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Spectral Vibrations (The Spectrum of Power Book 1) by Mercy Desimone


In a galaxy far away,

a supernova changed a world forever. Energy became the daily fix, sex became currency, and children were a thing of the past. How do you create a future when you can’t move beyond the present?

All I ever wanted was to be a Scientist; what I never anticipated was becoming an Empathic Healer. Luckily, my bondmate, Laz, has always been my center. As a Duo, we have power, but someone believes that we can be more. They say you can’t hear a scream in space… but some of us can feel the pain.


The day I crashed to Earth, a secret buried long ago became an opportunity for our future. What happens when power is suddenly up for grabs, on a world where the color of your aura determines your path, and your vibrational frequency determines your strength?

Could the ruling Spectrum soon be a thing of the past? Only if I can create a Spectrum of my own – with the sexy men who keep hovering in my orbit, hoping to anchor their frequency to mine.

Duos, Triads and Quads, oh my! It’s a cat and mouse game in outer space. What color is your aura?

Spectral Vibrations is the first book of a new age, scifi fantasy with a little bit of ohmmm and a little bit of ahhh, where our heroine gathers multiple mates. recommended for 18+

My interview with Mercy Desimone


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Contemporary Standalone RH 1 #amreading


April’s Fooles

by Raven Kennedy & Ivy Asher

My father named me after a gun and taught me how to skin and cook a squirrel by the time I was ten. The only feminine influence I ever had growing up was when Dharla Cornburner told me I needed to get laid.

I was raised feral on a solid diet of crazy, so when three hot ex-military dudes show up on my doorstep, making claims about a plague and the end of the world as I know it, I don’t even bat a lash.

They insist I need to go with them, that they’ll keep poor little ol’ me safe. I’m perfectly fine right where I’m at, but I’ve always been an adventurous girl, and the three of them and their muscles look like an excellent place for a me sandwich.

These boys are strung tight almost to the point of snapping. Which happens to be just how I like ‘em. Looks like the end of the world just got a hell of a lot more fun. Let the games begin.

This is a standalone Reverse Harem Romance.



🔥 Railed 🔥

by Chloe Gunter & Mercy DeSimone

Who has time for relationships?

As a rising architect, Katie has spent her life working up the corporate ladder, focused on her career.

But, what happens when yesterday’s one night stand becomes today’s board meeting?

Is it possible to separate the personal from the professional? Especially when four sexy men are intent upon blurring the lines.

A chance encounter, a one night stand, and a business meeting that becomes more than just a pitch… it’s up to Katie to draw the lines and create a blueprint for her future happiness without sending everything she’s worked for off the rails.

Railed is a 67,000+ contemporary standalone reverse harem novel that features high heat scenes sure to make readers melt.



💧 The Girl Who Cried Colors 💧

by Raven Kennedy

A painter with a spark in his hands. A muse who holds all the colors inside of her. Together, they will go on a tumultuous path of pain and love. Fate brings them together, but life will rip them apart.

This is a dark romance filled with lyrical words of heartbreak, magic, and violence.

The powerful prose in this love story will show you the real meaning of colors. Because he’s the prodigal painter who creates beauty, and she’s the storm that carries the rainbow in her eyes. Together, their colors will coat the world, and you will never see them the same way again.

Author’s Note: This book is intended for mature audiences only. Trigger Warnings: It does include scenes of violence, substance use, and non-consensual sex.



📚 The Contemporary Reverse Harem Collection 📚

by Mika Lane

5 reverse harem stories of badass alpha males and the women they make their own.

The Inheritance

Life was good. I was tending bar, making enough to get by, paying my rent, and enjoying the occasional cocktail with my best gay boyfriend, Matty. And then I got the call.

The old coot who used to hang out in my bar? Turned out he was a millionaire. A multi-millionaire, actually. And he just left me all his money. With a catch, of course. I only get his money if I’m 25 years old (check), and married (not checked; not by a landslide). And–I only have 30 days to pull this off.

We used to call him Grandpa. He’d sit at the bar for hours and never leave a tip. He looked like the last person in the world to have an “estate.” Well, did your mother ever tell you not to judge a book by its cover? And thanks to good old Grandpa, it looks like I may never have to work again.

So what’s the problem?

Grandpa said I had to marry ONE guy. Not FOUR.

