Cover Artist Carol Marques #interview

Please give a warm welcome to artist Carol Marques


Tell us a bit about yourself


Well, I’m a Brazilian artist. I am 23 years old. And I always liked beautiful and artistic things.


Have you always wanted to become a designer/artist?


No. Initially I wanted to be an architect. I started my studies but I ended up losing interest along the way. Parallel to this my twin sister graduated in graphic design and see her in this course interested me a lot. So after her training I started to want to learn from her. And after learning I started to work in the area of graphic design.


Where do you find inspiration for your work?


I always try to keep abreast of trends and I’m very interested in digital illustration. I always look for sites with good references of covers, illustrations and photographs.


What are you working on now?


Currently I work with Book Covers, Premades and Custom. I have my group on facebook since July last year.


Do you have any quirks while working?


I do not think so. Apart from the fact that I love working at dawn. I am much more productive throughout the night than in the morning.


Do you have any advice for new artists about the publishing world?


I believe the basics but that is essential. Be truthful, honest. Seek to do your best and always improve the skills. Support other artists and authors. Always be humble.


What are your hopes for the future?


Produce high quality results. Impress my clients. And always support and help those who are starting.


Do you have anything to say to your fans?


I do not think I have fans yet. But I thank all the authors who supported me from the beginning. I have eternal gratitude for the first author who decided to buy a cover of mine. I always want to keep that gratitude for each one. I wish the best for both authors and artists. May our community grow without rivalry. But with understanding, mutual support and high quality!





Carol Marques Cover Design

#Review of Covened by Ann Swan

I received this copy as an ARC.

I’ve been looking forward to reading this book so much. Finally I got my grubby little hands on it and it was totally worth the wait.

This book had me giggeling/snorting through the whole book. I could totally follow the #BigGirlProblems and having once been a pug owner I could appreciate Mrs. Pig and her brand of love/craziness. Throw in some hot dudes, magic and enough intrigue to choke a cow and you have a 5 star book. Now I just have to survive until Cursed comes out.

I really look forward to the next book in the series. This debut author does not disappoint.

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Ann Swan’s Birds and B’s


Cover reveal ~ Savage Rose ~

Here is the cover for my next poetry collection. It was made by the awesome

~ Aeternum Designs ~


Grief, love, pain, imagination and appreciation for the little things in life. Those are some of the topics the author embraces in this poetry collection, mixed with photo art to enhance the feel of the poetry.
In an hourglass
Counting down
Hail by hail
In a steady tempo
Far and beyond
It’s all the same
One by one
They drop through
Life’s hourglass
Counting the years
In light-speed
Only one breath away
From eternal sleep
Fast forgotten

Cover reveal of The Funny Adventures of Little Nani


Hello, everyone!

I am thrilled to be here, so I can share with all of you the new cover I got for my book “The Funny Adventures of Little Nani”. My book was published last September 2012 with a cover that I created with one of the templates offered by CreateSpace. It is OK, but it is not what I wanted for my book. But now things are different. I got a gorgeous new cover created by Mark Stone and I think it is time I share it with all of you. From now on, all my Little Nani covers will follow the same format, so they will be easily recognisable for its readers. So thanks for being here and enjoy the gorgeous new cover!


Little Nani is a little girl who likes helping people. However, when she helps people the results can be a bit unexpected. Why is that? Little Nani is a witch! Or at least she wants to be a witch. With her magic wand, she will try to cast different spells to help her friends, but she won’t be successful all the time.

Follow Little Nani in her funny adventures and meet her extraordinary friends. Funny ostriches, horses that love reading, super-fast turtles, grumpy zombies… Little Nani has lots of friends! You can also draw your own characters!

Little Nani is willing to become a good witch. Will she manage to do it? Who knows? Read the stories and discover what happens next!



Cinta Garcia de la Rosa is a Spanish writer who has loved the written word since he discovered she was able to read books at age 5. Since then, she has become a bookworm and reads around 100 books every year. She also writes, every day, compulsively, even in the middle of the night. You cannot control when inspiration hits you, can you? She writes in English because she is convinced that in a previous life she was British, so writing in English feels more natural to her than writing in her native language. Yes, she is crazy like that. Cinta Garcia is the author of “The Funny Adventures of Little Nani”, a collection of short stories for children, and “A Foreigner in London”, a short story published on Smashwords.



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