Author Katelyn Beckett #interview

Please give a warm welcome to Katelyn Beckett

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi, I’m Katelyn. I fell in love with romance in 2012 and only recently began publishing reverse harem romance books. The genre is amazing and full of incredible readers who are always searching for more. I’m just delighted to be a part of it.

Have you always wanted to become an author?

Absolutely. It’s the air I breathe.

What was your inspiration for your current book/series?

Her Secret Menagerie sprung from a tease between myself and a friend. I joked that there had to be a sweet romance series called Puppy Love. When I looked, there wasn’t. I was shocked. I love shifters and I thought it’d be a perfect fit. Why not run with it? I considered making the series about one girl and countless guys, but Sadie ended up deciding that she wanted to have a pack, not everyone else, too. So, Olivia, Nicole, and so many other wonderful girls took or are taking their spots with their handsome boys.

What are you working on now?

More Her Secret Menagerie, More In Love & War, and a half-dozen other plots. It’s going to be a busy year, but I’m striving to make books that are both sexy and fun. It’s a careful balance.

Do you have any quirks while working?

You know that bisexual “we sit like pretzels” meme?

What are your hopes for the future?

Other than “I hope people like what I’m writing”? Settling down. My spouse retires from the military soon and we get to find an actual home. It’s a little overwhelming, but we’re both looking forward to it.

Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world?

Write your soul on a page. Somebody’s going to love it. And don’t be afraid of saying you’re wrong. Basic B*tch’s release went to pieces because Amazon ate half the book. As soon as I heard about it, I tried to let everybody know that I was on the case and working to fix the issues. Always reach out to your readers in a situation like that. I had some amazing readers come through and tell people, in their reviews, that I was working to correct the disappearance of half the book. I couldn’t be more grateful to them and, had I hunkered in horrified silence, they would have never been able to help like that.

And never be afraid of honing your craft further. Authors are always learning, evolving, and becoming more than they were yesterday. Don’t get stuck in the past. Embrace knowing that you will never be finished. It’s a beautiful thing to realize that there is always something more.

Do you have anything to say to your followers?

Y’all brought me through a rough 2020 and I hope I helped bring you along, too. I’m excited to see what we can do together in 2021. Love you ❤

Complete Series Sci-fi – RH 2 #amreading

🥏 Protected By The Aliens 🥏

by Maria Starr

These aliens want wives and they have to be virgin. Earth has been conquered and there is only 1 female for every 4 alien warriors. The apocalypse has arrived…

A Reverse Harem Romance Collection

Daine Bride Captives Complete Series Boxset

Book 1: Claimed By The Aliens

Book 2: Pleasured By The Aliens

Note: Adults Only!

🛸 Darkest Skies: Planet Athion 🛸

by Marissa Farrar

After Earth is invaded by an alien race, planetary scientist, Camille Harran, together with her team of three men—head of security, Aleandro, studious meteorologist, Casey, and tattooed, dark haired Mike, who is head of communications—fight to save loved ones.

But will Camille stand up against the aliens, or will she succumb to their advances?

Planet Athion is a shared world contributed to by multiple authors.

💫 The Swirl 💫

by Michele Mills

Three outlaw Cyborgs. One human female…

Axel, Steel and Gage.

Merciless supersoldiers. Forbidden cybernetic experiments gone awry. They escaped from their Hurlian programmers and now live hidden in a desolate area of space where few enter and none leave.

They crave one female to claim, one who will satisfy all their desires. But Cyborgs are illegal, so finding a mate has proven difficult.

Until Megan.

As a survivor of horrific abuse at the hands of her alien captors, this tiny female from the original planet is both strong and fierce. Her white-hot desire brings all three men to their knees.

They want this female. Forever.

But will she choose to live on the bleak edge of space, with three exacting, contraband Cyborgs, who have been stripped of human emotions?

Or is their time up? Will the original programmers return for their ultimate weapons, destroying their female and all they’ve constructed?

🛸 Pioneer’s: Planet Athion 🛸

by Angel Lawson

Mercy Ladd is a woman with a mission.

To help the pioneers women from earth as they acclimate to Athion after their home has been invaded by a dangerous enemy.

Mercy knew her life would change with this adventure, but she never expected how much. As she acclimates to her new life on Athion; three hardened, handsome soldiers do everything they can to protect her; body, mind and soul.

Can they also protect her heart?

Planet Athion is a shared world contributed to by multiple authors.

The Bond

by Corin Cain

Seven-Foot-Tall Greek God alien warriors triads…

Who are dying out.

Possessive. Dominant. Controlling.

