Where The Blue Thorns Grow by Maya Riley #newrelease

Where The Blue Thorns Grow by Maya Riley




What do you do, when everything you’ve ever known disappears in the blink of an eye?

As children, my twin brother and I read about a mountain range called the Carbolitas. It was the only place in the world that had these blue thorned flowers. We made it our life’s dream to make it to the top and see these strange and rare flowers. Until, I watched my twin brother, Clif, fall 4,000 feet to his death during a climbing trip gone wrong.

After Clif passed, I decided I was going to achieve our dream, even if it killed me. Lucky for me, I had a team of guys who’s sole focus was to keep us all safe.

We are going to do whatever it takes to make it to the place where the blue thorns grow, no matter what.

*18+ reverse harem standalone contemporary romance

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Infected (Releasing the Magic) by Maya Riley #preorder

Available June 13th pre-order

What’s the worst that could happen? Sit down and let me tell you.
The Void Virus has been let loose on the Earth. Caused by experiments gone wrong, an outbreak has ravaged the world. Anyone infected has turned into a decaying empty shell, void of their former selves. The animate decomposing bodies have become known as Rotters, stumbling around for the scent of the living.
Alone in the dark new world where even the dead don’t die, I must fight to survive. Not only against the Rotters, but the remaining uninfected who have turned savage in their plight of survival; the scavers.
As the world I once knew is lost, a new one emerges. Strange things begin to happen. Some are able to wield power over the elements. I develop a strange healing ability. It is unknown if this is a rogue symptom of the virus, or if the solitude is driving me crazy.
Puppy, my German Shepherd, and I have been on our own until four guys enter my life and refuse to leave. Strangely enough, they’re just as broken as I am.
My name is Blyss and we will set this world on fire if necessary. After all… What’s the worst that could happen?
**18+ Reverse Harem Romance. Warning: this book contains some scenes and references of abuse that some readers may find triggering**






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