The Renovation

When Carter, my hunky neighbor spies me wrestling with a chunk of dry rot on the front porch of my piece of sh*t, moneypit, rundown not-so-home-sweet-home, help seems on the way.

Especially when Tanner, Wyatt, and Dig join the team just before the scumbag bank closes in.

Who knew home repair could get so sexy?

And it turned out my house was not the only thing that desperately needed some attention. They get to work fixing me…I mean the house…right up.

My four guys’ tools were just perfect for sharing.

For sharing ME, that is.

The Promotion

Imagine you want a promotion more than anything, at the boring-as-sh*t law firm where you’ve slaved for years. You’ve kissed a*s. You’ve smiled when you’ve felt like stabbing someone. You’ve pulled all nighters and saved your boss time and again.

And still that’s not enough. There’s one last thing you need to do.

Would you do it?

Because sometimes being the perfect employee isn’t enough.

I needed the help of friends. Strong, sexy, alpha friends named Anson, Cato, Braden, and Von—four hunky men who were ready and willing to help me get ahead.

Turns out my career wasn’t the only thing that needed some TLC.

The Gallery

They say don’t go into business, or to bed, with friends. But what if those friends are four hardcore rich and handsome alpha players?

Did I really think I could keep it clean with guys like that?

And when reality set it, I realized dirty is much more fun.

That’s my kind of business.

Four different men, alpha as hell, and serious as hell about their special, secret nightclub.

The biggest thing they had in common? Me. Well, and what they wanted to do to me behind closed doors.

The Collection

I know better than to trust a bunch of pretty faces.

The charmer: killing me with his hot Irish accent

The rebel: giving his rich family the middle finger

The single dad: raising his baby alone

The nerd: always with his nose stuck in a book

But when these our gorgeous men walk off the runway and into my life, I find it’s not just the hours and lousy pay in fashion that are, um, hard.

And what do these guys have in common?




Saving Meritt

Stacy Jones and Coralee June

My dad, a small town detective, died last month, but I stopped knowing him over a decade ago when he sent me away. So, I was surprised to learn that he left me everything—including his retired K9 dog, Remy.

Determined to claim Remy and return to my life in Nashville, I wasn’t prepared to see them again.

My best friends. My first loves.

Denver, the sweet but fierce K9 officer with guilt in his eyes. Tatum, the reclusive mountain man next door, hellbent on making me keep my father’s land. And Krew, my charismatic friend, now an unlikely member of a dangerous motorcycle club.

I assumed they forgot about me, but they haven’t. I thought I was over them, but I wasn’t.

The innocence of childhood love turns deadly when secrets are revealed. I’ve learned more about the father I thought didn’t want me, but that knowledge? It may very well get me killed.



Wildest Dreams

by Lucy Smokes

In my Wildest Dreams, I never imagined I’d see him again.

The night I gave my virginity to Preston McConnell was the last night I ever saw him. Six years later and broke off my ass, I take a job at the best special feature magazine in the southern United States. It’s my dream job, and I’m more than happy to take on my first assignment that includes a one-way ticket to South Africa, where I’m supposed to follow a veterinarian who has made a name for himself as the lion whisperer.

I haven’t dated anyone since Preston, and the bitter, broken-hearted girl I used to be is ready to pack up and quit the very second I see him again. It’s only the soft words from Preston’s best friends, Jay and Wren, that stop me in my tracks. Encouragement and a way out presents itself in the form of the two hot as sin safari guides. I can’t let Preston get to me like he used to. I’m here to do a job and nothing more. If he wants to rekindle anything, he’ll have to get used to competition because, in my dreams, I’m no longer flying solo.

No. I don’t want one man. I want three.



🎬 Hollywood Roommates 🎬

by Elizabeth Briggs

Three sexy actors. One curvy English teacher. An impossible rule just begging to be broken…

When my boyfriend dumps me, I need a new place to live, fast. Luckily my best friend offers me a solution: move in with her brother and his two roommates in his Malibu beach house. Sounds good, right?

Except my new roommates turn out to be three of the hottest actors in Hollywood. Each one is gorgeous, rich, and famous—and they’re all off-limits because there’s only one house rule: no sleeping together.

They could have any woman in the world, but to my surprise they each want me. Soon there’s a new rule: whatever I do with one guy, I do with all of them.

There’s no way this can end well, but how am I supposed to choose just one of my sexy-as-sin roommates?

