#Preorder Call of the Siren (Obsidian Cove Supernatural Academy Book 1) by Jarica James

Call of the Siren (Obsidian Cove Supernatural Academy Book 1) by Jarica James


Obsidian Cove Prep was supposed to be Lennox Malia’s chance at freedom. Instead, it ended up as her own personal hell on Earth. Daily bullying and a severe lack of friends left her feeling hopeless and desperate for graduation.

That all changed one day when five guys showed up, very obviously interested in her. It all seemed too good to be true, and to say she was suspicious is an understatement. When secrets are revealed, and she discovers who she truly is, her new friends are there to help and guide her.

Navigating her last weeks of human high school would have been hard enough, but now she has to come to terms with her new powers and a new world, once again the outsider. Although, being the outsider may not be as bad as she thinks…if she gets to be with Calev, Tristan, Aeson, Evander, and Lachlan.

As her training begins, Lennox finally starts to find her inner strength. Unfortunately, her inner strength may not be enough to withstand the stalkers and attempted kidnappings that have come into her life along with her new powers. The danger worsens every day, leaving her with more questions than answers. With her powers still in chaos, they need to get to their new school, now more than ever.

Will starting at Obsidian Cove Supernatural Academy be the fresh beginning she’s been hoping for, or will it be too much of a change for Lennox and her new boyfriends to handle?


Call of the siren is intended for readers 18+ it is a reverse harem, paranormal, new adult novel. It contains some content that may be triggering for some.

Standalone Sci-fi – PNR – RH #amreading


🛸 A Ship Called Malice 🛸

by Rebecca Royce

Originally found in the Married. Wait! What? Anthology

Saved from a wife auction that would have left her at the mercy of a madman, Priscilla wakes up married to three space pirates on a ship called Malice. They are rough but honorable men who carry secrets and years of pain. Priscilla isn’t sure how she will fit in their life.

River, Jordan, and Bo have made their way alone in the universe for twenty years. They know the young woman with them now is new to their world so they offer her an option—three weeks to get to know them and want to stay or they will let her go. They will find love or part, never to see each other again.

Warning: This is a stand-alone story in the Wings of Artemis series that does not fall within the overall storyline of the world. It can be read on its own. Reverse Harem, Intense.



🐺 Auctioned To The Alphas 🐺

by Casey Morgan

I’m suspicious of this beautiful, wandering werewolf.

But I’m determined to claim her innocence.

When Leslie, the saddest wolf I have ever seen, wanders into our pack’s territory, at first, I think she’s a spy for a rival pack. But she’s injured, and my soft-hearted brother takes pity on her. He eases her desperation by giving her a waitressing job at our bar.

I’m still suspicious and reluctant to keep her around, even though I like to watch her curves as she works. I know her looks are just as appealing to my brothers as they are to me, but as a strong alpha, I won’t give in to such weaknesses, knowing she’s a stranger.

Until one day she stands up for herself and I can’t keep my lips or hands off her. I think my brothers should just let me have her because I’m the oldest, but they won’t give her up.

Then when Leslie gets her into the worst danger of her life, my brothers and I have to work together to save her. Our reward will be her innocence. There’s an auction, and the winner will get to claim her.

Will bad luck keep happening to this beautiful Were?

Or will we three alphas work together to save – and share – the woman we love?

This paranormal reverse harem wolf shifter auction romance is a full length novel with no cheating and a guaranteed happy ever after. It is high heat and for adults only.



🍻🍀 A Pinch of Sass 🍀🍻

by Chloe Gunter & Jarica James

Roz always thought that wearing green to avoid getting pinched on St. Patrick’s Day was something kids did to pass the time, but when she moves to Ireland she finds out how wrong she is.

Who knew a pinch could change her life?

Now she’s stuck with three sexy leprechauns, three magical wishes, and one hell of a mystery to solve.

But when someone fears Roz and her leprechauns are getting too close to a centuries old secret, they aren’t afraid to try to take them out.

With a little luck, a lotta love, and laughs along the way, can they solve the mystery before she loses them forever?

This is a Reverse Harem romance intended for readers 18 and up.



🥏 God Deeds 🥏

by Kathryn Moon

Nötchka Uumian, solo-scavenger and pilot, only came to Bandalier for business. But when her first ever heat cycle hits, she has two choices: get off the planet or find somewhere safe to ride out the heatburns. Determined to never end up mated and trapped in a kitchen, she heads into the Droid district. You can’t mate if the other person isn’t an organic right?

