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This Book Blogger Directory lists blog addresses, contact information, where reviews are posted, as well as standard turnaround time and book formats accepted. Indexes list bloggers by accepted genre so you can easily find bloggers amenable to your subject matter.

More than 200 blogs are included, all current as of June 2020. The index lists each genre linked to each blog that accepts books in that category.

July Book Releases 2020

July 1

Seventh Seal:
A Reverse Harem Tale
(Lovin’ the Coven Book 7)
July 3

Maid in Time: Only Time Will Tell
(Women of Time Collection Book 4)
July 5

The Trail:
Succubus Trials Serial
(Succubus Harem 37)
July 5

(Taming the Elements Book 2)
July 6

Grave Decisions
(Hellgate Guardians Book 3)
July 7

Kiss of the Damned
(Fallen Cities: Elisium Book 1)
July 9

(Arcane Mage Series Book 1) RH
July 10

Den of Vibers
Reverse Harem
July 10

Hell Hath No Fury
(Razing Hell Book 3)
July 10

Alpha Geek: Shaw
July 10

Book Blogger Directory
July 11

A Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance
(Darkness Rising Book 1)
July 11

Riding for a Fall
(Get Your Rocks Off Book 2)
July 13

Villainous Hearts
(Academy for Villains Book 1)
July 13

Beautifully Wrecked
(Candied Crush Book 3)
July 14

Fierce as a Tiger Lily
(Daughters of Neverland Book 2)
July 15

You Promised Me
July 16

Changed by Fire
(Phoenix Rising Book 6)
July 17

The Embers of Phoenix
(The Inferno Pack Book 1)
July 17

Harboring Harlow:
A Dark Alien Sci-Fi
(The Forsaken Book 3)
July 17

(Forgotten Prison Book 1)
RH Cyberpunk Romance
July 17

Half Bad:
A Reverse Harem Goddess Romance
(Godhunter Book 31)
July 20

A Demon’s Heart:
Vice College For Young Demons:
Year Four
July 20

Grave Signs
(Hellgate Guardians Book 4)
July 21

Soulbinding Fate
(Sky Serpent Clan Series Book 3)
July 21

Reaper Unveiled
(Deadside Reapers Book 4)
July 21

A Loser’s Revenge
Contemporary RH
Friends to Enemies to Lovers
July 22

Why Should I Wear A Mask?
July 23

A PNR RH Romance
July 23

(Remington Carter Series Book 3)
College Contemporary
July 23

Dark Fae’s Secrets:
Dark Fae Kingdom, Book 3 RH
July 23

Classified Planet: Turongal
(The Darvel Exploratory Systems Book 1)
July 24

Born to be Witchy
(Not Your Basic Witch Book 4)
July 24

Adapt – Develop:
A Space Fantasy Alien Romance Book 3
July 25

The Angelus Challenge
(The Angelus Duet Book 1)
July 27

(Spell Library Book 11)
July 28

Huntress of the Vampires
(House of Durand Book 6)
July 30

Shadowlands Sector, Two:
A Shifter Paranormal Romance
July 31

Pretty Bloody
(The Fallen Gods Book 2)
July 31

(Prodigium Academy Book 2)
July 31

Sins of our Fathers Book One
July 31

Unnatural Omega
(Alpha Elite Series Book 2)
July 31

Love and Chaos:
A Dystopian FF Romance
July 31

(Pack Heat Book 4)

For Fox Sake: Get Organized (Time Chaos Tamer) by Deena Rae Schoenfeldt @eBookBuilders

For Fox Sake: Get Organized (Time Chaos Tamer) by Deena Rae Schoenfeldt

Tame your time chaos!

Get organized with this comprehensive monthly planner

Pages included:

Month overview

5 Week at a glance 2-page spreads

30 Daily 2-page spreads

5 Menu Planners

5 Shopping Lists (Menu & Shopping list can be removed to take to the store)

Monthly Budget Sheet to track bills and finances

Pages are undated so use this planner when it is convenient for you.