Unless I don’t have to choose…

*This sexy standalone reverse harem romantic comedy is intended for readers 18+ due to mature content.*

Author Mercy DeSimone #interview

Please give a warm welcome to author

Mercy DeSimone

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hmmm…. what would someone really want to know? I’m from the East Coast of the US.
As a kid, I lived for my weekly allowance when I was able to go to the bookstore and buy a brand new book.
The name on my Starbucks card is Caffeinista and I like drinks that have 5 shots of espresso. I’m a foodie and have a Pinterest board dedicated to Food Porn and Budget Wines for Wine Snobs. My pen name is derived from 2 of my cats – Mercy and Simon. In my former career I traveled extensively for business. Consequently, I’ve visited at least 44 of the 50 contiguous United States.
I’m a bit of a chameleon and I’m constantly trying to reinvent myself. And in the private sector I run a high end salon and have been nicknamed “spellcheck”. Oh, and I have a passion for music and can usually be tracked by my incessant humming.



Have you always wanted to become an author?

I don’t consider myself an author so much as a storyteller. In my previous career I spent much of my time as a verbal storyteller. I have no fear of public speaking. I had joked for years with people about writing a book just about the ridiculous things that have happened to me during the course of my life and careers. In my senior year of high school I took four English classes to avoid having to take Chemistry. Despite all of that, I think I was as surprised as everyone when I sat down one day and actually put words on paper, and then kept adding more.



What was your inspiration for your current book/series?

My first book was a crime of opportunity. Chloe Gunter and I met when we acting as betas for a new author. She wrote a one chapter short that she shared with a few of us from a funny RHRA thread, and I wrote a follow up chapter as a joke to continue
the story. I really expected someone else to pick up the next chapter after mine. Instead, Chloe demanded that I write the book with her and I agreed to try it as an experiment. As someone who used to travel a lot on business, I had a special affinity for our MC, Katie, and the lifestyle of a woman who lives for her work and has to navigate the games of the corporate world.



What are you working on now?

I’m currently in the midst of writing a sci-fi RH story which is taking me longer than anticipated. Normally I’m more of a pantser… but I’m feeling compelled to really outline a story that depends heavily on world-building. And sometimes it’s difficult
to find time to write while juggling a demanding full-time job. But if all goes as planned, this will be a three book arc, with the first book dropping this Spring. I’ve reserved a table at PennedCon for 2020 so the pressure is on to be ready and finish
all three books by then.



Do you have any quirks while writing?

There must be music when I write. My life has a soundtrack: in the car, at work, at home, there is always music. It heavily influences my mood. I prefer to write on my MacBook and I usually start off with coffee to get the ideas flowing. I’m really trying
to learn how to become more disciplined at getting the work flowing in a way that I’m more consistent and productive with my writing time. Some people create mood boards for their stories – I write playlists. In fact, I’ve been known to write playlists for
other writer’s books as well.
What are your hopes for the future?
I hope to turn out stories that I’m proud of, and that people enjoy reading. My biggest goal right now is to finally meet in person my inner circle of writer friends. And I really want to hold a formal print version of a book I’ve written in my hands
and smell the pages.


Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world?
1. If you have the opportunity, beta for another writer first. It will give you an inside peek at the process and help you understand what it takes from not just the writing side, but the business and marketing side as well. Be sure to be respectful and
bring value. Which brings us to…
2. Find mentors. I’ve been blessed to have amazing mentors, who incidentally were writers I beta’d for. ‘K’ was a new writer who is now a true rising star. ‘A’ was an established writer who I harassed until she let me on her team. I now get to alpha
and beta for people I admire and in turn, I get advice and a master class on writing.
3. Find your tribe! You must have a support group. My immediate tribe consists of other betas and writers at different stages of the process. Some are truly on the fast track and some are building slowly, but everyone is incredibly supportive with ideas,
advice, technical info. And the craziest part is that most of us are purely virtual friends and have never met in person. The bulk of our interactions occur through Messenger or Discord. But we hope to remedy that very soon.


Do you have anything to say to your readers?
Keep reading! Anything and everything. Reading has always been one of the greatest pleasures of my life and if there’s anything that thrills me, it’s watching people fall down the rabbit hole of a great story, whether it’s mine or someone else’s.
And to the amazing readers who follow my group, thanks for hanging out with me! I hope my words give you even a fraction of the thrill I feel reading stories by my favorite authors. Remember, we’re all stories in the end…



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