Author Elizabeth Clare #interview

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Have you always wanted to become and author?

Yes, I have. I have loved reading since I learned and actually started writing for Mills and Boon. Despite the fact that they asked for a synopsis of four of my stories I never got accepted for publication. Then I was too busy being a mum, it wasn’t until my children were older that I started to write again. Joining a writing group was the catalyst that finally put me on my publishing journey. I wish I had started when I was younger but the time wasn’t right. Now that I no longer work, I am throwing myself into my writing and absolutely loving it.



What was your inspiration for your current book/series?

My writing group tasked us with coming up with a post-apocalyptic story and my muse ran with this idea. Dragons have always been my favourite supernatural creature so it made absolute sense that the stories would contain them. I started with a vague idea outline of the story and as I wrote, it grew from there. I didn’t start with the idea of it being a trilogy but I have really enjoyed writing about the dragon clans and their Innamorata’s.



What are you working on now?

Well I can’t say too much as it is a work in progress but it has nothing to do with dragons. Although I am sad The Dragons Clan Series has come to an end, I am also glad to be writing about something else. It is paranormal and if it is liked could turn into a duology. I am very excited as it is something different. Here is a teaser with a huge clue!



Of course, my muse is already thinking about the next book and I will be returning to dragons!



Do you have any quirks while writing?

I have changed a room in my house into my ‘writing room’ this helps me to be disciplined, and because everything is set up and ready, I have no excuse not to write. I like to listen to the radio while I write and couldn’t function properly if I didn’t have a window to gaze out of when I’m stuck for a word or just need a break.



What are your hopes for the future?

I really hope that readers will continue to like my stories so I can keep on writing. I knew I would love the process of making up a story but not how much. It brings me great joy to sit down and let the words flow, especially when the characters take over and unexpected things start to happen. I want to be a writer for as long as people will read my stories.



Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world?

You need to be determined. For me the easiest and most enjoyable part of the whole process is writing the first draft. When the rewrites start, the editing and the actual publishing that’s when the determination comes in. Make sure you find a good editor who you connect with, also a book cover artist who can bring to life your vision for the cover. Find people you can trust to read your story and give you good advice and encouragement, especially in the first draft. Always remember that all authors at some point hate what they have written, and doubt that they are capable of writing a sentence, let alone a novel!



Do you have anything to say to your readers?

Without the readers and the people in my group I wouldn’t be here. Their support and enthusiasm mean everything and I can’t thank them enough. I hope they will continue with me on my journey as I strive to improve, and write stories that they will hopefully embrace and enjoy.

Please come and stalk me if you want to know more, it is always wonderful to have new members.

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The Dragons’ Innamorata

The Innamorata and Her Clan of Dragon

The Dragons and their Wolf Innamorata

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Elizabeth Clare’s Clan of Dragons

Author VB Gilbert #interview

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Tell us a bit about yourself

I am a stay at home mom of two teenage boys. I love coffee and reading (read over 800 books last year) and am a sucker for strong female characters. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Claire from Outlander, and my personal favorite Anne from Anne of Green Gables.



Have you always wanted to become an author?

I don’t know that I always wanted to be an author per se. but I’ve always written. Short stories, poems. I’m the girl who wrote a novel when signing her friends yearbooks. It was always just for me… until I got involved in the RH community and received encouragement to share my work.



What are you working on now?

I am currently writing book 3 of my Thrive series. Titled Hunters of Spring, is the conclusion. it is a suspense story, about a Texan woman surviving a pandemic.
Literally, my inspiration came from a picture on Pinterest— an angel statue with a sad face and arm outstretched.
That statue is part of the second chapter of Reds of Summer when my MC has to venture into the deserted town via the cemetery.



Do you have any quirks while writing?

I listen to music while writing… often when reading a word will stick out and I’ll find I’ve zoned out and am ‘writing’ the next chapter of my book.
I try not to read the genre I’m writing … I don’t want to be influenced.



What are your hopes for the future?

In terms of writing I just want people to enjoy my books and to enjoy writing them. I don’t expect to make a ton of money or be recognized or famous.
I have at least 4 books planned for next year and just today thought up a new idea listening to Billy Joel. Lol



Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world?

My advice is to put the words on paper. Don’t worry about the fine points, just get your storyline down. The rest can come when you revise. Whether or not you get a lot of readers, any story you write is an accomplishment.


Do you have anything to say to your readers?

To my readers: thank you. I am humbled by your support and love for my babies that I’ve shared. You are awesome and I love you. All the words are for you.

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The Midding Gate

Reds of Summer

Blues of Winter

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VB Gilbert Book Lovers

Aether Magic by Isobelle Carmichael #newrelease

Aether Magic (Elements of Twilight Book 2) by Isobelle Carmichael



I survived the Blood Moon Ceremony… barely

Our pack is in ruins, ravaged by a traitor who left us to pick up the pieces.

My people need my help to rebuild, yet something went very wrong that night,

and I’m not the same wolf I used to be.

Now, I’m being forced into the Underworld

in a desperate attempt to unravel the darkness coiling within me.

The only creature able to prevent my magical overload

is a malevolent succubus who is sure to demand something in return.

And the way she ogles my men makes it clear she’s not to be trusted.

