Badass Alchemy by #MJMarstens

Badass Alchemy (Assassins of the Shadow Society Book 1)

💀A bad*ss FMC
💀Angels, demons, souls, and f*ckery in the realms
💀The use of a trident as a stabbing weapon
💀New Orleans’ based Voodoo and maybe some Princess and the Frog references
💀A bit of intrigue and mystery
💀Sexy men who think that they know everything

Get ready to open a can of spiritual whoop ass. . . 

As a Realm Guardian, I’m one of the few humans that can pierce the In-Between.  It’s a tedious job, done mostly behind the scenes.  I simply monitor the souls that have not crossed over yet.  Ninety-eight percent of them complete their unfinished business; then move along, but it’s the two percent that screws me over.

These are the souls that have no intention of cooperating.

Of finishing their business.

Of crossing-over.

Instead, they are here to wreck shop.

Unfortunately for them, that’s where I come in.

I’m Sassafras Dejais and I’m the last line of defense between these malicious spirits and the human world.

Usually, I make quick work of these dicks souls and then move on with my life.

But lately, that two-percent has been growing. . .

It’s getting harder to keep up on my own; so when a devastatingly handsome man offers me a card to join A.S.S., I consider it.

It sounds like the In-Between needs a hero.

Someone badass and full of sass.

Ironically, Sass is my nickname.

And Badass is my middle name.

Warning: This is book one in the reverse harem series ASSASSINS of the SHADOW SOCIETY.  It’s intended for readers 18+.  This story is broken into novella pieces and will end with unanswered questions.

#Preorder Total Lunar Eclipse by MJ Marstens

Total Lunar Eclipse (A Reverse Harem Fantasy Novel) (The Afflicted Zodiac Book 3) by MJ Marstens


Venus the Genius is back! Her mission: To kill Moon or bust.

I’m your Venus. . .

I’m your fire. . .

Wait, fire?

That’s code for help!

Hold on, Trust Tree Sisters, I’m coming (and not in the sexy way).

Better yet, I’ll send Super Blue because I’m elbow deep in some sh*t.

Not actual sh*t, but close enough. . .

Because with each passing second, Lina (a.k.a petty see you next Tuesday cushion) accumulates more power.

And she’s not playing to win anymore. . .

She’s playing to kill. . . and not just me, but all my man-gods.

Funny how love sneaks up and tears your heart right of your chest, but I would die for these men.

And if I’m not careful, they might just die for me.

Now I’m in a race against time to reach my man-gods and break a curse before all hell breaks loose on Earth. . . and I lose them all.

I’m going to need help from every dimension. . . I might even need to call upon ol’ Blue again.

Trust Tree Sisters, take arms.

The time has come; we have a B-hole to catch.

Let’s just hope we get to her before the Total Lunar Eclipse.

Hilarious new series that will have you laughing out-loud. –Book Blurb Reviews

You should really read the book for Zahra alone. Her internal dialogue had me cracking up, similar to Emelle from the Heart Hassle series or Willa from Curse of the Gods. There’s also a wonderfully unique premise with the whole Zodiac star signs. -The Literary Invertebrate

The Lunar Eclipse is book three and the final book in the Afflicted Zodiac Series. (Virgo Rising- book one and Retrograde- book two)

WARNING: This novel is intended for readers 18+. There is explicit language, sexual scenes with multiple partners, dominant/submissive content, and threats made by men who are FIGHTING to remain gods. Please do not eat or drink anything while reading in case choking ensues from laughter. Please also empty your bladder and read alone to not disturb others/ appear psychotic when laughing uncontrollably.

MJ Marstens Interview