Pre-Order: Wolves and Warriors: A Limited Collection of Paranormal and Sci-Fi Romances #charityanthology

Wolves and Warriors: A Limited Collection of Paranormal and Sci-Fi Romances


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What do shifters, monsters, and aliens have in common?

They’re the alpha men we crave.

Prepare to tame villains and bring kings to their knees. Travel to distant worlds and uncover dark secrets in these 20 stories by your favorite paranormal and sci-fi romance authors.

You can’t resist falling for these heroes, whether you like them dark and brooding, sweet and sensual, monstrous or beautiful. No matter what you’re craving, these hot alpha men are eager to please. Dive into never-before published stories of wolves fighting for their mates, warriors protecting their women, and so much more.

These authors don’t hold back on the steam, so if you’re ready to take the heat, claim your copy of Wolves and Warriors today!

Don’t wait. This anthology is available for a limited time only.

Wolves and Warriors is a charity anthology benefitting the Shy Wolf Sanctuary, a safe haven for injured, abandoned or neglected un-releasable wild and captive-bred exotic animals.

This limited anthology contains exclusive stories by:

Kathryn Ann Kingsley
Kathryn Moon
Rory Miles
Loxley Savage
Aleera Anaya Ceres
Loni Ree
Sara Ivy Hill
C.M. Nascosta
Lana Kole
Lyx Robinson
Chloe Gunter
Flora Quincy
Lydia Reeves & Xu-Ji Westin
Lydia Guleva
Leann Castellanos
Jinx Layne
Crystal Ash (writing as Sophie Ash)
Clarissa Bright
Chloe Parker

Author Ashley Amy #interview

Please give a warm welcome to author Ashley Amy

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a small town Idahoan who grew up on a potato farm. I spent almost a decade being a military wife with my now ex-husband. I just had my fourth son with my current partner that my new road of life led me to. I’ve been an author since April 2019 and never looked back.

Book 1 is free.

Have you always wanted to become an author?

I was an odd soul growing up. The girl who was friends with everyone but scribbled nonsense in her journal once in private. Stories began to build clear back then in my youth, so now I see I had always wanted it. I’m just embracing it now.

What was your inspiration for your current book/series?

I have an obsession with Greek mythology—which most of my PNR books tie into in some way.

What are you working on now?

Currently, I’m working on two romcoms for December 2021.

Do you have any quirks while writing?

When I get hit with a block, I look around the room. The first thing I spot, I write into a sex scene. After I’ve written such an unorthodox piece, my mind functions better.

What are your hopes for the future?

One day, I hope to make a bestseller list with an individual piece.

Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world?

Editing is important. Don’t skip that step in your haste, and your eyes alone are not enough.

Do you have anything to say to your readers?

I’m just grateful for the ones who have stayed with me. When covid happened, I stepped back for a bit and took off most of 2020. Coming back into it, they waited. My tribe will always be them for their support. It’s what keeps me going now.

Author Grace Nicholas #interview

Please give a warm welcome to author Grace Nicholas

Tell us a bit about yourself…

Well, my name is Grace Nicholas. I grew up in southern Arkansas in a tiny town no one has ever heard of. 😂 I’ve lived in central Arkansas for the majority of my life. I’m a wife, mother of 2 crazy teenagers and one spoiled rotten pug, Buddy. I’ve been an avid 6-10 book a week reader since I was about 14 years old. 

Have you always wanted to become an author?

I’ve always wanted to be an author, but never knew where to start. About 3, almost 4 years ago I found the Facebook reader/author community and it opened up my whole world! 😲 After bumming around, joining groups and participating in those groups, I finally got on my first ARC team. From there I moved up to beta, then eventually alpha reader for a few authors. Brandi Bell, whom you all may know as Rose Alexander, finally wore me down, after 2 years, and convinced me to write a book with her. We wrote The Storm Queen together and it was one of the best experiences of my life. She taught me so much and it was a ton of fun because we were already such good friends!

What are you working on now?