Let her look at me like I’m her next meal. She has no idea who she’s dealing with.

With my parents whisked into the Void, I have a pack to take care of, and Elders who will stop at nothing to kill me.

But my troubles don’t stop there.

The five delicious men I love are battling demons of their own and need me more than ever.

Can I be the alpha everyone is counting on, or will my failure tear our pack part?



The chaos continues as the Elements of Twilight series races towards its heart-stopping conclusion with Aether Magic, written by Isobelle Carmichael.

Aether Magic is a #whychoose style novel. These books have potentially triggering elements and explicit scenes. This book has FMMMM, MM, FF BDSM, as well as dark themes.

Author L. Starfyre #interview

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Tell us a bit about yourself

I’ve been writing off and on since I was a kid. I love to write and was writing a children’s book but couldn’t decide how to end it. About the same time, I was writing an offworld series and it became too confusing as to what was happening when. However, it was good practice for this series. I think if I went back to it now that I could finish it. I know people who were reading it back then wanted me to. It didn’t have as much bedroom time in it as my current books do.

I’ve also been an accountant, a server (AKA waitress), a hostess, a door-to-door salesperson, a mail handler, an airport package handler, a cashier, a blogger, and so many other things. It makes it easier to write about a character that is doing one of those jobs.

I love reading and watching Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Paranormal books and movies. I couldn’t help putting many of my favorite things into the books.

I also have a three-legged cat named Sharkey.



Have you always wanted to become an author?

As a child, I wanted to be just about everything: an artist, an author, a nun (that never would have worked out, ahem), a baker, a firefighter, a veterinarian, a doctor and more. I think I just couldn’t choose because that meant I couldn’t be those other things too. As a writer, I have the opportunity to become all those things, and more, through my characters.


What was your inspiration for your current book/series?

Dreams and daydreams were and are my inspiration – I would dream or daydream about something and take notes. Then I decided to write about them. However, I messed-up the first several drafts because I was writing them the way I would a recipe. This stemmed from me writing recipes for my gluten-free blog a few years ago.

Once I hammered that out of my system, the writing flowed a lot faster. I don’t think I’ll ever get to the point of being able to knock out a book a week but who knows?

I also remember conversations from people I knew in the past and blend their stories into various characters.

Additionally, I read facts about what is happening in our world today and try to blend some of those into the books. For other inspiration, I look at a variety of art, such as fantasy, sci-fi, and nature. I even love watching nature videos and science videos. Did you ever watch Connections with James Burke? I used to love that show.

Another thing, I try to imagine what it would be like to be on a world you know nothing about, know no one, and have none of your personal belongings. Wouldn’t you want to bring some of that to the new world – such as chocolate? I can’t imagine a world without chocolate – especially dark chocolate. I know when settlers came from the old world, they brought many things with them, including grapes. It was only natural the ladies would want to bring a few of those things if they could.

Jennifer, the FMC of the two books that have been published, requires they test everything to ensure that the foods from Earth will not make people sick and that they are safe to bring before she allows them to import the products and/or the plants. She’s concerned about many things, including any impact on the environment and the treatment of sentient beings. By book three, she’s a whole different person than she was when she first arrived on Xaerdu. It might be more accurate to say that she feels more empowered to take action about the things in the first two books.

I had a fun time writing her ‘meet cute’ with her Xaerd mates. When you think about it, humans often ‘rename’ their ‘mates’. We call each other names like ‘honey’, ‘sweetheart’, and ‘hot lips’ (shoutout to MASH). The Xaerds all think this is a human custom of claiming and don’t feel comfortable until they receive their new names from their mates.



What are you working on now?

I’m working on Matched: Karla’s Diary for an anthology called Men of Summer. Several authors are gathering together to contribute their stories for it. If you want to know more, contact Eva Delaney. She’s a reverse harem author that I love. She makes some seriously funny videos that she posts in her group.

I’m also working on Jennifer’s third book in the Xaerd series. Additionally, I’m working on first drafts of Sue’s book, Violet’s book and some others. If you haven’t read the books, these ladies are characters in Jennifer’s books.


Do you have any quirks while writing?

My quirks are that I have to imagine the scene in a dream or daydream – I sometimes can’t sleep because I’m trying to force my mind to focus on the problem or the solution. I also binge write – I can write 50K words in two weeks (or less) but then have to edit it like crazy forever.

I’ve laughed out loud about scenes I wrote that I had forgotten. I’ve also cried at times. I hate putting my characters in danger and had to work on my dislike of risking their lives in order to write a better story.

I have plot bunnies for so many more stories in the series – even spin-off series. I hope I manage to write many of them. I’m dying to write a series about the cyborgs that appear in Jennifer’s third book (not published yet).



What are your hopes for the future?

I just want people to enjoy the stories and escape whatever is happening in their lives for a bit. I hope that my writing brings tears, smiles, and laughter to their world.

I hope to write many more of the stories that are buzzing around in my head. My characters want their stories told.


Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world?

Cross your fingers, it can be a wild, tumultuous ride – I hope you love rollercoasters.

I spend a lot of time helping new authors. Explaining that they should set up their pages and their groups early so that when they are ready to publish, they have someone to share their news with.

Link the page to the group on Facebook. There’s a long list of reasons for this but I don’t want to take up the space for it here.

