A Year of Blogging 2019

This year has certainly been one big surprise that kept going. 2018 was the year I fell madly in love with the reverse harem genre. 2019 was the year I decided to start interviewing some of those amazing RH authors. Well that snowballed quickly. I have interviewed over 231 authors, cover designer, models, bloggers, formatters and so on. I’ve also started two groups Soe Delights which is all about RH and menage, and Soe Book Bliss which is every genre. I started the same on Instagram.

I met another blogger, Ira Myriam. We started talking and suddenly we were working together. She is an amazing, generous soul that I consider myself very lucky to know, love you babe! Now Josie Cross PA have joined our madness and I couldn’t be happier *whispers: she’s organized* love you sweetie!

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My TBR list grows every day and I know I’ll never be able to catch up. My swag addiction is flourishing and my shelf with signed paperbacks is my pride and joy. Oh and let me just fangirl for a moment, I actually did an interview with Darynda Jones, yes THE Darynda Jones *squeeeee*

In 2020 I hope to find new and amazing people to interview. There will of course be cover reveals, pre-orders, reviews, giveaways, book parties and much more.

☆Keep an eye out for Tempest Trio

Below you can see the names of all the frigging amazing people I’ve gotten to interview.

Ann Swan ~ Ivy Asher ~ Poppy Woods ~ Raven Kennedy ~ Auryn HadleyK.A. Knight ~ Dionne Lister ~ Katie May ~ Erin O’Kane ~ H.A. Wills

Adell Ryan ~ A.K. Koonce ~ Steffanie Holmes ~ Ellabee Andrews ~ Loxley Savage ~ Scarlett Snow ~ A.C. Wilds ~ Blake Blessing ~ Sadie Moss ~ C.M. Wright ~ B.L. Brunnemer ~ Jarica James ~ Rowan Thalia ~ Nora Ash ~ Trina Bates ~ Nicki Boop ~ Serena Akeroyd ~ Ripley Proserpina ~ Crystal Ash~ Autumn Reed~ Helen Scott ~ Lana Kole ~ Mila Young ~ Kathryn Moon ~ L.A. Boruff ~ Jade Waltz

Bea Page ~ Elle Cross ~ Isobel Carmichael ~ Laurell Chase ~ Kaydence Snow ~ Wendie Nordgren ~ Amy Sumida ~ Kristen Banet ~ Avery Thorn ~ Renée Shearer ~ K.A. Morse ~ Laura Greenwood ~ Chloe Gunter ~ Melissa Adams ~ Eve Bradley ~ Rhiannon Lee ~ Ophelia Bell ~ Ann Denton ~ Eva Delaney ~ Brook Warren ~ Mary Martel ~ Arizona Tape ~ Rinna Ford ~ Regine Abel ~ Jade Oliver ~ Renee Rose ~ Ivy Fox ~ Stacy Jones ~ Drea Shane ~ Julia Clark

Rebecca Royce ~ K.B. Everly ~ Lyla Oweds ~ Darynda Jones ~ Savannah Skye ~ Kalia Duff (indie services)~ Adrienne Blake ~ Mercy DeSimone ~ Reese Copeland ~ Nikki Landis ~ R.A. Steffan ~ Jenee Robinson ~ CY Jones ~ Elena Grey ~ A.J. Macey ~ Emma Dean ~ Tyranni Thomas ~ Bella Claire ~ Eva Chase ~ Lily Harlem ~ Eve Langlais ~ Imaginary Rosse (cover designer) ~ Samantha Rose ~ Darcia Helle ~ Sariah Skye ~ Madeline Faye ~ Courtney West

Maya Daniels ~ Misty Malloy ~ Maria Savva ~ Carrie Whitethorn~ Miki Ward ~ Joanne Ganci ~ Lilly Griffin ~ Ben Ditmars ~ Rainy Day Artwork (cover designer) ~ Albany Walker ~ Jacquelyn Faye ~ Victoria Schaefer (cover designer) ~ Maria Spada (cover designer) ~ C.A. Storm ~ Maya Reily ~ Tamar White ~ K.B. Wheelock ~ Inked Imagination (indie services) ~ Aster North ~ Christopher Coyle (cover designer)~ Lisette Brody ~ Susi Cleaver ~ Raven (cover designer)