Low on funds and preparing for weeks of sexual stupor, Nötchka finds herself in the Nuts in Bolts, a nearly deserted Cozy House with a handful of older models, two of which aren’t even servicing. But the owner, Proto model Avan-8, is willing to trade sex for repairs and Nötchka is desperate. Everything will stay simple with droids… or it would if she didn’t end up liking them all so much. If she can just make it through her heat without too many feelings, avoid the pack of Dendärys males that seem determined to catch her, and figure out why women are going missing, it will all work out.

It’s definitely not vekking working out.

Good Deeds is a full length, insta-burn, standalone, reverse harem romance novel, starring a fiesty heroine and five fritzing hot android heroes.



🐈 My Cat Is The AntiChrist 🐈

by J.B. Trepagnier

Never trust demonic looking hairless cats that walk around the house in little handmade sweaters

After a lifetime in the foster care system, at twenty-six, I received a strange visit. Okay, I may have made it weird answering the door naked. I find out the truth about my parents, inherit a huge manor house and a fortune, and I find out there’s some weird prophecy about my birth. I’ve also been tricked into starting the apocalypse by this wicked looking cat who might be the Antichrist. Did I mention the cat is named after my missing twin brother?

Does anyone know how to evict four hot Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Asking for a friend



🦌 Night Of The Wild Stag 🦌

by Golden Angel

Kiara Arrio is on the run and dying when four tall, dark, and gorgeous strangers find her in a crumpled heap along the road to the hospital she was desperately trying to reach.

The small herd of stag shifters are immediately drawn to the injured woman, taking over her care as she recovers from her illness. They’re entranced by Kiara’s strength, her sass, and her sweetness, and do their best to woo her, hoping to claim her for their own.

There’s just one problem: Kiara already has a mate. And she certainly didn’t run away from one only to find herself with four more.

Night of the Wild Stags is a steamy standalone shifter Reverse Harem Romance, HEA guaranteed, set in Golden Angel’s Big Bad Bunnies world. It is not part of the BBB main storyline and it is not necessary to read the BBB series in order to read this book.



🦋 Clockwork Butterfly 🦋

by Kendra Moreno

Victoria Greene would rather spend her time with machines than the high society she comes into contact with in London. She’s happy with her gears and cogs, even if that means she will end up a spinster.

When her father gets the funding for a trip to the Amazon to search for a mythical jewel, she jumps on the chance to come aboard as the Master Tinker. She expected to work on the massive boilers for the airship and to tinker with her mechanical creatures. She never expected the men suddenly thrown into her life making it even more interesting. The inventor, the cowboy, the scholar, and the dreamer are all intrigued by the woman who comes with grease on her face.

But something sinister is amiss aboard the airship and she’s determined to get to the bottom of it. Victoria’s suspicion rises the closer they get to Brazil and she must figure out the nefarious plans before it’s too late.

Can Victoria protect them all against the dangers, from onboard and the rainforest alike? Can such an eclectic team work together and find the Temple of the Rising Sun?

Let the adventure begin…

**This is a Reverse Harem, which means there are mulitple love interests and the Leading Lady doesn’t have to choose. It contains mature content, lots of adventure, and some well dressed men.**

Into the Shadows by Jarica James & Rowan Thalia #newrelease

Into the Shadows (Juniper’s Sight Book 1)

Ghost, Spirits, and Demons.
Paranormal experiences aren’t usually part of the coursework for college. That is, unless you are Juniper Nevels.

Jun has had ghostly encounters all of her life, in fact she has come to expect them. Her two best friends, Dexter and Sterling have always been by her side to help her when they hit. Through battling the terrifying nightmares and spooky sightings, they’ve only grown closer.

Life as they know it seems to be perfect when in their junior year, their request for a co-ed dorm is granted. That means no more late night phone calls and facing her inner demons alone. What could go wrong with her two best friends by her side?

When twin brothers, Asher and Alex join the group, the sparks start flying. Then, during what should have been a fun ghost hunting trip, plans go awry. The group of friends turned lovers awaken something dark living in the hidden corridors of Dudley Hall. Now that it is awake, it is hungry … and it’s eyes are set on Jun.

Jun and her four sexy roommates must come together to solve the mystery of the haunting before the encounters become fatal. Will they find the information they need to stop the terror that increases with each day?