Do takeovers (that’s when another author lets you take over their group to promote your book) as much as you can around your release date.

The big groups have rules about what you can post, when, and how often. Follow the rules of that group. I’m still learning what those rules are. It’s confusing to new authors because they all have different rules.

If you’re an indie author, then be prepared to spend money on cover designers, editors, and other services like Bookfunnel.

If you can afford to pay a PA (personal assistant), they can be invaluable in helping you get your book off to a good start. Ask other authors for recommendations – especially if they are new and their books are doing well.

Learn about social media – Twitter, Facebook, BookFunnel, BookBub, GoodReads, and more.

Set up an author page on Amazon as soon as you can.

If you’re an unknown author, romance books tend to do best in Kindle Unlimited. It gives readers a chance to get to know you before they spend money for your books.



Do you have anything to say to your readers?

I want to thank them profusely for reading my books and for writing reviews about them. I appreciate it when they post reviews on the various sites. I love it when they post notes for me in my group, on my wall, or on my author page to let me know how much they enjoyed the book.

I hope they enjoy reading about Jennifer’s antics as much as, if not more than, I did writing them. I post on my author page almost every day. My group often gets more personal posts and I share a lot of page posts from other sources that I see and think are funny. I have a few group members that love to share things they love or they think are funny too. It can get pretty crazy.

The fans that let me know what they think about the books are truly appreciated. Hearing about a specific scene they enjoyed makes me feel great about writing and sharing.

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Matched: Jennifer’s Diary

Hatched: Jennifer’s Diary

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Starfyre’s Stars

From Jennifer’s first book:

The first excerpt is from when Jennifer ties up Alf because she thinks he needs to learn to relax.

I crawled onto the bed, lightly running a fingernail up his powerfully muscled leg, feeling the warmth of his smooth skin and the firmness of his toned muscles under my fingertip. I ran it across his abdomen following his taut muscles as he gasped. He was fighting to not break loose now. I lightly ran my fingernail…


This excerpt is from when Jennifer decides she wants minions to do her bidding. They were just a lark at first but then they become important to running the Keep and other things.

Excerpts from book two

This excerpt is from when Alf takes Jennifer to the waterfalls the first time.

…keeping my face out of the water and dipping my head back to feel the water against my scalp. Brr, the water was a little cold at first but not too bad; it turned pleasant quickly. I stood up out of the water and Alf swallowed hard as water first rushed, then dripped down my body – my hair and clothing soaked.

“I suspect it’s time we return you to your safe room,” Alf choked. I smirked; I loved that I still had that effect on him.

“All right, this was a nice little retreat,” I told him as I wrapped my wet body around him and gave him a kiss. My libido was dead for once in my adult life but that didn’t mean I couldn’t tease him.

He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. “I’m pleased you enjoyed it,” he murmured, kissing me on top of my head, avoiding my horns and nuzzling my neck.

#Preorder Aether Magic (Elements of Twilight Book 2) by Isobelle Carmichael @IsobelleWrites

Aether Magic (Elements of Twilight Book 2) by Isobelle Carmichael


I survived the Blood Moon Ceremony… barely

Our pack is in ruins, ravaged by a traitor who left us to pick up the pieces.

My people need my help to rebuild, yet something went very wrong that night,

and I’m not the same wolf I used to be.

Now, I’m being forced into the Underworld

in a desperate attempt to unravel the darkness coiling within me.

The only creature able to prevent my magical overload

is a malevolent succubus who is sure to demand something in return.

And the way she ogles my men makes it clear she’s not to be trusted.

Let her look at me like I’m her next meal. She has no idea who she’s dealing with.

With my parents whisked into the Void, I have a pack to take care of, and Elders who will stop at nothing to kill me.

But my troubles don’t stop there.

The five delicious men I love are battling demons of their own and need me more than ever.

Can I be the alpha everyone is counting on, or will my failure tear our pack part?

The chaos continues as the Elements of Twilight series races towards its heart-stopping conclusion with Aether Magic, written by Isobelle Carmichael.

Aether Magic is a #whychoose style novel. These books have potentially triggering elements and explicit scenes. This book has FMMMM, MM, FF BDSM, as well as dark themes.

Live July 21,

Blood Moon Magic (Elements of Twilight Book 1) by Isobelle Carmichael

Complete Series PNR – RH 10 #amreading

🌊 The Gaia Chronicles 🌊

by Grace White

It isn’t easy being the girl who feels the world…

Isolation is all nineteen-year-old Terra Materson has known for the last six years. Hiding from the cruel whispers and judgmental stares of society, she suffers the pain of the world around her in silence. The air that moves … the water that flows …the fire that burns … the earth that grounds, Terra feels it all. Despite her grandmother’s insistence it’s a gift, she knows it is nothing more than a curse in disguise.

When her grandmother dies, leaving her alone and guideless, she is forced to step out of the shadows and into the light. Atchison College is the perfect place for Terra to learn to live again. Until she meets four guys with strange connections to the elements that torment her.

Together they lead her on a journey to the answer she’s always craved: Who is she? But as Terra quickly realizes, the truth is far more than her head, and heart is prepared for…

This box set contains the complete Gaia Chronicles:

Cursed – Coveted – Caged – Crowned



🐉 Dragons Entwined 🐉

by Keira Blackwood & Liza Street

Four dragons, one fate. One soul shattered, four entwined.

