Vacation in Istria, Croatia 4 #photography

This trip was to the town of Motovun. I was lazy and stayed home at the hotel that day, but I thought I’d share the pictures my mom took.

Motovun is a medieval town that grew up on the site of an ancient city called Castellieri. It is on a hill 270 metres (886 feet) above sea level with houses scattered all over the hill. In ancient times, both Celts and Illyrians built their fortresses at the location of present-day Motovun. The name of the village is also of Celtic origin, derived from Montona, meaning “a town in the hills”. Source:

Vacation in Istria, Croatia 3 #photography

The view of the Lim Fjord from above.

Lim Fiord is part of the 35 km long Lim Valley (Draga), that stretches almost to the center of Istria, to the town of Pazin. The Fiord itself is a little bit longer than 10 km, it is 30 meters deep and its widest part is around 600 meters wide. From both sides very steep mountains rise, in some parts even up tp 100 meters. Source:

We had a small break at the end of the fjord before lunch.

On the way back along the riviera we visited the town Vrsar. I really tried to capture the colours of the water, but it changed all the time. It was gorgeous and crystal clear.

Vacation in Istria, Croatia #photography

My mom and I got to go on our first vacation in two years. We took a trip to Istria in Northern Croatia. We travelled through Germany, Austria, Slovenia and ending in Croatia. The Croatian people was so sweet and welcoming. The crystal clear waters of the adriatic sea was amazing and the climate was wonderful.

There was still snow in the mountains in Austria as we passed through.

On the other side of the trees seen above, you find the rocky beach. All the beaches in Istria is rocky.

Some of Novigrad Centrum below.

Sunset over Novigrad

Vacation blog post to be continued.