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Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Ira Myriam and I’m an independent, non-profit blogger, with a lot of passion for new upcoming authors. I am always open to meeting new authors and reading new books, but the best part about being independent and no-profit is that I read whatever I feel like and whenever I feel like, which mean that when I love a book, I really love a book. ❤
When people see my reviews they think that I give everyone a five star review, which is only partially true. Yes, I give the books I review five stars, but that is because the only books I read and review are five star books. I have been very fortunate lately, as I haven’t encountered anything less than a great book for a while now.

How did you get started blogging?

I started my blog to thank the authors for their stories and share my love for books with other readers. It rapidly became my passion. In the process I have discovered many wonderful new authors and some amazing books, most of which were debut novels. I started writing about them, interviewing the authors, providing readers with reading lists for long running popular series, and the new and upcoming releases from the authors I follow. And here we are.
Three years later, and 170+ posts, I am supergrateful to all the authors for their stories, for not blocking me when I bug them, and to all the people who follow my reviews and recommendations. I also have a group now, where everyone can post book related stuff as much as they want, and where everyone can find their new favourite books or an author.

What genres of books do you blog about?

I started with the idea that I would blog about urban fantasy and paranormal romance, mainstream. But then sci-fi and dystopian happened and YA fantasy and epic fantasy. And then finally some of my favourite authors came up with contemporary and historical, and reverse harem wiggled its way in, and poetry, so now I literally do not have a genre or theme I would not cover, as long as the material is well written.

Have you ever considered writing a book yourself?

I don’t think I thought about it much because I have zero talent for writing. I can reflect on other people’s work and critically analyse their work, but starting a story from scratch? I wouldn’t even know where to start. Authors are rock stars, I’m just a groupie.

Who are some of your favourite authors?

I used to have several favourite authors many years ago. I think I have about fifty right now, and the number is climbing. I am not a type of a person to forget my previous loves just because a shiny new book came out, so I adopt them all. So now I have favourite authors from years ago and some from few weeks or months ago, but in the end I love all of them and I love all of their books. That is probably the reason for my lack of time and difficulty catching up with all the new releases.

What are your hopes for the future?

I hope that someday I get stranded on a deserted island with my kindle and a solar charger and stay there for about two years doing nothing but reading. Or maybe not. That would mean that I would miss all the new releases. I can’t have that. But seriously, I hope that I’ll keep getting opportunities to meet new authors and stay in touch with the ones I already know, read and share their books, and I hope that they never stop writing.

Do you have anything to say to your followers?

Respect authors. Please don’t support book piracy in any way, it is hurting the authors and if the damage becomes too great, they might stop writing, which would be a huge tragedy. There are always giveaways, review copies, freebies in one book fest or another, get those.

And also, join my group, check out my blog, and keep your eye out because I often give books away for whatever reason I can think of.
And to my authors, please never stop writing. There will never be too many of you or too many stories. There will always be readers eagerly anticipating your next book or story, and love you for it as much as I do. Thank you for all your stories.LinkTree

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