Losing my mate had left me jaded. I never imagined I could find love again.

But all at once, they walk into my life—three dragon shifters who stir emotions I’d long forgotten. I’m torn, lost, and losing control.

With the odds stacked against us and danger at every turn, these men still manage to chip away the walls I’ve built around my heart.

Dragons Entwined includes all three books in the reverse harem trilogy: Dragon Shattered, Dragon Unbroken, and Dragon Reborn. The trilogy features one strong female dragon shifter and the three hot-as-sin male dragon shifters who win a place in her company…and in her.



🐲 Her Elemental Dragons 🐲

by Elizabeth Briggs

Four sexy dragon shifters. A huntress with a dark past. A bond that could save the world.

I’ve spent my entire life running from my past and staying out of trouble. That’s how I’ve kept alive ever since my parents were killed by the Black Dragon, who’s ruled the world under her oppressive talons for as long as anyone can remember.

But it’s hard to keep a low profile when four handsome strangers turn up in your village claiming you’re destined to save the world. According to them, they’ve been chosen by the gods to become elemental dragons—and I’m their mate.

Which means one day I’ll be the most powerful dragon of all, able to control all four elements. Assuming I can unlock my powers first…by getting intimate with each of my sexy mates.

Auric, the clever prince. Jasin, the cocky soldier. Slade, the protective blacksmith. Reven, the mysterious assassin. And me. We’re the only ones who can bring balance to the world and overthrow the Black Dragon—if she doesn’t tear us to shreds first.

🐎 Horse Mistress🐎

by R.A. Steffan

My name is Carivel. I was born female, but I’ve been living as a boy for years in my adoptive village of Draebard, doing a job the elders insist can only be done by a male. Getting too close to anyone risks revealing my birth sex, and if I am discovered, I’ll become a pariah–facing exile, or worse. The last thing I ever needed was to fall in love with two unattainable men. The last thing I ever expected was for both of them to love me back.

It’s not just me, though. The men I love have secrets, too. Senovo, a eunuch priest, has been hiding his shape-shifting curse, convinced that the wolf inside him is a cold-blooded killer he can’t control.

By contrast, Andoc is a fierce warrior and a favorite of the village chieftain. But if his history of male lovers–including Senovo–came to light, that could all change very quickly.

Now, the three of us are embroiled in a desperate bid to unite the ragtag tribes on the island of Eburos against an invasion by the powerful Alyrion Empire. One by one, our secrets are coming out. And it’s not merely our own lives at stake–far from it. If the negotiations fall apart, it might just mean the end of everything.

You can get book one free

👑 The Queen’s Consorts 👑

by Elena Lawson

Can four irresistible Fae warriors save a queen from her own court? Over 500 pages of page-turning reverse harem fantasy!

My entire life has been a boring montage of skipping stones, listening to lectures, and waiting for my mother to die.

Now the wait is over. The queen of the Night Court has been assassinated, and her throne is mine to claim. But not everyone at court wants me to rule…

Everything was going smoothly until my godsforsaken ancestors betrayed me, placing my fate in the hands of my royal guardians. Charming, devoted, and maddeningly eager to please—it’s clear the males crave more than just my royal favor. They want me… and they’ll do whatever it takes to keep me safe.


Book 1: Claimed by Night

Book 2: Bound by Secret

Book 3: Seduced by Power

**This is a complete medium-burn reverse harem fantasy series. If you like feisty heroines, unforgettable heroes and spellbinding romance, then this trilogy is for you! Intended for Mature YA and up.



🏹 Operation Cupid 🏹

by Skyler Andra & Mila Young

When a sassy and disillusioned phone operator gets a hold of the power of Cupid, watch out!

A mysterious caller…

Locke Casey is nothing special. Sure, her job as a phone operator job is a little unusual, but it pays the bills, and as a broke, twenty something college student, she doesn’t have much room to be picky. She is used to odd calls from strange men thanks to her job, but when one begins quizzing her about love, she finds her life turned upside down.

An unbelievable turn of events…

Turns out the creepy caller might actually be Cupid. For some unknown reason, the god of love passed on his powers to Locke, which makes no sense considering she’s never been in love and considers the whole concept overrated. Talk about an unlikely candidate!

A mission to save the gods…

Having Cupid’s powers alone might be more than she can handle, but with her godly benefactor doing a disappearing act, all the gods are in a flurry, and it’s up to Locke to save Olympus. All in a day’s work, right?



🔱 Seven Sins 🔱

J.R. Thorne

Book 1: Succubus Sins

I’m about to make the seven deadly sins my bitch

See this tattoo across my stomach? Yeah, the one with seven crazy runes. Ignore the pink one on the far right, that’s Sarah. I love her, but she’s not one of my four. That was a hard lesson to learn.

I tried being loyal to her. Even went to a stinky Succubi Den to get a snack or two just to stay alive. Well, that didn’t work out, and now I’m stuck trying to charge some dusty old relic my mother left behind. Turns out there’s some crazy destiny tied to my tattoo, which is actually a birthmark and all about the end of the world. Sounds fun, sort of, not really.

