#Free Once Upon a Raven by @Aurhor_S_Rayne

Once Upon a Raven


☠️ Villian turned anti-hero
☠️ BDSM elements
☠️ Human Tesla coil
☠️ Voodoo
☠️ Redemption
☠️ Dark Romance

Do you know what it’s like to be cursed? I do. The last ten years of my life I can only return to my human form for five days. All because of the Voodoo Witch Doctor Jacques. One of the idiots in my congress broke his daughters heart. In turn, He dubbed all raven shifters evil, and cursed us. He gave us calavera’s and a choice, kill or die. I’m a survivor, and I plan on beating last years body count. There’s one unforeseen glitch in my plans, and her name is Mina.

** TRIGGER WARNING** BDSM elements, torture, prostitution. Graphic death scenes in unique ways, Stockholm syndrome elements. Mass murderer turned anti-hero

#Free Death and Other Calamities by @AuthorSterling

Death and Other Calamities: The Real-Death Adventures of Lorelai Byrne

Life doesn’t always work out the way you want. You buy into the whole “American Dream”- get married, buy a house, get a dog- but you’re never guaranteed things will end up all sunshine, roses, and magical unicorn dicks.

Take me, for example. I’m thirty, own a cute little bungalow, married to the guy I love, and I get to be my own boss with my best friend. Everything is coming up Lorelai. Until it isn’t. My fifth anniversary sets things in motion I never could’ve anticipated.

Now I see dead people. No, not like that movie. I mean I see them die. Apparently that’s my super power now. Yay.

The only good thing that’s come of losing my old life? The four supes I work with to help solve bizarre murders. They’re helping me navigate this new world and I foresee a lot of sexual tension in my future. Oh, and a lot of really bad nightmares, but I guess that’s just part of the package.

*This is a reverse harem romance meant for readers 18 and older. It is a medium burn with high heat.

#Free Twisted Tides by Erin O’Kane and Loxley Savage

Twisted Tides: A Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance (Wicked Waves Book 1)

Growing up beneath the firm grasp of the evil Kraken Queen is all Lyn has ever known. Under her harsh gaze, Lyn’s every move is watched and scrutinized, waiting for her to make a mistake. Should she place even a fin out of line, she will suffer the wrath of the Kraken’s Kiss.
Unable to endure the Queen’s envious stare any longer, Lyn escapes with the help of her only friend.
In her plight for freedom she flees to the one place she feels safe, her island. Unbeknownst to Lyn, two strangers await her there, determined to change her fate.

Meanwhile, a war between the underwater kingdoms escalates as the opposing princes continue to search for their missing mate.

Will Lyn find her freedom away from the tentacles of the Kraken Queen? Or will she forever be ensnared in the constant shifting of the twisted tides?

*Twisted Tides is the first book in the Wicked Waves Series. This is a medium burn, fantasy, reverse harem romance. This book is for adult audiences only. There will be an HEA at the conclusion of the series.*

#Free Books Galore 1

Since the world is full of chaos and uncertainty, many authors have made some of their books free.

Fate of the Fae (The Creeper Saga Book 1) by Jenee Robinson


Born of Embers (Phoenix Rising Book 1) by Quinn Arthurs and Harper Wylde


Imprismed: Captured in Rainbowland (Fairy Tales Retold for RH) by M.J. Marstens

Unveiled: A Dark Menage

Fantasy RH humor or Dark Contemporary Menage

Queen of the Dead (The Dead and Not So Dead Book 1) by M. Sinclair


Revenge (Out For Blood Book 1) by CY Jones


Echoes and Entanglements (Remington Carter Book 1) by Emma Cole

Requiem (Remington Carter Book 2)

Purr-fect Portrait: A Pet Play Short Story

Death Dealers: Episode Two (Death Dealers Serial Book 2)

Hexes and Handcuffs: A Limited Edition Collection of Supernatural Prison Stories

f/m – RH

Her Secret: A Reverse Harem Romance (Bad Influence Book 1) by Ivy Fox

The King (After Hours Book 1) m/f

RH – f/m

Mark of the De Danann: De Danann Series by Artemis Willow

Queens of the De Danann: De Danann Series

All Hallows Grove: De Danann Novella (De Danann Series)

A Magee Thanksgiving: De Danann Novella


The Hidden Cure (Silver Moon Book 1) by Gabbie Ash and Kat Blak


A Demon’s Horns: Vice College For Young Demons: Year One by Marie Mistry


Stained Egos (Salsang Chronicles Book 1) by Serena Akeroyd

The S*x Tape: (A Dark, Bully, Academy, Why Choose Romance)


Kinky Baby (Sugar Babies Book 1) by Charity Parkerson


Rylee’s Awakening : The Curse Of Winchester Book1 by K.A. Morse

Rylee’s Reckoning: The Curse Of Winchester Book 2


Royals of Villain Academy 1: Cruel Magic by Eva Chase


Sol & Lune: Book One by Kathryn Moon


Inseparable by Siobhan Davis


Claimed by an Alien Warrior: BBW Alien Romance by Tiffany Roberts


New starting today: the entire House Isador boxed set is FREE through Friday via Joely Sue Burkhart

The House Isador Boxed Set: Their Vampire Queen Books 1-6

Royally Entangled: A Reverse Harem Fantasy (Her Royal Harem Book 1) by Catherine Banks


#Free books from Tamara White

From Jan 1st, most of these will go up in price and there won’t be another free day for a long while so this is the chance to get those you haven’t yet grabbed!