Selfpub Design (cover design)~ Ugo Arimo (male model) ~ C.L. Raven ~ Eve Newton ~ Lux Karpov-Kinrade ~ Robyn Peterman ~ MJ Marstens ~ Bo Reid ~ Erin Thornton ~ Kamayama Design ~ Briana Michaels ~ Tessa Tempest ~ Wendy Potocki~ 2nd Life Book Covers ~ Candace Woodrake ~ Sarabat (cover designer) ~ L.L. Frost ~ Rebecca Morman ~ Avdal Design (cover designer) ~J. Edwards Stone ~ Rozie Marshall~ WJ May ~ Aspen Marks

S.A. Price ~ Skye MacKinnon ~ Amelia Oliver ~ Melody Calder ~ Ava Mason ~ Jodie Szarmach ~ Lucy Smoke ~ Rosmary A. Johns ~ Cassandra Trussell ~N.J. Adel ~ Erin Bedford ~ Graceley Knox~ Erica Petit illustrations (cover designer) ~ L. Starfyre ~ Georgia Carter Mathers ~ A.C. Wilds ~ Helen Gadot

E.M. Moore ~ Devyn Sinclair ~ Everlyn Taylor ~ Cate Corvin ~ BC Morgan ~ Sam Hall ~ Jewels Arthur ~ Michelle Hercules ~ Cassie James ~ Tiegan Clyne ~ Dani Black PA ~ Sosha Ann PA ~ Darcy Ray ~ Nichol Smith PA ~ Aleera Anaya Ceres ~ SJ Sanders ~ Mallory Kent PA ~ Ira Myriam (blogger) ~ KC Morgan ~ Jenee Robinson PA ~ Kat Quinn ~ K. Margaret ~ Elle Middaugh ~ Eva Brandt

Serenity Rayne ~ Laurel Jones ~ Kayla Erickson ~ Ariz Brune ~ Gloria HudsonEmily Dawn ~ Eerilyfair Design (cover designer) ~ Milly Taiden ~ Victoria Larque~ Alan H. (male model) ~ April Bock ~ Kell Inkston ~ Mo Day PA

Andrea Pryde ~ Indra Frost ~ Amir Lane ~ Elizabeth G. Ellis ~ T.L Christianson

M. Sinclair ~ Erica Woods ~ Suki Williams ~ Kelly Grimes PA ~ Gabrielle Ash ~ Aspen Black ~ Gina Manis ~ VB Gilbert ~ Erica Andrews ~ C.V. Guyer ~ Addison Cain ~ Mercedes Jade ~ Elizabeth Francine PA ~ Sarah Klinger PA ~ Scarlett Ross ~ Kendra Moreno

S.E. Isaac~ Elizabeth Clare ~ Callie Rose ~ Kaitlyn Michaud ~ Rory Miles ~ Takari Hunter ~ Yashira Rosado Ortiz~ Brandy Slaven

Deliciously Scandalous Blog Tour Big Giveaway

I was lucky to be the first one to submit to author Kevin Swarbricks awesome questions during his

Deliciously Scandalous Blog Tour 
Check out my interview here

He has interviewed many authors since then and now it’s his turn in the hot seat.


Yes this time I am taking the hot seat! It seemed that some of the authors wanted a little revenge. Catch this fantastic interview, with lots of prizes to be won, and plenty of books to download for free. This is our way of saying thank you for all the support you the reader has shown to each and every one of us. We would all like to wish you the very best for Christmas and New year! I will be back in the new year with some more fantastic interview! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for this interview, they will be prizes to be won! It’s just like the Black Friday! Get in there quick and win!

Come join the event on Facebook Friday December 6.

Twitter: @KevinSwarbrick