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Book: Renegades in Space
Final Book of the Soldiers of Blood and Ruin Trilogy Rowan Thalia
Release Date: July 20



War sucks, and so do I.
Blood that is.
I am a vampire hybrid, after all.

After becoming a hybrid, my coven of four sexy men and I were forced to fight against the zombie race created during the BioWar, World War III. They destroyed the home I knew as a human and almost destroyed the colony I call home now.

The only thing left to do is flee Earth and search for a new place where our kind can live in peace. Our mission: find a new planet to occupy. Seeking such a place seemed easy at first, but after months of dead ends, we were becoming discouraged. Until a chance encounter with an alien craft knocks us out of space and sends us spiraling into a planet.

What we find when we land is both everything we hoped to find and terrifying. Two alien races are in a battle for dominance. With a broken ship and no other options, we are forced to join the fight.

Did we leave our planet, rife with war, only to die on another? Or will we triumph and find the home we’ve been looking for?

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