The Order – Free from 26th to 30th of Dec

The Curse – Free from 27th to 31st of Dec

Taken by Blood – Free from 27th to 30th of Dec

Her Mates – Free from 27th to 31st of Dec

Untamed – Free from 27th to 31st of Dec

Fallen Elemental – Free from 27th to 31st of Dec

#FREE ~ Shunned by Steffanie Holmes

Shunned: a dark bully romance (Kings of Miskatonic Prep Book 1) by Steffanie Holmes



I should have kept my mouth shut.
I should have let them win.
Now the kings of the school are out for my blood,
… and they’re not the only ones.

The fire took everything.
My parents. My best friend. My life.

Now I have a second chance.
I only have to endure one year at this prestigious academy for rich snobs.
One year of being the charity case no one wanted.
One year of taunts and insults and bullying. Then I’m free.

But I didn’t count on Trey, Ayaz, and Quinn.
Arrogant, privileged, dangerous.
Drop-dead gorgeous.
They want me gone.
They want me to suffer.
They’re determined to make my nightmares real.

Tough luck, bully boys – I won’t hide away.
I’m not afraid.
But maybe… I should be.


HP Lovecraft meets Cruel Intentions in book 1 of this dark paranormal reverse harem bully romance. Warning: Not for the faint of heart – this story of three broken bad boys and the girl who stood her ground contains dark themes, crazed cultists, books bound in human skin, high-school drama, swoon-worthy sex, and potential triggers.

#FREE Sugar Fighter by @CharityParkerso

Sugar Fighter (Sugar Daddies Book 1) by Charity Parkerson



Zeke is the older man. The richer man. The man who plans to give Korey the world.

As MMA’s Light Heavyweight champion, Zeke’s million-dollar matches and multi-million-dollar sponsorships have given him the freedom to do whatever he likes. It pleases him to spoil Korey. Before Zeke’s best friend Charlie was deployed two years ago, he made Zeke swear he’d care for his brother Korey if anything happened to him. When Charlie is killed by a roadside bomb, Zeke takes the young college student in, determined to give him everything he requires to succeed. He never expects to end up hoping he can keep Korey under more than his roof. He needs Korey beneath him.

If Korey had been in his right mind after Charlie’s death, he would’ve turned down Zeke’s offer. By the time he realizes his mistake, he’s already addicted to Zeke’s powerful presence. He never meant to end up dependent on the man’s smiles and hot glances. The money, Korey could live without. The man has him hooked. There’s only one problem—neither man wants to cross the line from friends to lovers, ruining what they have.

Sugar Fighter is a short introduction to a new series by Charity Parkerson, Sugar Daddies. This series will feature male/male May/December romances where the men are hot, rich, naughty, and don’t like to be told no.

#FREE – Tattoos & Cupcakes by Everly Taylor

Tattoos and Cupcakes (Amulet of Queens Book 1)



Little did I know my life would change the day that boner stared me in the face. Of course, with my amazing social skills I had ruined that one, and thankfully would never have to see him or his friend again.

My life didn’t work that way though, and I had to face my embarrassment when they came hurdling back, full force.

I wasn’t just an orphan like I had always thought I was, I was so much more. And the necklace I carried with me since the orphanage was some highly sought after voodoo shit.

To top it off the men I had the hots for were vampires, and not the Count Dracula kind either. They were the sexy stripper kind that made me want to climb their poles.

Now I had to figure out where I fit into everything, and if risking my heart and my life was worth it. If I was willing to pay the price that this amulet asked of me to save vampire kind.

Warning: Tattoos and Cupcakes is a fast paced, WhyChoose romance. Intended for readers 18+.

Sexy times await in these pages and is not for the faint of heart.

This is Book One in the Amulet of Queen Series

#Free Shale City by Dani Smith

Free for 5 days:

Shale City: Fox and Faun by Dani Smith



Welcome to SHALE CITY, a derelict punk rock metropolis populated by the fey creatures that overrun our mythological dreamscapes. A place where magic and technology run thick side by side…sometimes with devastating consequences.

Twinglader swordsman Ashe sacrificed his freedom in exchange for his grandparents’ lives. Now torn away from his faun tribe, he finds himself in the service of Drake, a cunning and powerful satyr chief known for his insufferable cruelty.

But when Drake returns from a raid with a new prize: the intensely beautiful Iona, a fire-haired fox maiden trained in the magic arts, Ashe will begin to question his loyalty… and his own heart. Swearing to protect and free Iona from her captor, Ashe will be forced to risk both of their lives–and a life unborn–for a chance at freedom.

Written and illustrated by bestselling comics artist and creator Dani Smith, SHALE CITY is a dark, gritty, and ultimately gorgeous journey into an urban fantasy world with no boundaries.

Publisher’s note: This illustrated novella contains adult themes including gore and violence, foul language, graphic sex, nudity, slavery, and dubious consent. It is intended for readers 17+ ONLY.