The arrogant, powerful warrior species of Aurelians are nothing without their fated mates. Their only hope is The Bond, a fabled link between a warrior triad and the one woman who can bear their sons. They search desperately for their mate, and if they find her?

They will never let go.

Book 1: Sold to the Alien Gladiators

Book 2: Sold to the Alien Cartel

Book 3: Mated to the Alien Warriors

👾 The Hunt 👾


by M.D. Pentacles

A pack of six males—banished from the safety of civilization…

A Feral male, drunk on the hunt…

In the world beyond the Krust, survival is the only goal. Without technology or shelter, even the strong can fall. Out here, Omegas are rare—especially when their Canicule is upon them and their minds cloud with the heat of the rut…

But Renegade isn’t easy prey

Renegade is an Omega unlike any other. Feisty and smart, she’s the Queen of the beyond with the hedonistic appetites to match. One male is not enough. One mate could never satisfy the fires that burn in her wildling heart…

And she will rule.

The Hunt Series is a reverse harem Omegaverse dark romance set in a fantastic world, yet steeped in scifi. Volume One includes: Hunting the Renegade Omega, Conquering the Renegade Omega, and Taming the Renegade Omega.

🛸 Equinox: Planet Athion 🛸

by Lily Harlem

After escaping a fate worse than death, Uma Nixon knows she’s one lucky woman.

She also knows Earth is no longer a safe place to be.

Not wanting to fall into the same trap twice, she uses her skills to secure a job aboard Equinox as it travels between Earth and Planet Athion. Some might say it’s a grinding job. A long journey in hyperspace as a cognitive traveler isn’t for everyone. But throw four sexy guys into the mix–human and alien–a cheeky parrot, and a whole lot of flirting and desire, things soon get interesting out there in the abyss.

When jealousy, curious quirks of evolution, and danger rears its head, Uma wonders if she’ll be able to handle the heat and the excitement. And if she can’t…there’s nowhere to run.


Boxed Set Contains




Author Melody Calder #interview

Please give a warm welcome to

Tell us a bit about yourself

I left the business world to become a stay at home mom to my twins and now adult daughter. I love to travel, read, and eat salted caramel chocolates. I’m very involved in disability activism. I love to go out and listen to live music with my husband. I’m the stereotypical soccer mom, but with a bit of a wild streak.



Have you always wanted to become an author?

I’ve wanted to be an author for as long as I knew it was a career option, but life always seemed to get in the way.


What was your inspiration for your current book/series?

I moved into a small suburb where everyone has these odd quirks. We don’t talk to each other much, as is the way of this area, so I started making up stories about what could be hiding behind their perfect homes. It snowballed from there and became the basis for Secrets in Suburbia. It actually was not going to be an RH book in the beginning, but the characters took the story that way.



What are you working on now?

I’m working on the 2nd book, which is an inside look at the men and their relationship with Samantha. I’m also working on a spin off of Rachel, Victoria, and Elena’s past. And lastly I’m co-writing a dark paranormal with four other talented authors. I also have an inspiring, dramatic ghost write planned for next year.


Do you have any quirks while writing?

I have to be alone and I chew on a pencil even though I’m writing on a laptop. I’ve taken up my husband’s man cave as my writing space.



What are your hopes for the future?

I hope to keep publishing books that readers love.


Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world?

Do a lot of research on marketing before publishing because once it goes live, life is consumed by it. If you can, get a good PA to take some of that on so you can concentrate on writing. Connect with other authors and surround yourself with supportive people. And lastly, don’t take criticism or negative reviews to heart. Everyone has different likes and dislikes.



Do you have anything to say to your readers?

Thank you so much for all of your support! I love interacting with you and hearing all of your feedback.

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Complete Series PNR – RH 5 #amreading

🦊 The Chaos of Foxes 🦊

by Emma Dean

What should you do when you’re outfoxed?

Kenzie is the only non-witch in her family. When her younger sister’s powers end up stripped from her, Kenzie promises to find a way to get them back – after all she has a very specific set of skills after trying to make up for not having any powers of her own.

When Kenzie finds something to restore her sister’s powers, the only way to obtain it is to steal it from the Alpha of the West Coast Pride. Right as she’s about to succeed three sexy foxes snatch it right from under her nose. Will Kenzie be able to take it from them before they steal her heart as well?

This is a steamy reverse harem shifter romance. All paranormal books by Emma Dean exist in the same paranormal world – the Council of Paranormals.



The Forever Series

by Eve Newton

One Vampire. Her three lovers and an ancient prophecy all adds up to some smokin’ hot, slightly dark, fun with twists you won’t see coming!

