALL the time and readers sometimes don’t think about at all.

Personally, I don’t mind any review that is based on the plot because I grow from those and your opinion is sacred. It’s yours!
Reviews that give you one star because the whole story wasn’t wrapped up with a bow in book 1 of a series, or because they didn’t like sexual tension between two men in the harem, or they only like striped shifter romances and yours was a contemporary college athlete story…. the kind of reviews that are more about the reader picking up a book they either KNEW was not really their thing and then telling the world they hated it… or the kind of reviews that would make the story 90% worse for everyone else that read it…. those are the ones I hate.

Most readers don’t realize that the more reviews a book gets, the better the placement that book receives in Amazon’s algorithm. It gets put in front of more eyes that might read it, it gets seen in more emails going out… all things that garner more sales for the author (which means we get to write more books for you instead of going to live in a van down by the river)!

So give your honest opinion, tell us what worked and didn’t work! Don’t write spoilers and try to think like the writer if there is something you viscerally hated. Maybe that thing that bugged you is setting the series up for some AMAZING twist!

To wrap this up, here is a link (with permission) from one of my favorite bloggers and a compilation she made of how some RH authors deal with reviews.



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Reviews… To read or not to read. #reviews


I recieved a question in a previous post and asked some authors to respond to it.



Lana Kole

I always read the negative reviews, and they bum me out. But then I’ll look at all the positive ones and they usually outweigh the bad, so I think to myself ‘you can’t please everyone.’ I’m always a little salty but I think of all the people that DID enjoy it and it makes me feel better.
If an author has a hard time with bad reviews, I would suggest not reading them. If they make an author unable to write, then there’s nothing to be gained by them. If they see it’s a 1 or 2 star, shrug, recognize you can’t make everyone happy, and then walk away without reading it.
I always tell myself not to look at reviews, not even the good ones but I often do. The bad ones, especially if they are not critical or helpful in anyway e.g ‘I didn’t like this because…’ I let them get to me but you have to grow a thick skin and just take a deep breath and remember for every bad review there will be at least five good ones. The good does outweigh the negative and you have to just keep thinking that everyone is entitled to their opinion. If they love it or hate it, we just have to accept that and maybe even learn from it.
I no longer read reviews, but when I did, I took it as a challenge. If they said my prose was bad, I challenged myself to make the next book better. If my character was inconsistent, I worked on that. And for those who just hate my work, I take solace in the fact that the only book that won’t offend anyone is a very boring book.
Besides, no one ever writes their first book perfectly. Or the second. Or the twentieth. This is a skill, and to improve, we need to use it. We can’t learn if we never make mistakes. Well, unless we’re going for those boring books that no one wants anyway.


I appreciate when even negative reviews give feedback because I know I can always get better as a writer. I also know that not everyone will like what I write and I’m okay with that. Every now and then there are especially nasty reviews and the reviewer doesn’t find anything redeemable about your book. Those reviews are hard to get over. But, you just need to remember that not everyone will like your stuff. It’s just a fact of life because everyone’s circumstances and experiences are different.
When I look at them, if they’re bad, I ty my best not to be hurt or angry. I look carefully at what they said and see if there is a way I can actually improve. If it’s a simple one, with nothing on it, I try my best friend to ignore it. Not everyone is going to like what I/we write. That’s totally ok. Just remember, for every one person ty hates your book, there’s two more out there that probably do. It’s just an opinion



AC Wilds

Best if you don’t look, but if you do then remember who you are writing for. I remind myself that even if I never make and money or no one likes my work I will keep writing. It brings me joy, and makes my heart sing. There is nothing else I’d rather do. If the review was corrective than I’d consider it, but there are many that are just hurtful. Take it with a grain of salt, and keep on writing.



Poppy Woods

I don’t read goodreads–they can be vicious. I do, however, read Amazon. Most negative reviews are constructive or personal to the reader.

“This idea was great but the characters could have been developed more.”


“Im not a fan of shifters but thought I’d give this a try, it was disappointing.”

Neither of those would upset me.
The reviews that sting, as an author, are the ones where reviewers attack the author personally. I laugh and move on. If my book was good or bad enough to made you feel that strongly, then I did something interesting today. 💚



Joanne Ganci

I haven’t gotten anything too bad yet. Most negative remarks were opinion based and others I somehow managed to take constructively. I can be a bit defensive and wallowy irl, so I’m hella impressed with myself. I will say I got a dnf with no explanation and that one kinda got to me. The lack of an explanation makes my mind spiral a bit. I probably shouldn’t read the reviews because if one is extra harsh there is a large chance I’ll end up wallowing but I’m working on breakin in these big girl pants and taking criticism of all kinds is part of that.