I’ve met rune #1, and he wasn’t at all what I’d expected. It wasn’t love at first sight. Maybe hate at first sight. Pretty sure he hates my guts. But that’s okay, maybe rune #2 will bring him around.

This end of the world stuff is just getting started, and I have a feeling one of my very own sins is the one stirring the pot. The Incubus King, what sin might he be? Lust… my favorite one. Bring it on.

Book 2: Siren Sins

Sirens… They Make Sin Look Good

I’ve found my third, and he’s definitely the sin of anger. Jet has some damn rage problems, but I guess that’s to be expected from a dragon shifter. Am I ready to play with fire? You bet your ass I am.

Derek, one of my sins, is making good work on stirring the pot. He’s trying to rip open a hole to hell and he’s gotten Luke on a leash to do just that. Don’t worry, I have a plan. I just hope it doesn’t get everybody killed.

Meanwhile I hear Sarah’s gotten herself into some shit. By the time I get to her (gotta keep those sins in line) I find out that she has a new girlfriend. A muse and a siren sound like trouble to me, and I decide I don’t like this Vikki character, even if there’s something about her that makes one of my runes itch…

Book 3: Vampire Sins

My fourth is a freaking vampire?

Xavier is cocky, overzealous, and way too hot for his own good. He’s just what I need to stop my nightmares from coming to fruition, except he’s telling me that I’m not supposed to stop the future from happening. I’m supposed to fulfill a dark prophecy. One where I’m the Queen of Hell, turned into a vampire, and I save hell itself from being destroyed.

Hell getting destroyed sounds like a good idea to me, so I’ll have to talk some sense into Xavier, but first I need to get my men all in one place. They’re stuck all over the world and, well, let’s face it, the world’s most certainly gone to shit.

Jet, my dragon shifter, has survived the last loyalists to his brother, but they won’t accept his rule unless he obtains the Dragon’s Eye. He better not die trying to retrieve it… or trying to get back to me.

Nate, my beloved human, is trapped Hell knows where and with my grandmother of all people. He’s full of surprises though, and he might just be the weakest link in my bond that’ll save the day.

When all seven sins reunite, I’ll have power over hell itself. It’s up to me what happens next.

Author’s Note: This is a fast-burn reverse harem story. It includes explicit language and sexual situations. Intended for audiences 18 years and older.

#Free Deva’s Song: A Fate’s Fools Prequel by Ophelia Bell @OpheliaDragons

🐉Deva’s Song: A Fate’s Fools Prequel by Ophelia Bell


With powers and a bloodline no other creature in existence possesses, Deva Rainsong is finally on the verge of understanding her purpose.

A year has passed since her unconventional arrival into the world of the higher races. Now on Spring Equinox, Deva’s birthday, her world’s entire existence is on the verge of a dangerous shift. The dragons and their three sister races have one more ritual to undertake to ensure their secrets are kept and the human world remains oblivious to their presence. As a hybrid of all four races Deva is the key to their safety.

She must cast the spell required to reach all the humans tainted by the enemy, even if it comes at the expense of her innocence. But Deva’s unusual nature craves a true awakening, and her rapture might just be the thing that saves them all.

Complete Series PNR – RH 6 #amreading

💀 The Dark Side 💀

by Kristy Cunning

I’m not so different from most people.

Like everyone else, I have life goals.

Goal #1: Become a real girl instead of this invisible ghost thing I currently am.

Goal #2: Convince the four men I’ve been haunting for the past five years to pick me to be their new toy after goal one is complete.

Goal #3: Figure out who/what I am and why I can’t remember anything past the five years I’ve been haunting this quad.

Goal #4: Eat popcorn.

See? Perfectly normal. Sort of.

Gotta start small, after all.

It’s not like anyone else is perfect either.

**Sexual situations

**Reverse Harem

**Dark humor galore

**Language warning

🥀 Briarwood Witches 🥀

by Steffanie Holmes

One nerdy girl making a new start.

One ancient castle hiding a dark secret.

Five beautiful boys drenched in grief, hope, and ancient magic.

In an epic showdown of fae versus witches, hopes versus desire, death versus immortality, and science versus magic, Maeve will sacrifice everything for the love of five remarkable men. Is it enough to stop the fae?

Devour the steamy reverse harem romance everyone is talking about. For a limited time only, get the complete Briarwood Witches series by USA Today bestselling author, Steffanie Holmes for one low price + a free bonus steamy scene from Arthur’s POV. Over 400,000 words glittering with love, heartache, hope, grief, dark magic, fairy trickery, steamy scenes, British slang, meat pies, second chances, and the healing powers of a good cup of tea. Read on only if you believe one just isn’t enough.



🐺 Wolves of Crimson Hollow 🐺

by M.H. Soars & Michelle Hercules

What if Red Riding Hood didn’t fall in love with one Big Bad Wolf but three?

I’ve been a city girl my entire life. But when my grandmother got sick, I didn’t think twice before packing my bags and moving to Crimson Hollow, a small town in West Virginia. Two years later, I’m still here and finally adjusting to the quiet life.

Only there’s nothing ordinary about this town.

A walk in the woods proved almost deadly and left me changed forever. I was attacked by a rogue wolf, and now, I belong to the Crimson Hollow pack. I’m a shifter.

