Triptychs (Mind’s Eye Series Book 3)#FREE #BABB

Do I have a treat for everyone. 🙂
Triptychs (Mind’s Eye Series Book 3) is FREE for a short time. All the short stories and poetry is inspired by original photos. I’m lucky to be part of this book as both photographer and poet.π=SY200_QL40&keywords=Triptychs&dpPl=1&dpID=51-OHuL2C6L&ref=plSrch


Cover Reveal and Pre-Ordre of Tales From The Cacao Tree #AmReading

I’m pleased to present you with the cover for the 4 book in the Mind’s Eye series,

Tales From The Cacao Tree.

It’s all about the sinfully delicious chocolate.

The awesome Kat from Aeternum Designs made the amazing cover.


Pre.order the book now and pay ony 99 cents.

The price is a pre-order discount, and will go up to 3.99 when the book goes live.


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You can find the previous books in The Minds’ Eye series here:





Mirrored Voices: Best Contemporary Poetry #AmReading #Poetry


I’m lucky to be included in Mirrored Voices: Best Contemporary Poetry anthology

alongside some very talented poets from all over the world.


This combined poetic anthology embraces free thinking of the untapped mind and spirit. The vast array of best contemporary poets from around the globe share their voices together in harmony. Various styles and thoughts flourish amongst the pages, bringing emotions to life and creating beauty from nothingness. The writers included in this collection have been selectively chosen to represent the best modern talent of the age.

The list of extraordinary poets featured within include such great talent as Paul Morabito, Aric Cushing, Jason P. Hein, Laura Madeline Wiseman, Regina Puckett, Laura Crean, R.M Romarney, Clarissa Simmens, Mark Green, Irum Zahra, Laura A. Lord, Regis McCafferty, Roberto Carlos Martinez, Linda Dobinson, Robert G. Brown, Carolyn O’Connell, Sherry Rentschler, Ben Ditmars, Christopher Meesto Erato, Jill Roberts, Dr. Leesa Abbott, Nichia Morales, Andrea McKenzie Raine, Koyel Mitra, Helle Gade, Terri Cannon, Jerome Michael Bailey, Harika Kottakota, Hafsa Idrees and Kristy Rulebreaker.

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Meet Author Maria Haskins #AmReading @MariaHaskins #scifi

I’m pleased to introduce you to author Maria Haskins. 🙂 Make sure to check out the poem in the end of the post.



Maria Haskins was born and grew up in Sweden, but has been a resident of British Columbia, Canada since the early 1990s. Currently, she lives just outside Vancouver with her family – a husband, two kids, and a very large dog. She has had several books published in Sweden, and ‘Odin’s Eye’ – a collection of science fiction short stories – is her English language debut.

Her favourite literary genres are fantasy, science fiction, and historical fiction; and her favourite writers include Ursula K. Le Guin, Ray Bradbury, T.S. Eliot, George R.R. Martin, J.R.R. Tolkien, George Orwell, Hemingway, John LeCarré, Umberto Eco, and Colleen McCullough.

In addition to being a writer and blogger, she is also a certified translator, translating between Swedish and English.


What genre do you write?

Right now I’m writing science fiction, fantasy, and poetry. My current release ‘Odin’s Eye’ is a collection of science fiction short stories, and I am also working on a novel set in the same future “universe” as the short stories. At the same time, I’m also poking around with a science fiction novella, and I’m in the pre-planning stages for a fantasy novel, which should take shape someday. I guess I’ve got too many projects in my head in a way, but at least I always have something to work on! I also write poetry on a continuous basis. For me, writing poetry is kind of like keeping a diary or journal, it’s something I just do whatever else I’m working on. It’s a way to deal with experiences and emotions in everyday life in a more immediate way than you can do with fiction. And just to add to my to-do list, I am planning to release a collection of poetry later this year.

Have you always wanted to be an author?

I have always been writing stories, ever since I was a little kid. At certain points in my younger life, I considered becoming a veterinarian or an archaeologist, but the writing has always been there, I’ve always done it, and I always come back to it. I struggled with terrible writer’s block for a few years, and I don’t think I realized until I came out of that funk just how much happier I am when I’m writing. That experience has really reinforced for me that I do need to do this: I need to write.