Remember to review.


Dufette Literary Services #interview

Please give a warm welcome to Kalia Duff

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m a gothic ball of fluff from Kentucky. I have a sliiiiight tattoo addiction, and I’m a little OCD crazy. All the color coding… I also work full time in the IT world, I get to tell people to turn it off and on again *inserts IT Crowd meme here*

Have you always wanted to become a designer/blogger?

I’ve always enjoyed making things pretty, even if it’s a spreadsheet. I got back into the swing of design when one of my friends wrote her first book. Since I’m IT, she asked if I could make her some teasers. It kind of evolved from that. I became a blogger by accident. I was on a lot of ARC teams, then I started to BETA. I got tired of trying to find all my links for reviews, because you know, OCD an all, so I started a blog to house everything. When I first started, I had a website that I used for both designs and blog. My blog kind of exploded, so my friend and I had to separate the site into two subsites.

As I started doing more with my design work, I wasn’t able to review as much as I was, so my blog morphed into a place for readers and authors. I love helping authors have a place to promote their works. I still review, and I have a few others who will post reviews in my group as well.

What was your inspiration for your current work?

I enjoy fantasy because there’s so much you can do with it. Plus, it kind of blends with my personality. I like things dark and creepy, but with a splash of color. So when I’m trying to come up with something new, I tend to go more goth/fantasy because I find beauty in the weird.

What are you working on next?

I’m currently editing/proofreading some stories, as well as working on some formatting. I generally will work on a design on the weekends or if I’m working from home that day. It’s relaxing to have my Photoshop available to me between projects at work. As for my blog, I have daily themes throughout the week, mostly to allow authors a chance to showcase their work, or I run a feature a few times during the week… Plus side to doing design, I get to make all the pretties in my blog group.

Do you have any quirks while working?

I can’t focus in silence, so I usually have metal playing. I can’t function on a single monitor, even my laptop has a second screen attachment. And I have to be in the dark. My husband is all, ‘The Lights!’ and I’m all hissing and trying to hide from the lights.

What are your hopes for the future?

I would love to be able to do design/blog as a full time job. I really hate the commute.

Do you have any advice for new designers about the author world?

Network with people, in groups. A lot of the people I work with have become fast online friends. And it’s nice to have a group of people to bounce ideas off. Sometimes I get stuck, and one of my friends will be like, ‘Do this thing. I wanna see what you can do with this idea,” so it’s pretty fun. For anyone who is thinking of doing a blog. Do the thing. You got this. I went back and forth for a year debating if I should or not. But I said, ‘fuck it, I’mma do the thing,’ and I did the thing. I started out as an ‘itty bitty book blog’ back in the summer, and my group continues to grow every day. It’s really awesome to see.

I love being a part of this community and get to talk to readers and authors on a daily basis. Advise wise – if you do social media, do a group. I started with a FB page and basically spent the first 3 months talking to myself. I still do because I’m constantly sleep deprived, but you know. There’s more people to see my ramblings now.

Do you have anything to say to your followers?

Um. I lurve your faces.

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Awakened and Betrayed by Ivy Asher #Review

Review of Awakened and Betrayed

I received this copy as an ARC.
I LOVE IT!!!!! The author freaking blew my mind. I’m ready to reread it again. *insert positive swear words* I stayed up all night reading, I couldn’t put it down.
I have waited since December with baited breath to get my hands on this *Gollum voice* precious book. Well let me tell you, this book was even better than the first one.
I was nail biting, sitting on the edge of my seat nervous, exited, appalled, angry, giggeling and so much more. Not to forget that book one was hot, but book two was scorching.
It’s going to be pure pain waiting for book three, but I know that it’ll be worth it. So hurry up and check out this amazing series.

 I won ☆Destined for Dreams☆ by Susan Illene 

I was very lucky to win a giveaway by Susan Illene. Thank you, Susan! I absolutely love this series and eagerly await the next book. 

You can read my review here: Goodreads


The Dark Destiny books are a spinoff of the Sensor Series with side characters from that world. Cori and Bartol are the couple featured in the first three novels.

Destined for Shadows: Book 1 (Dark Destiny Series)

Destined for Dreams: Book 2 (Dark Destiny Series)

Of course I highly recommend you read the Sensor Series. You can find them here on her website Susan Illene  

You can also find Susan here:


Twitter @susan_illene