May Book Releases

May 6th

Thirst : A Dark Stalker Romance
May 9th

Splintered Shadow
May 9th

Keeper (Kings of the East Book 5)
May 10th

May 10th

Ravaged World: Shattered Galaxies
May 11th

Scattered Petals (Shattered Galaxies)
May 12th

My Demon of Fire: Paranormal Fated Mates Romance (Rebel Demons Book 1)
May 12th

Fractured Waves: Shattered Galaxies
May 16th

Crushed Dominion
May 17th

Broken Song: Shattered Galaxies
May 19th

Glow (The Plated Prisoner Series Book 4)
May 19th

Jagged Honor: Shattered Galaxies
May 23rd

Witchin Solstice
May 24th

Urban Rose
May 24th

Hope for Ukraine: A Charity Anthology: Stories of Hope, Courage, and Strength
May 30th

Reject Me (Immortal Vices and Virtues Book 1)

April Book Releases

April 1st

Protect Me (The Healing Series Book 6)
April 2nd

Laying it Bare Through the Lies (Laying it Bare Series book 7)
April 2nd

April 4th

A Swan-Shifter’s Song: An MM Fantasy Romance (Tales of the Beneath Book 4)
April 7th

Dangerously Deceptive : A dark mafia MC romance (Beautifully Brutal Book 2)
April 8th

Sweet Temptations: The Boss’s Daughter: An Enemies-to-Lovers Office Romance
April 11th

Pretender (Kings of the East Book 3)
April 13th

Lured by Her (The Reflection Series Book 2)
April 15

The Gift
April 15th

Smoky Darling: Book One of the Darling Series
April 15th

Blossoming Desire: A SciFi Alien Holiday Romance (Rent An Alien Book 1)
April 15th

Shadow Kissed (Marked by Blood Book 1)
April 21st

Tethered to the Fae Lord: An Enemies-to-Lovers Fantasy Romance (Shadows of Dusk Book 1)
April 25th

Missing (Kings of the East Book 4)
April 26th

The Condemned Oak Tree
April 28th

Wolf Hunter (Moon Kissed Book 1)
April 29th

Cunning as a Trickster (Lords of Grimm Book 1)
April 30th

Tales You Win: An Academy of Stardom spin off

January Book Releases #amreading

January 6th

Twisted Vows: A Collateral Damage Novel,
dark MF contemporary
January 6

On The Line: An Everyday Heroes World Novel (The Everyday Heroes World)
January 10th

Wastrel (The D Book 6) MM contemporary romance
January 12th

Mine: Sam & Alec (Grimm Brothers’ Tattoo World Book 5) MM PNR
January 15th

Dani and the Outcast: Olivier Crime Famiglia, Louisiana Mafia (Fable Wars A Dark Mafia Romance): Bleeding Souls Saved by Love!
A mafia-style retelling of Lady and the Tramp set in New Orleans as part of the Bleeding Souls Saved by Love!
January 25th

January 30th

Bound to the Dark Elf King (Of Fate and Kings Book 1)
Live release

Catnapped by the Catman: An Alien Abduction Standalone Romance (Interstellar Protections Agency Book 1)

Seven #Free Books #amreading

Reboot is now LIVE! To celebrate its release, both Found and Achieve for free for the weekend! via Jade Waltz

To celebrate the Castle of Ash cover reveal, the kindle versions of all these books are free today!! 🧡 via Jane Washington

Debut Author Jade Waltz #interview

Please give a warm welcome to debut author Jade Waltz

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am a mother of two sons and three cats. I live with my husband in the Midwest, USA.

During the summer, I write marching band drill – which are the pictures marching bands make on the fields to music. I also help teach the drill to the marching bands at their band camps.

When I am not writing, I enjoy reading, playing video games, knitting, and acrylic painting (even though I am not that good at it).

The first part of my pen name is the nickname people who know me well call me in real life (and because I love the color green). Since music was an important part of my life growing up and is a part of my seasonal job, I wanted to have my last name that related to it. A lot of musical terms are hard to spell (being Italian or some other foreign language) – I wanted to make sure I used an easier word. Hell, half of the time I butcher spelling some of the longer musical terms myself. That was how “Jade Waltz” was born.

Have you always wanted to become an author?

Sort of? I have written a lot of fanfics. Then I wanted to create my own worlds, so I have collected multiple notebooks of notes and outlines of universes I wanted to write someday. I finally got the courage to write one of universes and now I am here.

What was your inspiration for your current book/series?

I am a huge Star Trek and Star Wars fan. Sci-fi movies/shows, anime and books are my jam. I wanted a diverse multi-cultured universe with multiple aliens and where humans weren’t the dominant species.

What are you working on now?

The initial series of the HUGE “Project” universe named “Project: Adapt”. It is space-fantasy RH/#whychoose series which will have the FMC travel through the galaxy, experiencing new things and meeting multiple aliens along the way. Her collection of males will grow throughout the series

Do you have any quirks while writing?

I always have to have at least two drinks prepared before I write (a cold drink to drink while the hot one cools off some), I have a Keurig and a pile of Lifesavers Mints always next to me so I don’t have to leave the desk.

What are your hopes for the future?

I would be happy to be successful enough to pay for the costs of creating the books and some debts — maybe even getting a nanny! ^.^ But mainly, I would love for the world to fall in love with my stories and the universes they are in.

Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world?

Being a new author myself – my main advice would be to make writing a habit – even if it is only a thousand words a day. Get your first draft written before going back to butcher and edit it. It is better to get your story completed than getting stuck redoing a certain chapter/scene.

Do you have anything to say to your fans?

Thank you for all of your support. You help me want to push myself to write faster and grow as an author. I hope you continue to enjoy my stories as I write them.

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