To make matters worse, my arrival in the pack created a rift among the wolves, making it impossible to tell friend from foe, including the three alpha’s sons who have taken a keen interest in me. If dealing with all that wasn’t enough, wolves are disappearing. We must discover who is behind it, or there won’t be a pack left to fight over.

🏹 Chronicles of Arcana 🏹

by Debbie Cassidy

If Buffy and Angel could have banged without him going all evil, then we would have had Wilomena Bastion.

Dragons suck, like literally suck the life out of you if you let them. Trick is not to look them directly in the eyes, like ever. So, the day Wila finds herself staring into the most dangerous Draconi’s pretty, emerald peepers, she knows she’s royally fucked.

No one said saving a bunch of kids from being served up as treats to the dragon liege was going to be easy. Options are limited—immediate execution or servitude, and Wila prefers to have her head remain firmly on her shoulders.

Now, the self-professed dark avenger must work to bring down a resistance of demons hell-bent on making life difficult for the dragon liege. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, her new position comes with a partner, the dragon liege’s favoured demon enforcer; a creature of fire, fury and washboard abs who—let’s face it—is just gonna cramp her style.

With the help of a ghostly receptionist, a talking dog and the thing that lives in the basement, Wila will be forced to take on a most dangerous task. Add a dragon prince, a sexy troll blood and a billionaire mage into the mix, and things are about to get even more complicated. It looks like some serious brooding is on the menu, because for the first time in forever, Wila isn’t sure she’s up to the job.

A city filled with monsters needs a woman who can kick ass, and Wilomena Bastion is just the gal for the job.

A kick-ass Urban Fantasy with a slow burn Whychoose Romance.

Wings of Ice and Fire 🔥

by G. Bailey

Four Dragon Guards. Three Curses. Two Heirs. One Choice…

Forbidden love or the throne of the dragons?

Isola Dragice thought she knew what her future would bring. Only, one earth-shattering moment destroys everything.

When war threatens her home, Isola returns from earth to the world of dragons she knows nothing about, and to Dragca Academy.

When the four most powerful dragon guards in history are ordered to protect her, they didn’t expect to be protecting an accident prone princess. One who, accidentally, nearly kills her whole class at Dragca Academy in her first week.

What happens when fire falls for Ice?

Books one to five in the Protected by Dragons series (RH & 18+)

Wings of Ice (Book One)

Wings of Fire (Book Two)

Wings of Spirit (Book Three)

Wings of Fate (Book Four)

Wings of Dragca (Book Five)

Including exclusive to the collection bonus scenes.

Claiming Her Bears

by Skye MacKinnon

Can she tame her bear shifters or will she be their dinner?

Alone, frozen, and far from home, Isla finds herself in the care of four frustratingly sexy bear shifters. They soon end up on a Scottish island, trying to survive the disasters of a failing world.

With new relationships unfolding, Isla has to make the decision between her humanity and the bears protecting her.

Will winter drive them apart or can Isla claim her bears?

Polar Destiny is a full-length reverse harem novel featuring one sassy heroine and four sexy bear shifters (including a polar bear!). Prepare for strong alpha males with a trace of vulnerability, an epic quest, Viking beards, very steamy scenes, Scottish landscapes, Celtic mythology and a post-apocalyptic setting.


Claiming Her Bears: A steamy bear shifter reverse harem

Book 1: Polar Destiny

Book 2: Polar Fates

Book 3: Polar Miracle

Complete Series PNR – RH 4 #amreading

🔱 The Curse of the Gods 🔱

by Jane Washington & Jaymin Eve

Willa Knight: Dweller. Slave. Non-magical being.

In Minatsol, being a dweller means that you are literally no better than dirt. In fact, dirt might actually be more useful than Willa. Her life will be one of servitude to the sols, the magic-blessed beings who could one day be chosen to become gods.

At least her outer village is far removed from the cities of the sols, and she won’t ever be forced to present herself to them… Until one small mistake changes everything, and Willa is awarded a position to serve at Blesswood, the top sol academy in the world—a position that she definitely did not earn.

Under the sudden, watchful eye of the gods, she will be tasked to serve the Abcurse brothers, five sols built of arrogance, perfection and power. They are almost gods themselves, and under their service she is either going to end up sentenced to death, or else they are going to ruin her so badly that she will wish for it.

Either way, she is in trouble.



The Raven Queen’s Harem

Box Set Books 1-6

by Angel Lawson

I never thought I’d move to New York.

I certainly never expected to live in a mansion, rent free, with five super hot roommates.

But none of those things surprised me as much as discovering the truth about my destiny, the revelation of the ancient power flowing through my veins and how it changes my life.

I am the Raven Queen.

Come meet my guardians.

This is the complete Raven Queen’s Harem a reverse harem paranormal romance series all in ONE bundle! No wait! It’s all here! Dive in today!

Raven’s Mark

Ebony Rising

Black Magic

Obsidian Fire

Onyx Eclipse

Midnight’s End



🦝 The Shifter Academy 🦊

by Scarlett Haven

My whole life, I’ve known there’s something different about me. I didn’t realize how different until four guys show up all claiming that they are destined to be my mates.

They’re not human, and they say I’m not either.

But if I’m not human then what am I?