Tell me 3 things about yourself that your readers don’t know.

  1. I have a very unhealthy obsession with salted licorice. I blame this vice on the fact that I was born in, and grew up in Sweden: it’s a Swedish thing!
  2. When the TV-series LOST was on TV, I was completely obsessed with it and even had a website dedicated to the series. You can still see it here:
  3. I LOVE online role-playing games. I’ve played Ultima Online, Everquest (was in both of those games from launch), Everquest 2, Dark Age of Camelot, Asheron’s Call, Lord of the Rings Online, World of Warcraft. Right now I’m still active in Guild Wars 2 even though I don’t have as much time for gaming as I once did.



Tell me about your book.

Odin’s Eye is a collection of science fiction short stories that are all glimpses into this future universe that I envision. The stories take place on Earth, elsewhere in our solar system, and in outer space. In each story a character is facing some kind of challenge or choice. For example, one woman is stranded on an alien planet, another character has to deal with a powerful artificial intelligence, and one woman serves a life sentence on Mars in a prison system that is set up both to punish, and profit from, the convicted. Two of my favourite science fiction authors are Ursula K. Le Guin and Ray Bradbury, so my science fiction isn’t exactly “hard” – like those authors, my main interest as a writer is to explore how human beings are influenced by technology and a changing society, rather than space battles and technological details. I do enjoy reading hard sci-fi, but as a writer I guess I’m just a little softer!



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I said
but I couldn’t even feel the flame
crawling across my skin
– thin and blue –
barely breathing
no heat, no charred skin, no blistered fingertips
no pain.

Won’t touch
don’t touch
not with the words or hands
not even to look at.
I said
there is no fire
and watched it snake and slither across the skin –
blue thin flame
held close to the bone
tight in fist,
my breath withheld.

But, oh.

to uncoil in all the glory of it:
jeweled scales shimmering
this shiny coat of arms.
To feel it, rippling across the ground:
the searing, burning, vicious heat of it,
still withheld in my chest, mouth, head
rough and hot and raging
consuming every good and wicked deed and thought and dream
unsaid words like screaming flames
caught in my barbed throat.

Leave it.
Leave well enough alone.

Leave me:
just one claw, just one tooth, just one precious scale.
Just one lick of flame:
thin and blue
barely visible
scrawled upon my naked skin.

© Maria Haskins, 2015

Image based on Wikimedia file.


Meet poet Sylvester L. Anderson #NationalPoetryMonth @SylvesterPoetry


I am happy to introduce Sylvester L. Anderson.

I have been following him for quite a while and I really enjoy his poetry, I’m sure you will too.


The Nest


At times we are like baby birds in a nest

Crying out and waiting to be fed

We know that day will come soon

When we must sum up the courage and take flight

Yes we feel all too secure in the confines of our nest

Afraid to seek out and discover the gift of life

Yet the time will come one day baby bird

And your wings will be fully capable of carrying you

On that day let go of your fear

Take flight and spread your wings

Soar through the spacious skies and glide with the gentle winds

Trust in a loving God

And discover his gift of life


Sylvester L. Anderson – bio


I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.  I started writing poetry in high school and had a love for creating with words. I grew up listening to top 40 radio, where the music was so diverse in style, sound, and lyrics. I count The Beatles as one of my influences. In October of 2012, I published my first poetry collection “Life through Celestial Lenses”. It was a blessing to accomplish this. Something I had been striving for since after high school. In May of 2013, I published my second poetry collection, “The Darkness, The Light, And the Glory”, and in March of this year, 2015, I publish my third collection “Heartspeak ~ God and Love”. I write to inspire and to share God’s love and light, and occasionally poke fun at myself. My books can be found at ~

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I have met so many wonderful souls (yourself included, Helle) through blogging, writing, and sharing the love of poetry. I appreciate everyone’s style, passion, and reason for writing. You can find me on several different blogs, but mainly at WordPress and Twitter. – @SylvesterPoetry – Google+ – Tumblr – LinkedIn