April RH Book Releases

April 1st

Eat Your Heart Out 2: A Charity Romance Anthology
April 1st

Altered: Part One (Altered Shifters Universe Book 1)
April 2nd

Grab the Bull by the Horns: A Monster Street romance
April 4

Tainted Savior
April 4th

Indulgent Sins: Book 2 In A Series Of Sins
April 5th

Maristella: Waves of Divinity (Fallen Starlights Series Book 4)
April 6th

Pack Punished (Thrown to the Wolves Book 3)
April 6th

Chosen by Villains (The Heart of a Monster Book 1)
April 7th

Psycho Knights: A Dark Mafia Gang RH Romance (Volkov Assassin Clan Book 1)
April 7th

The Sergeant : A RH Stepbrother Romance (Broken Warriors a RH stepbrother romance Book 2)
April 8th

Venom and Stone: Cursed Women Series, Book One
April 11th

Broken Faun
April 12th

Tempest (The Charlington Chronicles Book 2)
April 13th

An Espresso Machine’s Guide to Love & Mischief: A Quirky Paranormal Reverse Harem Romantic Comedy
April 14th

Demon Throne (Demons of Morningstar Book 1)
April 15th

Succubus Ascended (The (un) Lucky Succubus Book 9)
April 15th

A Shifting Society the J. Kearston Collection
boxset of 3 standalones and exclusive bonus scene
April 15th

Self Studies: The Thorns of Charbon Institute
April 17th

Firefly: A Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance
April 21st

Betrayal: A Monster Romance (Her Monstrous Desires)
April 21st

Church: A Dark Bully Romance (The Boys of Chapel Crest Book 1) Dark bully rh asylum (My website has all the trigger warnings on it. There are a ton. Kgreuss.com
April 22

Valkyrie Risen (Vikings & Vengeance Book 2)
April 23rd

Road to Chaos (Purgatory Prep Academy Book 2)
April 23rd

Trial by Fire: (Queen of Arcadia Book 2) (Queen of Arcadia Series)
April 24th

For the Ghastly and Beautiful: Where the Mongrels Are: Book 2 (Where They Are) Fantasy Romance
April 29th

The Gods We Obey (The Path of Temptation Book 6)
April 29th

Tastes Like Misery
Dark anti hero
April 29th

Of Monsters and Mania (The Beautiful Monsters Series Book 2)
April 30th

Let Us Prey: An Apex Society Caper: A Paranormal/Dark/Steamy/Shifter Romance
April 30th

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
April 30th

The Librarian’s Monsters: A Monster Reverse Harem Standalone (Books & Monsters Book 1)

March RH Book Releases

March 1st

Orion: Galaxy Huntress (Fallen Starlights Series Book 3)
March 2nd

MONSTERS IN MY BED: A Monster Romance (Bogeymen Book 2)
March 3rd

Crowned Blood (Bound By Darkness Book 2)
March 4th

Onyx Sanctuary: The Chronicles of a Toy Monster, PNR RH – Monsters, shared world with The Chronicles of Sloane King.
March 4th

Bonded and Betrothed: A Paranormal Wolf Shifter Romance (Fated Pack Book One)PNR RH
March 6th

Saving Memphis (Memphis Duet Book 2)
March 9th

Beautifully Untamed : Twisted Tales
March 10th

We’re All Cursed: Disaster Zone Jones Book Three
March 10th

Much Ado About Murder: a reverse harem murder mystery (Nevermore Bookshop Mysteries Book 7)
March 11th

Black Steel: Legion of Vidar Book 5: Legion of Vidar Book 5
March 13th

An Unexpected Love
March 15th

Once Upon A Broken Crown: A Fairytale Retelling Anthology
March 18th

Marked Wolf: Iron Beast Pack
March 18th

Blade of Iris: A Dark Mafia Romance
March 24th

Embraced by Shadows (Their Soul to Keep Book 1)
March 28th

Serving Absynthe: Monstrous Hearts
March 31st

Revive (International Series Book 1)
March 31st

Through Illusions and Deceit (A Court of Gilt and Shadow Book 2)