Now I’m forced to go to a school where I don’t belong and am reminded of it everyday.

Creatures I never imagined were real that used to give me nightmares are everywhere I turn.

The world that once existed is gone.

Will anything ever be like it was again?



♥️♠️ Harem of Hearts♠️♥️

by CM Stunich

Um. Um. Um.

Are you reading this?

If you are, I need your help.

I was at a party; I was running; I fell.

And get this—this is the part you’ll never believe—I fell down a rabbit hole.

Like Alice in those old books.

Except in those books, there wasn’t blood everywhere.

In those books, the characters weren’t all male, attractive, and interested in me.

Forget everything you know about the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, the March Hare …

This isn’t Wonderland; this is Underland.

Violence, sex, drugs, and magic … that’s all there is in this place.

There’s me, Allison, and there are the men that want me, the enemies that hunt me, and the darkness that’s quickly rolling in.

And only I can stop it.

So if you’re reading this, will you help me?

Please. I just want to escape this place and go … home.

ALLISON’S ADVENTURES IN UNDERLAND (Book 1 of 3 in the “Harem of Hearts” series) — is a full-length reverse harem/new adult/dark romance novel, a gritty retelling of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. Don’t expect a children’s tale; these characters are nothing like their more innocent counterparts. This book contains: drugs, cursing, violence, sex … and love found in the darkest shadows.


🐲 Dragon Shifter’s Mates🐲

by Eva Chase

The last of her kind. Four hot alpha mates. A legacy of bloodshed.

When Ren Landis goes looking for excitement on her 21st birthday, getting kidnapped is a little more than she bargained for. So is finding out that shifters exist—and that she’s one too. As the last of the dragon shifters, she’s got a role to fulfill: Take the alphas of the four shifter groups as her mates and unite all shifter kind. No pressure, right?

Too bad Ren’s fate isn’t as simple as getting it on with four scorching-hot guys. Someone is out for dragon shifter blood, intent on finishing the massacre they started years ago. If Ren can’t figure out how to kickstart her buried powers, her life’s about to go down in flames.

*A steamy new reverse harem paranormal romance series. Expect sexy situations, intense action, ongoing storylines, and a quartet of alluring wolf, bear, jaguar, and eagle alpha shifters you’ll wish you could make your mates.*



Sisters of Hex Complete Trilogy

by Bea Paige

Do you dare enter the hidden world of Ever Vale?

Five missing clan daughters, an evil queen, a curse and a prophecy. Where the modern world meets the fantastical. Where supernatural creatures exist. Where weaknesses become strengths. Where falling in love might just be the most dangerous thing of all.






Five women, a harem of supernatural creatures each. Can they break the curse that has trapped their people for a thousand years? This box set includes the first complete trilogy in the Sister of Hex series. In Accacia’s Curse, Blood and Bite you’ll meet Accacia and the dark and dangerous vampires of Clan Lux.

This is a Reverse Harem series and 18+

This box set includes all three Accacia books and completes her story within the Sisters of Hex series. Next up is Fern and her dark angels. The prologue and first chapter of Fern’s Decision is included in this box set.



Unsung Veil

by Poppy Woods

Liza Moultrie has been on the run from her past for over a year.

She has tried to make sense of the events surrounding the attack that brought her life to a screeching hault. Life in Helen, Georgia has been kind to her and the friendships she found there have made the healing process a little easier, if painstakingly slow. Unable to distinguish nightmares from memories, she turns to the two guys who stomped into her life without warning.

Parker and Kade James have secrets of their own, and apparently they’re bad at keeping them. Helen was supposed to be one more stop on the road, one more paycheck. That was until they met their mate. Their mate. Two brothers, one seemingly human girl, and they’re both drawn to her. When Liza’s past catches up to her, can the brothers keep her safe? Can she let them in and accept her place as their mate?

With danger stalking her, literally, throughout the town she has come to think of as her refuge, Liza has only one choice: Trust them.

This is a paranormal menage romance. Steamy shifters make this story unacceptable for anyone under the age of eighteen. #whychoose

Complete Series PNR – RH 2 #amreading

💚 Unholy Trinity: The Complete Series 💚

by Crystal Ash

One day, I’m nobody. The next, I’m a witch. And I’ve caught the attention of three smoking hot demons.

This sinfully steamy reverse harem series is now bundled with exclusive bonus content! Get all five books (over 600 pages) for an incredibly low price.

Follow Deja as she steps into her power, recalls her past lives, and fights the persecution of the ones she loves.

Books included in this boxed set:

-Witch’s Dawn

-Witch’s Rite

-With’s Betrayal

-Witch’s Exile

-Witch’s Rebirth

-Witchy Tricks and Demon Treats: An Unholy Trinity Halloween



♥️♠️ The Looking Glass Curse ♠️♥️

by Eva Chase

Five steps to getting over a nasty break-up:

1. Inherit a mini-castle from your reclusive grand-aunt.

2. Fall through a mirror into a decadent upside-down world.

3. Get to know the smoking-hot locals. Prickly Hatter. Playful Chess. And the passionate White Knight… Wait, what was I talking about? Oh, right.

