June Book Releases 2020

June 1th

Victoria’s Embrace
(Taken Series Book 4)
June 1th

F*ck You:
Knox Academy – Term One
June 4th

War for Wonderland
(Blue in Wonderland Book 2)
June 5th

(Steel Demons MC Book 4)
June 5th

(Rise of the Sphinx Book 3)
June 5th

Collateral Damage
(Gamer Girls Book 5)
June 8th

A Paranormal RomCom
(Spell Library 4)

June 8th

Grave Mistakes
(Hellgate Guardians Book 1)
June 9th

Surviving Hallow Hill:
A Supernatural Prison Academy Romance
(Dr. Hyde’s Prison for the Rare Book 2)
June 9th

Travelers Love:
Timeless Devotion Series book 4
(Forever Safe Summer II 3)
June 11th

Lola & the Millionaires: Part One

Lola & the Millionaires: Part Two
June 13th

Her Greatest Mistake
June 15th

Unexpected Turn
June 16th

The Vows We Break:
A Twisted Taboo Tale
June 19th

A Scifi Alien Abduction Prison Romance
June 20th

Fires of Treason:
The War and Deceit Series, Book Two
June 20th

For the Love of Skating
June 22

Grave Consequences
(Hellgate Guardians Book 2)
June 24th

Secret Origins
(The Courtless Fae series Book 1)
June 25th

Weaving Fate
(The Omega Prophecy Book 2)
June 25th

Rebel: House of Fae:
A Dark Fae Paranormal Romance
June 26th

Pretty Painful
(The Fallen Gods Book 1)
June 26th

Darkness Deceives:
A Reverse Harem Academy Romance
(Afterworld Academy Book 2)
June 27

Juniper’s Peril
(Academy of the Elite Book 2)
June 30th

A High Fantasy Reverse Harem
(The Blooming Courts Book 5)
June 30th

Shadowborn Royals
(Dark Fae Paranormal Prison Series Book 2)
June 30th

A Dark & Dirty MC Romance
(Satan’s Sinners Book 3)
June 30th

Raise Hell

Raise the Dead

Ruler of the Righteous
June 30th

Smoke & Rubber:
A Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance
(Burnout Book 1)

Obscured by J. Kearston #newrelease

Obscured (Rise of the Sphinx Book 2) by J. Kearston

The journey through the Underworld is brutal and unforgiving. Nightmares come to life, taking everything that I thought I knew and tearing it apart. 
Destroy or be destroyed. 
But when every truth is obscured, what choice is left but to raze everything to the ground and build our future on the ashes?
!!!Please note, this book does end with a bit of a CLIFFHANGER, so if that bothers you, please wait to read until the series is complete. 

*This is a why choose, reverse harem, darker fantasy romance intended for ages 18+. This means our main character will not have to choose between her love interests. While not described in graphic detail, this series does contain mention of darker themes that some may find triggering, so please read the note in the beginning of the book before choosing to read.
*Heroine already has a child prior to meeting her harem.
*Unique shifters
*multi P.O.V.

Author J. Kearston #interview

Please give a warm welcome to

Tell us a bit about yourselfAvid reader, married nearly 8 years to my high school sweetheart, even though I graduated early. Family owns a bakery so I’ve been roped in since I was 14 years old. Mother of two amazing, slightly morbid, girls. My family is all incredibly close knit and have been crazy supportive of me jumping into the world as an author.°°

Have you always wanted to become an author?

Sure! I’ve always had a love of reading, but never expected to actually attempt writing. The thought of being good enough to publish was so intimidating! But seeing all the crazy support in the RH community, I finally decided to bite the bullet and give it a try so that I could say I DID it. I wrote a book. I never expected all of the positive feedback I’ve been getting and am beyond grateful.What was your inspiration for your current book/series? Inspiration? Skye is actually a combined version of my daughters. Way too smart and a little deranged 😉 I’ve always loved different takes on myths, but wanted to do something I hadn’t seen before.°°

What are you working on now?

Currently, I’m editing the second book in the Rise of the Sphinx series, Obscured. After that, onto Obsessed! That will conclude the series and I also have a standalone that needs some tweaking and have started toying with a new series!Do you have any quirks while writing?I may not have any real quirks while writing, but I definitely am a pantser. While at work or wherever else inspiration strikes, I compile notes in my phone and ramble through all of my nonsense with co-workers until a semblance of a logical plot starts to take shape. Then I just start writing and add layer after layer of improvements on it until I think it does the story justice.What are your hopes for the future?My hope for the future? That even if none of my books skyrocket as bestsellers, the ones that give them a chance won’t be disappointed. I’d rather have quality over quantity and if only a few dozen people ever give them a shot, I hope that I can deliver. Make them look at the world just a little bit differently.°°Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world?My advice for new authors? Betas are your best friends. Take any constructive criticism with open arms so that you are able to push yourself into creating the best version of your story that you can, even if it takes a few tries and longer than you’d like. Also, 9/10 if you reach out to any other Indie author they are more than willing to give advice and answer questions to help you. Don’t be afraid to admit that you don’t know everything, but are willing to learn.Do you have anything to say to your readers?To my readers I would just like to say from the bottom of my heart…thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read my words and hopefully a little part of you will fall just as in love with my characters as I have. I love all of the private messages and comments from my readers so feel free to reach out to me, I promise it makes my whole day and motivates me to keep writing.Buy linkOblivionAuthor linkGoodreadsJ. Kearston’s Reader Group