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Please give a warm welcome to Michelle Lancaster/Lanefotograf

Tell us a bit about yourself

This question could be answered a million different ways.. I was born, I lived, I’m still here… ummm when I was 10 I poked 4 holes into my earlobe and my mum said don’t come running to me when it hurts. 

Chase A Mattson

I guess I’m a sensitive introverted extrovert who grew up loving images and fantasy worlds for escapism and creativity. I always loved rebellion and being naughty and listening to other people tell me about horror stories I was too afraid to watch. 

Tommy Pearce
Tommy Pearce

Have you always wanted to become a photographer?

I think so yes. I strayed for a while and became a music teacher but I’ve always come back to art and imagery throughout my life. I gave up in high school because I think I was waiting for the digital era. Being in a darkroom was really only good for one thing in my opinion. 

Chad Hurstt
Chad Hurstt

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

I find inspiration within the human I’m working with.. the way we interact and connect.. I see a light in them and want to capture it. I also like to imagine a story line in my head to go with an image. Like I might say.. “ok you’ve been waiting for your lover to come home and she hasn’t arrived and it’s driving you crazy.. show me what that looks like”

Mitchell Wick
Mitchell Wick

What are you working on now?

I’ve been working through recent shoots with Mitchell Wick, Lochie Carey and Tommy Fierce. I’ve also been writing… dun dun dun dahhhh.. 

Tommy Pearce

Do you have any quirks while working?

I often bash my head into running ceiling fans when I’m standing on a bed taking photographs of a model. I often walk backwards into things and smash my knees on furniture. I’m just waiting for the day I slip off the sides of a bath tub and break my neck. All the injuries are worth it for the right shot. 

What are your hopes for the future?

Right now it’s just the ability to shoot again.. this virus is ruining the world and I hope we stamp it out fast with isolation. Stay the fuck home. I’m addicted to photography so this is cold turkey at the moment. And photographing flowers ain’t gonna cut it. 

Mason Kreidt

Do you have anything to say to your followers?

I fucking love you. Especially the cheeky authors, I’m endlessly entertained by the things they say to me. I’m in awe of their talent and I’m so grateful to have fallen into this magical sexy world with them. 

Chad Hurstt

Here are some covers by Michelle.

Northern Whispers is live on Amazon

The year has almost reached its end and what a spectacular year it has been.

I published my very first poetry collection “Silent Dreams” in January and continued to publish two collections more during 2013.

“Northern Whispers” is a collection of my three first poetry collections:

Silent Dreams, Nocturnal Embers and Savage Rose.

They revolve around all aspects of my life such as love, pain, joy, Nordic mythology and much more. My photography accompanies many of the poems in Nocturnal Embers and Savage Rose, enhancing the feel of the poetry.


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