Is Juniper strong enough to lock away the malevolent spirit, or will she follow him into the shadows?



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Into the Shadows


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Jarica James

Rowan Thalia

The Shadow Room

Author Jarica James #interview

Please give a warm welcome to author Jarica James

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Jarica, I’m a stay at home mom of two fun and crazy boys. I have a degree in Psychology. I’m an avid reader, gamer and music lover. Bright colors, nature and dogs make me happy. I’m a coffee addict and stay up way too late writing and reading, because I get lost in these worlds so easily.

Have you always wanted to become an author?

When I would get really stressed out in college, writing was my escape. I had around sixty percent of a YA novel written, but once I graduated I kind of forgot about it. Then when I had my second son and had been staying home with the kids for a few years, I really felt like I was losing a piece of my identity from putting so much of myself into my family. So writing once again became my escape in finding my identity again, my ideal ‘me time’. For Mother’s day my husband bought me a laptop and I wrote. When I had two books written I decided to take that leap and publish. The RH community has been beyond amazing and made me feel like my worlds were worthwhile. Now I love sharing them!

What was your inspiration for your current book/series?

I’ve always loved paranormal books, and I had read a few that mentioned reapers, but they weren’t the main focus. So I thought about it and slowly started creating my reaper world. Once it started, I had a dream about the portals and the idea grew even more. I finally sat down and plotted it and the rest is history.

What are you working on now?

My book, Realm of Shadows comes out on February, 16th and is my current project I’m immersed in. It has been so much fun to write, especially since it ended up way off of my outlined plans, and is so much better for it. I can’t wait for readers to get this one. There’s plenty of action, twists and turns, Steamy scenes and fun.

I’m also working on a few other projects right now. My St. Patrick’s day co-write is in the editing stage along with Realm of Shadows. I’m also working on a Reverse Harem Horror book with an author friend and I can’t wait to tell everyone about it. I’m also working on the final book in my Fae Knights Series! I have a few more projects planned for this year, but Fae Knights and the Master Reapers series are priority!

Do you have any quirks while writing?

When writing, I’m the opposite of most people and have to have some level of noise. Whether that’s hopping on discord and chatting with other authors or listening to music. Silence makes me lose focus faster than anything. I’m a multi-tasker at heart.

What are your hopes for the future?

My hope is to be able to turn my ebooks into paperbacks and go to conventions. I love this community so much and I’d love to meet all of the other authors and fangirl a little… okay, a lot! Plus all of the readers have been so fun and supportive! I think it would be a lot of fun!

Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world?

Find an author group! My author friends have been the most supportive people in this process. We chat, exchange ideas, help each other out with our stories, and even learn how to do new things, like photoshop. We build each other up and make sure everyone succeeds, and I can’t imagine doing without them.

Do you have anything to say to your fans?

That question alone seems so crazy to me! I never imagined when I started that I would be able to reach as many people as I have. So I have to say THANK YOU! Thank you for supporting me and reading my books. Nothing makes my author heart happier than when someone messages me to discuss a character or plot point. It’s such an amazing feeling to know someone else was able to get a glimpse into the world you created and enjoyed it enough to want to chat about it. Our readers are amazing and I’m so grateful for them and their support and kindness! I love you guys!

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City of Souls

Realm of Shadows

Fae Knights series

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The Reaper Realm

Realm of Shadows Blurb

With Drekavac temporarily sealed away, it’s up to Luz and the reapers to rebuild their numbers and protect the souls. A task made difficult when the Reaper Council wants to oppose her at every turn.

But their plans are soon forgotten when a new threat emerges in the form of demonic armies with weapons they’ve never seen before…weapons designed to take down a reaper.

When hope seems lost, they discover the existence of two factions who have similar goals in mind. The order aims to protect the humans and the Sentinels aim to protect the supernaturals. Now they must find a way to coordinate their knowledge and troops in order to save the human race and Earth itself.

Can they save them in time?

Despite all of their strategic planning, they can’t seem to get a step ahead of the demons, revealing the existence of spies in their ranks. Spies that may just cost even more reaper lives. With the war eminent and suspicion in their numbers, they have to find out who to trust and how to survive.

To make matters worse, mysterious and disturbing letters are showing up for her, and after more than one attempt to kidnap her, she learns to take them seriously.

Who is her new tormentor, and what does he want her for?

Can Luz save the humans and her realm, or will this be the end?