Wassay Kahn #spotlight

Please give a warm welcome to Illustrator Wassay Kahn

I am an Illustrator and Concept Artist, I am inspired by Frank Frazetta I have worked in the field of Games, Film, and Advertisement.

I am passionate about visual storytelling and world-building. Primarily using painting techniques, I’ve been involved in a wide range of productions providing a variety of work such as concept art, card illustrations, character design, environment design, and matte painting.

I am doing designing the last 8 to 9 years, and I have advice for beginners to be passionate hard work never disappoint, one day you will achieve your goals.

Shale City: Fox and Faun by Dani Smith #newrelease

Shale City: Fox and Faun by Dani Smith



Welcome to SHALE CITY, a derelict punk rock metropolis populated by the fey creatures that overrun our mythological dreamscapes. A place where magic and technology run thick side by side…sometimes with devastating consequences.

Twinglader swordsman Ashe sacrificed his freedom in exchange for his grandparents’ lives. Now torn away from his faun tribe, he finds himself in the service of Drake, a cunning and powerful satyr chief known for his insufferable cruelty.

But when Drake returns from a raid with a new prize: the intensely beautiful Iona, a fire-haired fox maiden trained in the magic arts, Ashe will begin to question his loyalty… and his own heart. Swearing to protect and free Iona from her captor, Ashe will be forced to risk both of their lives–and a life unborn–for a chance at freedom.

Written and illustrated by bestselling comics artist and creator Dani Smith, SHALE CITY is a dark, gritty, and ultimately gorgeous journey into an urban fantasy world with no boundaries.

Publisher’s note: This illustrated novella contains adult themes including gore and violence, foul language, graphic sex, nudity, slavery, and dubious consent. It is intended for readers 17+ ONLY.