The Prophecy (The Twins of Blood and Sand Trilogy Book 1) by @VictoriaLarque #fantasy

When the three gather again and the heavens darken, the jagged edge shall tear and bleed death upon the world.

Emotion equals death. This is the truth Nijsha grows up with. Imprisoned behind the jagged edge, her body and mind have been honed into a deadly weapon. Secretly, she learns about the world beyond in her dreams. After breaking the one rule her mother has taught her, she has to flee her home, leaving her brother behind and in the clutches of their people’s creator. The last god, Adum.

Embarking on a journey that will test the very fabric of her being, Nijsha finds unexpected, and unwilling, help in an assassin, who is her only hope at reaching her mother’s people.

Navigating an alien world she has only ever dreamed about, Nijsha slowly learns who she truly is. A truth that could mean her end, and that of the world.

Angel Falling – Embers Duology Book Two by @VictoriaLarque #amreading

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Angel Falling – Embers Duology Book Two by Victoria Larque

Can a fallen Angel and a risen Demon save the world?
Mihr is a branded traitor since saving the Demon Fane from Hell. But living on Earth, along with his Demon, has proven to be all he wants. As both of them come to terms with staying together and their growing feelings, they experience true freedom for the first times in their lives.
A chance encounter reveals that their escape from Hell has ripped into the delicate balance between the three realms, and disaster is about to strike.
Can they restore the tear between their worlds before it is too late? Before their new home is overrun by both, Heaven and Hell?