4. Discover you possess powers that could win a rebellion against a tyrannical queen.

5. Keep a tight hold on your head—and your heart.

When I tumbled into Wonderland, I only wanted to escape the epic mess my life had become. I’m not sure I can trust anything in this bizarre, intoxicating place. But the three incredibly enticing men I’ve met here might need me even more than anyone back home ever has.

Maybe a little heroism is all it’ll take to heal my wounds and theirs. As long as the Queen of Hearts doesn’t come for our heads first…

*Wicked Wonderland is the first book in a medium-burn reverse harem series that reimagines Alice in Wonderland. If you love spirited heroines, hot men with secrets to spare, and worlds full of unexpected delights and horrors, step through the looking-glass today!*



💥 Claimed by the Gods 💥

by Eva Chase

The gods walk among us. And they just might steal your soul… or your heart.

I thought I’d survived everything life could throw at me. All I wanted was to keep my distance from the criminals I work for and get my little brother out of the hell that is our mother’s house.

Then I died and woke up to four stunningly hot gods telling me I’m now a valkyrie.

Sly, sharp Loki. Jovial but ferocious Thor. Dreamily compassionate Baldur. Grim and secretive Hod. They all have something to teach me. And around them, my walls start to crack.

But the gods didn’t summon me just for kicks. Their king is missing, and they need me to find him. The first three valkyries they sent on the job never made it back.

More power is awakening in me than I could ever have imagined—and the gods’ enemies are more devious than even they knew. It’s going to take every trick in the book for me to save myself, my brother, and these divine men who’re getting under my skin in the most alluring way.

I’m Aria Watson, and Valhalla ain’t seen nothing yet.

*Claimed by Gods is the first full-length novel in a medium-burn reverse harem urban fantasy series. This action-packed, heart-wrenching ride gives you a kickass heroine, four irresistible gods, and Norse mythology like you’ve never seen it before.*



Keepers of the Talisman

by Rowan Thalia

Demon sightings, missing girls, and dead witches.

As a paranormal investigator, Rayne is no stranger to the unknown. But when she embarks on her latest case, her life takes a turn toward the magical. An ancient talisman and four sexy as hell magical keepers all but land in her lap, changing not only who she is, but what she will become. Rayne soon learns her newly acquired type of magic is sought out and destroyed. It might just seal her fate.

Caught in between her old life and learning to be a witch, Rayne will be forced to decide between ending a curse or walking away and risking the lives of herself and others. Toussaint, Leif, Aedan, and Maceo are just as unprepared to become Rayne’s Keepers as she is to embrace her magical powers. Knowing she is the key to breaking the curse, can Rayne master her magic and fix what was broken?

If you like paranormal sightings, shifters, witches, and tempting men, this reverse harem will have you turning the pages!



🔧 Hijinks Harem 🔧

Tate James & CM Stunich

Four hunky, supernatural plumbers.

One reluctant, slightly drunk human.

A match made in heaven … or in the bathroom, rather.

My name is Arizona Smoke, and I’m the proud owner of a house haunted by my dead Gram, best friend to a cocktail dress loving werewolf, and apparent soul mate to four plumbers who also happen to be elemental dragons. Besides rippling pectorals, tattoos, and … uh, nice, long pipes, the guys also have control of the elements.

Supernatural law (whoever heard of such a thing anyway?) dictates that since I stumbled upon the guys in their alternate forms, I have to marry them. All four of them. Oh, and apparently one lousy (okay, awesome) night of sex means that I’m an elemental, too—and no amount of magical penicillin can cure this disease.

All I wanted was hot running water and toilets that flushed, but now I’m dealing with monsters lurking in the sewers, supernatural politics, and four penniless (but totally hot) plumbers living in my crumbling old Victorian.

I’m Ari Smoke, wine aficionado, ex-barista, and a girl who is completely out of her element.

Having four hot husbands is nice … but the death threats, not so much.

ELEMENTS OF MISCHIEF is a full-length comedic paranormal, reverse harem romance. This means our leading lady has four male love interests (or more!) and doesn’t have to choose between them. This book is full of steamy sex, ridiculous plumbing puns, and heaps of action, intrigue, and … well, more puns.

🦊 The Kit Davenport Series🦊

by Tate James

I want vengeance so badly that I can almost taste it. It’s all I’ve ever wanted. So, I did what anyone in my unique position would do. I slapped on a secret identity and became an internationally renowned thief, known as The Fox. Nobody knows me. Nobody can catch me.

Or so I thought…

It turns out; I have what they want. Special abilities. And trust me, these abilities are coveted–and dangerous. Now, I don’t know who to trust or where to go. Peril lurks on every corner as I try to uncover my past and origin. Teaming up with unlikely allies may be my only chance at survival or my biggest mistake. Only time will tell.

I’m Kit Davenport and this is only the beginning.

** Warning: This book is a Reverse Harem. It also contains violence, sex, bad-language and content which some readers may find triggering. **

🦊Kit Davenport: The Complete Series🦊

The Complete Kit Davenport Series contains:

#1 The Vixen’s Lead

#2 The Dragon’s Wing

#3 The Tiger’s Ambush

#4 The Viper’s Nest

#5 The Crow’s Murder

#6 The Alpha’s Pack

BONUS: The Fox’s Hole

This set contains a bonus epilogue scene titled “The Fox’s Hole”