Currently I’m working on another co-write with the lovely EJ Everette called The Reapings Serial. It’s a mini-series that will have episodes releasing every month, then every so often those episodes will be put in one volume and released as a full length novel with deleted scenes and secret POVs!

I’m also working on my first solo novel which is a sweet, second chance romance novel. Honestly, the cover was the inspiration for this story. As soon as I saw it, the characters started screaming in my head and the story has been flowing almost faster than I can type! 😂 I’m hoping to release it sometime around March.

Do you have any quirks while working?

I don’t think I really have any quirks while writing, other than needing it to be quiet. I do the majority of my writing when my husband is working and the kids are otherwise occupied. Though sometimes, I’ll write at night while my husband plays whatever game he has at that time on his PS5. As long as there isn’t much talking in the game, I can deal with it as background noise. If there is a lot of talking, then I pop in my AirPods and turn on my noise app. My go-to noise is a box fan, but sometimes I’ll switch it up to rain or a thunderstorm, depending on my mood or the scene. 

What are your hopes for the future?

I hope to keep writing books until I can no longer type! My husband has the lofty goal of being a house-husband within 5 years 🙄, but I’ve told him that’s unlikely considering I’m a slow writer and don’t publish full novels that often. I’ve only published one so far, plus one episode of the mini-series and I’ve got a short story being released December 1st in the Once Upon a Twisted Christmas anthology. 

Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world?

Being a new author myself, I don’t really have much advice for other new authors other than to write what you know. Don’t try to write what you think everyone wants, or what everyone will read. It will seem forced to you, and it will read that way to readers. I learned that lesson the hard way. 

To my followers, I just have to say to hang in there! I promise I’m writing every day, I’m just not as fast as others. I still have a full time career and a family to take care of, so I write when I can. I love you all to pieces and I can’t express enough how much I appreciate your faith in me and your willingness to be patient with me. Hopefully I’ll be able to find more time to write and start publishing books more often! 💜💜💜

Author K.B. Everly #interview

Please give a warm welcome to author K.B. Everly

Tell us a bit about yourself… 

Hmm let’s see. I was born in Newfoundland, Canada but I was raised military so I’ve spent most of my life where I live now in Southern MS. I have a daughter who pretty much torments me just for giggles but I love her to pieces. Along with her I’ve got two devil cats and a poodle pup who is the smartest dummy lol I’m also an amputee for about 10 years now after a motorcycle accident which was kind of how I ended up becoming a writer. When you can’t go to a physical job and stand for hours on end you look for something you can do. I’ve loved writing since I was a kid but never dreamed I’d get to do it for a job. I friggin love it though! My 4 year authorversary as K.B. Everly is coming up and I’m about to publish my 20th book 🙂 

Have you always wanted to become an author? 

Actually no lol I wanted to be a tattoo artist. Which I did for a while. As mentioned I always loved writing but art had been my outlet for years. The tattoo thing didn’t work out though. It wasn’t for me. I actually got the inspiration for my second book Blood from working in a shop. I realized pretty quick though that writing was my new passion, so I went with it.

What was your inspiration for your current book/series? 

My current book is a firefighter RH which was inspired from watching one too many episodes of Station 19 lol I thought to myself “why not? Who doesn’t love sexy, sweet men in uniform saving people from fires?” 

What are you working on now? 

Firefly, the firefighter book mentioned above. Soon I’ll also be working on a second book in my Bad Habits duology that I wrote with author Emma Cole. Now that’s a dark one.

Do you have any quirks while working? 

MANY. Lol I can’t write during the day unless I’m outside of my house, whether that’s sitting in the car line at my kids school or posted up on my back porch area. Otherwise, it’s nighttime writing for me! I have to be drinking something or eating something while I write. For some reason it helps me concentrate better. I CANNOT outline for the life of me, so pretty much all my books are just written on a whim unless I have a coauthor who can outline 😂

What are your hopes for the future? 

I just want to write that one book. You know the one that people know you for. I don’t feel like I’ve hit that point yet. I have loyal readers that have read everything of mine from the beginning and know me, but I want that one book that everyone in the RH community talks about. Even if it’s for a short time. That would be worth it.

Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world? 

Never doubt yourself. You’ll make friends and lose friends in the writing world, because let’s be honest, it can be a lot like high school. But don’t let anyone ever make you doubt that you’re not good enough. We should all raise each other up and support each other, not act like this is all some competition or popularity contest. Be true to you and the people who support you. Just keep writing!

Do you have anything to say to your followers? 

Man, there are not enough words for them. I wouldn’t be where I am without them. They’re the glue in my career that holds it together. I’m so grateful for them all and love them all dearly for reading my books. What I publish are tiny pieces of my soul being sent out into the world just for them. Thank you. Just thank you for being there.

Author Rhylie Matthews #interview

Please give a warm welcome to author Rhylie Matthews

Tell us a bit about yourself

I have no idea how to answer this question. >Horribly awkward laugh< 

But I guess that’s as good a start as any right? I’m Rhylie, the socially awkward writer that tried bribing her husband into telling her what to say here. As you can tell, it didn’t work. 

Honestly, I love doing a bit of everything. I have two businesses; a creative development company and a jewelry/swag shop that I run from home these days. I have too many cats, a Great Dane, and two redheads under ten who are home full time. It’s basically just chaos in my house at any given time. 

Have you always wanted to become an author?

Yes, I’ve always loved writing, but psychology was a really close second for me. I started college at seventeen and majored in family psychology. Later after I got married and as a stay at home mom I found myself being pulled back into the writing world and thriving on all the creativity that came with it! I loved it! Now, after several years of working behind the scenes with other authors I’m writing again myself.

What was your inspiration for your current book/series? 

The inspiration for Trust in Lust came from a conversation with a close friend about all the things I wanted to read in books but couldn’t find. I love books with odd combinations and you’ll laugh, but honestly I have the ‘What If’ syndrome. Bad! I want an incubus warlock mixed with a leprechaun! But what if this? What if that? What if? What if? What if? I really don’t know how to stop. One book turned into a series of five planned. Chaos. Madness. Mayhem. Trust in Lust, Book one of The Lust Series was born! 

What are you working on now?

I’m currently working on The Bully King anthology now in which all proceeds will be donated to an anti-bullying charity. There just seems to be so much hate within our indie community right now and so many are suffering because of it. Whether it be silently or openly, it’s affecting so many. We wanted to help. We wanted to do something to speak out, to take a stand, to give something positive back. 

Do you have any quirks while writing?

Coffee. I’m a night writer at heart so that’s usually my go-to thing, but I like music as well. I guess my only quirk would be having someone else in the room? I always feel weird when people watch me write so I tend to hide in the bedroom with the cats. Oh yeah, the cats; there always ends up being at least one cat under my laptop too. They never go away. 

What are your hopes for the future?

Pipeline goals-I’d love to be a successful author one day! I’d love to be able to write full time but I also love designing/making jewelry and creating swag for my authors. I’d miss it. I’m pretty happy where I am right now and it keeps me really busy! So I’d have to say just people enjoying my writing would be my hope.

Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world?

Believe in yourself. Even if it’s hard and some days you can’t; do it anyways. 

Write. Even if you think it’s bad, write it anyways. First drafts are supposed to be atrocious.

Find people to have in your corner! Alpha readers, beta readers, other authors, all these people help you along the way in more ways than you can imagine. Their support, encouragement, and feedback is gold. Love them. Cherish them. Keep them forever.  

Not everyone will like what you write. It’s a given. Everyone has different taste and unfortunately some people aren’t very nice about it. Learn along the way. Accept that critical feedback and breath through the nasty. 

There will be challenges along the way that make it feel impossible. Remember why you’re writing. For you. It’s your dream. 

Do you have anything to say to your readers? 

Thanks for not letting my spastic personality run you off? Lol No, I love everyone I’ve met so far on this journey and my first book isn’t even out yet. It’s been amazing. They are amazing! This last year has been a hectic mess and they have stuck with me and are just as excited as I am. That’s more than I could ever ask for and I’m so grateful for each and every one.