Witch Heist in Westerham by @DionneLister

Witch Heist in Westerham: Paranormal Investigation Bureau Cozy Mystery Book 11 by Dionne Lister

Lily’s feeling a bit out of place at a high-end fashion show, but she can’t wait to see Will’s sister, Sarah, strutting the catwalk. Lily and Will have planned to spend some time with Sarah while she’s in town, but when jewellery worth millions is stolen from the fashion show and Sarah’s friend goes missing with it, their plans disappear in a miasma of expensive perfume.

Sarah refuses to believe her friend could have perpetrated the heist, but Lily’s magic proves otherwise. Worried about her friend and wanting answers, Sarah decides to investigate. But soon she goes missing too, sending Lily and Will into a panic.

Will and Lily recruit Imani and flamboyant make-up artist and witch Lavender, a friend of Sarah’s, to help solve the case. Their search takes them to Italy, Spain, and back. But as times passes, the worse things look. If they don’t find answers soon, someone will die.

And on top of all that, they have a new lead into the disappearance of Lily’s parents. It’s a dangerous assignment—one that will have unforeseen consequences and leave Lily despairing that they’ll never find answers. 

Yep, it’s just another day in Westerham.

The first book in the series is free. Witchnapped in Westerham (Paranormal Investigation Bureau Cosy Mystery Book 1)

Author Dionne Lister #Interview @DionneLister

Please give a warm welcome to author Dionne Lister

Tell us a bit about yourself

I live in Sydney, Australia and am the happy mum of two boys. I have two Siamese cats, an associate degree in creative writing, and as well as working as an author, I’m an editor. Just over a year ago, I took up hapkido (Korean martial arts), and I love it.

Have you always wanted to become an author?

I’ve wanted to be an author since I was about eight. It took me a while to get there though…. lol

What was your inspiration for your current book/series?

I normally write epic fantasy, but the last book I tried to write was hard work. I’m at 43,000 words and still haven’t finished it. I will finish it, but that book and all it’s problems, plus some external factors, gave me writers block. I never believed in it until it happened to me. I didn’t write for a year and a half. Instead of writing, I read. A lot. One of the genres I discovered in this time is paranormal cozy mystery. I devoured so many books, it was getting to be super expensive, and eventually, I got to the point where I was inspired to write my own series.

What are you working on now?

At the moment I’m working on book 6 in my paranormal cozy mystery series. The book is called Killer Witch in Westerham, and the series name is Paranormal Investigation Bureau. It’s set in the UK, and the main characters are witches. It’s a fun series.

Do you have any quirks while writing?

I have no quirks *thinks*. Well, no more than the usual author. I laugh and cry when stuff happens to my characters, and some days I think my work is the worst thing ever, and some days, I think it’s awesome.

What are your hopes for the future?

My hopes for the future is that I make so much money from my books that I can write full time :).

Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world?

Advice for new authors. Do you have a week or so? Ha ha. Do it because you love it. If you want the chance to make a living out of it, prepared to be professional and to work hard for as long as it takes, which could be months, or it could be years. Learn how to write well. Join Facebook groups so you can get good recommendations for editor and cover artists. The work doesn’t stop when the first draft is done. That’s when the work starts. And don’t beg friends and family to buy your books: you’ll never earn a living out of it unless you reach people you don’t know, and a lot of them. Be prepared to learn about marketing, and know you have to risk money to make money. This is all if you want to earn a living. If you just want to write, then just write :).

Do you have anything to say to your fans?

Fans? I have fans? *Looks around. May have noticed movement behind the pot plant.* If any of my fans are reading this, or just anyone who has bought any of my books and read them, THANK YOU! Some people say they write for themselves, and to an extent, we do because we can’t help it. But that’s only half the fun. I’m a storyteller, and I want my stories to reach other people, so thank you for being part of my journey. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to keep producing books. I love that you (whoever you are) are out there reading my books and laughing and crying along with me, or maybe just quietly enjoying them. Thanks for taking a chance on me :). And I love hearing from my fans. Getting an email or message from someone telling me how much they enjoyed my book is like the best thing ever, and it always makes my week :).