“I’d rather love too many, than none at all.”

After a thousand years of being a Vampire, I have seen and done everything…twice. And then a third time because I felt like it. I am demanding, a tad selfish, and a teeny bit vain. But I love my men with a fierceness that will likely kill me…if I could die.

Together, the four of us must solve the puzzle of the mysterious prophecy that has been thrust upon us, but at what cost? The journey just might bring us closer together, not only in my dreams but in reality.

Will I get to have everything that I want? Or will the truth only serve to complicate my already confusing life? Who knows?

This is my story. Expect trouble. It’s my middle name.

A Paranormal Reverse Harem Series: Fast burn M/M/M/F Single FMC POV up to Book 8. Content Warning: The entire series contains explicit material, and possible triggers.



The Conduit Trilogy

by K.B. Everly & Anita Maxwell

“Ever made a wish and had it come true? Well lucky you, because I have never had any of my wishes come true.”

Arsyn Henley has had a rough life growing up. All the universe has ever done, is take every loved one she has ever had and give deep rooted scars—both on the inside and out—in return. When a relative she never knew about dies and leaves her a cabin in the mountains, she’s eager to start over with a new life. She could never have guessed her new life would be riddled with secrets about her family, new people to love and most of all magic beyond her wildest dreams.

Enter the four dashing Kismet brothers who take this broken girl on a metaphorical magic carpet ride through the world of Jinn—beings who grant the wishes of the human race—and slowly put back together her soul with pieces of their own.

But where there’s light, dark is soon to follow. Can she find the strength to accept her new reality and the people who come with it bringing all the beauty of love and light to her? Or will she falter and beckon the darkness to take her away as it’s own?

*This is a Reverse-Harem trilogy with some disturbing sequences of events, mild languageand is recommended for ages 17+*



💫 The Marked Box Set 💫

by G. Bailey & Cece Rose

Is being marked with just one of the powers enough? Is being marked with six? What about being marked with all twelve?

When Mackenzie’s seventeenth birthday comes around, she planned to spend a few years at the school for the marked learning about her new powers, and then leaving and living her life. But nothing goes as planned when she attends the marking ceremony and all twelve marks appear.

Kenzie lives in a world where being marked with six powers is normal, being marked with seven or more is rare. But being marked with twelve? Well, that’s unheard of.

With learning about her new powers, the last thing Kenzie needs to worry about is falling for her hot teacher. Not to mention the unneeded distractions of the sexy twins, the jerk in all her classes, and her older brother’s best friend who finally seems to notice her.

Romance and marked powers are never a good mix, not when there are people who desire her for more than her heart.

Kenzie may not know, understand or want her twelfth power, but someone does.

This is a reverse-harem complete series with exclusive bonus scenes.

The complete Marked Series contains:

#1 Marked by Power

#2 Marked by Pain

#3 Marked by Destruction

#4 Exclusive bonus scene



🔥 Magic Awakened 🔥

by Sadie Moss

One badass mercenary. Four sexy-as-sin rebels. Bound together by powerful magic and dangerous desire…

In a world ruled by magic, surviving without it means I have to be quicker, smarter, and fiercer than the magical beings that run this city.

I get by just fine working as a bounty hunter… until what should be a routine take-down of an incubus and his buddies turns into a major clusterf#ck when something inside me goes haywire.

Turns out, I do have magic. And it’s so powerful, it’s bonded four insanely gorgeous men to me.

They’re part of an underground rebellion fighting back against the magical elite, and they claim they need my help.

But if I agree to fight alongside them, I may be risking more than my life. I could lose my heart too.

This box set is the complete collection of the international bestselling series, Magic Awakened.

Bound by Magic (Book One)

Game of Lies (Book Two)

Consort of Rebels (Book Three)

Warning: Magic Awakened is a medium-burn reverse harem series with explicit scenes and is meant for readers 18+ who enjoy steamy scenes and pulse-pounding action.



The Severed Soul Series

by A.K. Koonce

With a name like Violence, she was destined for greatness.

Or destruction.

As the only female member of the notorious Wild Hunt, Violence spends her days collecting souls. Until she accidentally becomes attached to one.

That single soul reveals the darkness the king is breeding in the heart of their city.

The men of the Wild Hunt aren’t nearly as convinced of the evil that’s coming, but Violence knows first-hand just how malicious the king really is.

He is her father after all.

This is a complete reverse harem box set including Darkness Rising, Darkness Consuming, and Darkness Colliding. Recommended for readers 18 and over.