Navigating the World of E-Book Publishing by Deena Rae Schoenfeldt #EBBB

Thanks to Helle for letting me hijack the site for a very special announcement.

Every year, thousands of people participate in NaNoWriMo, So You Think You Can Write, and other writing competitions. Why is there such an interest in these contests? Because deep down, everyone has a story to tell —a memoir, romance, science fiction tale of other worlds or alternate civilizations, or even a how-to manual—everyone has a story. I am no different except for the fact that I don’t have the time to do NaNo or SYTYCW.

What I do have time for is researching different trends and changes that affect my clients. Lots of research, lots of reading and lots of time assimilating that information into bite-size morsels for my clients and followers. Some of this information I have included in a book that I have coming out January 13, 2014.

You are probably thinking “Why would I care that you are publishing a book?” The answer is simple, maybe you won’t care, but if you are considering jumping into the indie world of publishing you should care. Now you probably are thinking “Who are you?” Me, I am just someone who grew up surrounded by those in the publishing industry, I have done work for authors and publishers directly —everything from just transcribing manuscripts to promotion to the formatting of digital e-books. I read voraciously, I review sporadically and I host two podcasts about authors, reading, writing and publishing.

Yeah, I know a little something about e-publishing in today’s world but I don’t pretend to have all the answers and I won’t try to come off as a know it all like some of those people that state their opinion as fact. In short, I am not a stuffed-shirt, puffed up with my own self-importance. BUT, chances are if you are or have ever thought about publishing something independently and read something about it, or are on Twitter you have seen some of my handy-work.

So, if you are serious about publishing your own work, or just kicking the idea around, be on the look out for my book, Navigating The World Of E-Book Publishing, available January 13, exclusively on Amazon. My contact methods are below, feel free to stalk me that way or even join my mailing list for a special announcement and sale opportunities.

Who I Am

E-BookBuilders is the online alias of Deena Rae. I was born and raised in Texas — home of bluebonnets, boots, beef and big hair — into a family that was in the printing and publishing industries. My father was a computer programmer for major newspapers when the equipment took up whole rooms and my mother has been a publisher for almost 30 years — trying, unsuccessfully, to bring me into the family business. I have been told I am a second-generation genetically perfected super-nerd.

I was happily living my life, having three third-generation genetically perfected super-nerds myself, but then through a series of events (unfortunate and fortunate), I officially joined The Book Connection — my mother’s publishing and packaging company — as the Digital Director, to create the e-publishing division in 2011. My computer skills, willingness to help authors, love of literature, no-nonsense attitude and quick wit has helped shepherd many authors through the maze of digital publishing.

Through my work with E-BookBuilders, I have been able to meet authors and writers from all over the world and in every genre imaginable. My wit, obscure sense of humor, awareness of the absurd, and a love of literature all which led to the creation of Bluebonnets, Bagpipes and Books, the NSFW publishing discussion podcast I produce and host with Janet Wrenn and Peter Burnett. My no-nonsense attitude makes for some hilarious discussions and plenty of “Oh my God, did she really just say that?” moments. Sometimes it is as if there is no filter between my brain and mouth. But if I like you I try to be nice — sometimes. I also have a safe-for-everyone author interview show, B3‘s Bookworm. You can find me most hours of everyday attached to my computer either researching, tweeting on the 6 accounts I maintain, posting on my different Facebook timelines and pages, coding e-books for my fabulous friends/clients or with my nose buried in my Kindle reading.

So, if you are serious about publishing your own work, or just kicking the idea around, be on the look out for my book, Navigating the World of E-Book Publishing, available January 13, exclusively on Amazon. My contact methods are below, feel free to stalk me that way or even join my mailing list for a special announcement and sale opportunites.

If you would like to add the book to your Goodread’s shelf – just click the button!