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Dionne’s Writers Hub – Editing & Writing Support

Dionne’s Writers Hub by author & editor @DionneLister

Today I give the word to my awesome author, editor and friend Dionne Lister

Hello 😀

As an editor, a reader and the person who vets the Booktastik books, I’ve seen my share of bad editing that authors have had to pay for. Because I also love the idea of improving as an author/writer, I’ve decided to set up a group through Booktastik. It’s a group for writers of all levels to come and ask questions, get writing tips, and find out what constitutes good editing. I want to educate writers and arm them with knowledge that will help them improve their craft and not get ripped off. I also hope to start lots of awesome discussion among writers in a space designed to encourage growth and comradeship in the author community. It would be great to see some of you join, or if you have author friends who could use the support, please tell them about the group. Thanks!

Dionne’s Writers Hub-Editing & Writing Support

Doris is on tour.


I am excited today to have Doris on the blog with a spot of advice, to show you just what all the fuss is about and just who Doris is. Don’t be afraid, she doesn’t bite and it has been proven beyond scientific fact she has no teeth, but her wit is sharp and she does tend to rip into you if you stray away from being true to yourself.

With Valentine’s Day behind us and the lonely hearts club back to drinking wine from a box or perhaps, hitting the clubs again, there are still a lot of gals trying to figure out a way to keep their dignity intact and still find a man who excites them and will make them happy throughout their lives…or at least have a serious and stable relationship with! Maybe even those whose glitterific relationship has lost some of it’s shine needs a bit of a boost!

Are you game? We also will be having a live interview with the Cabin Goddess, Kriss (she is also one of the head Fairies here), and a central Facebook event page where you can post questions for Doris throughout the tour, get updates and links during the tour and ask more info on the novella! Everyone in the know has been itching to see this book get everywhere and in have people join them in reading it and laughing just as hard as they did! You won’t even need cream afterwards.. perhaps a glass of wine and a new boyfriend, but not any cream!


Me: Dear Doris, what is your favourite hobby?

Doris: I love to relax on the couch and listen to the television. I prefer family dramas because I can’t see the television, so action movies aren’t really suitable. Something you humans don’t know is that the penises and vaginas of the characters on television talk too. They like to get in on the action and will say things to make fun of what’s going on upstairs, or they act too, making it even more exciting.


My review

Talking vaginas, yes you heard me right. Now you might think this an X-rated book or extremely naughty, well it is a tiny bit naughty, but in no way X-rated.

It is about Jemma who is single and desperately trying to find the right one while dealing with friends and family, some of which you love and some you do not.

In between looking for prince charming in nightclubs, we get an inside view, or you might say a down under view of how life is for Jemma’s vagina named Doris and her vagina friends. I’m still trying to recover from laughing my butt of (I wish), the description of the troubles poor Doris goes through is absolutely hilarious.

This is a well-written story that you can’t stop reading once you have begun, so hurry up and get your copy.

A quote I love:
Doris was reminded of the movie Alien: in the space between a woman’s legs, no one can hear you scream…

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Viva la Vadgeventures!


Close Call: A Doris & Jemma Vadgeventure

Close-Call-3D-450Close Call is the first instalment of “A Doris & Jemma Vageventure” series.

Think Bridget Jones Diary and The Vagina Monologues.

Twenty-two-year-old Jemma can’t seem to get her life in order. Her track record with men stinks, she constantly worries about getting fat and ending up a spinster at thirty. And to top it off, she has to be a bridesmaid at her most-hated cousin’s wedding. She feels like her life is over, until Doris decides to help out. Who’s Doris? Doris is Jemma’s vagina and she thinks more of Jemma than her own brain does. Doris is on a mission to save Jemma from herself, but is the task too much for one vagina to handle?

TAGS: Fiction, Chick Lit, Humor, Women’s Lit, Romance

© 2013 Dionne Lister Cover by Sol Pandiella-McLeod

Now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes, and Sony.

Meet Eloise March aka Eloise March

Dionne Lister - 2

Eloise March is a woman who laughs at her own jokes, swears way too much and breaks any new diet by lunchtime on the day she starts. She believes in women’s equality, and all equality for that matter, and hopes the things she writes touch people in a positive way, and make them think about how they can create a better society for themselves and others.

In her spare time, she enjoys living as her alter ego, Dionne Lister — a suspense and YA fantasy author who is way too embarrassed to talk about vaginas. She likes spending time as Dionne because Dionne has an awesome family, wonderful friends and a cat called Lily, oh, and she has great hair.

If you’re looking for Eloise, or any information about future books in the Doris & Jemma Vadgeventure series, you can visit Dionne’s website, where Eloise has been lucky enough to get her own page http://www.dionnelisterwriter.com. If you’re looking for a chat, you can find Ms. March on Twitter.

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