Interview with Author/Poet @Helle_Gade !! #books #poetry

If you don’t know, but you probably do, and if you really don’t, Helle Gade is one of the most legendary poets of the past decade. I can honestly say there’s nothing like her words. She has four new books (and an anthology!) out this year that you do not want to miss. My review […]

Interview with Author/Poet @Helle_Gade !! #books #poetry

Preorder Type 2 by Ben Ditmars #amreading

Type 2 by Ben Ditmars

Type 2 is a journey from being diagnosed to living each day with diabetes. If you feel shocked, if you feel angry or need healing for yourself (or loved one) there is a poem within these pages.


“The evolution of a poet is seldom pretty. We pull from lifewhat is frightening, terrifying, painful and sad, doing our best to rewrite our tragedies so perhaps others will catch the metaphor and learn from ourmistakes, with never once breathing the words, “I told you so”, out loud.
In Type-2, poet Ben Ditmars evolves. And though the words he writes are beautiful, this is not a pretty maturing.  It is gripping to watch a young man come face to face with his mortality. It is more than impactful to have his words lead you to questioning your own.  I have watched family member after family member struggle with adult-onset diabetes. I’ve had friends carry snacks just in case and watched them jab at their fingers. I have never had anyone make me really think about this kind of life, let alone my chances of ending up living it, the way this collection of poems has.”

– Natasha Head, author of Nothing Left to Lose and Pulse

Ben Ditmars Interview

Mind Games Anthology #newrelease #free

Darcia Helle is the brain behind this anthology. I’m lucky to be included. It’s free!

Mind Games free on BookFunnel:

Oak Anderson

Jaleta Clegg

Charles Colyott

Ben Ditmars

Ellie Eich

Helle Gade

Maria Haskins

Darcia Helle

Jen Hilborne

Jason McIntyre

Patrick H. Moore

John Nardizzi

Julie Elizabeth Powell

Charles Salzberg

Maria Savva

Joe Schwartz

Author & Poet Ben Ditmars #interview

Please give a warm welcome to author and poet Ben Ditmars


Tell us a bit about yourself


Ah, the million-dollar question. Which is good, because I could really use a million dollars. I am an author and poet, currently working in bookkeeping and accounting. This ties into my latest collection Number Poetry – all about the hidden rhythm of the written word. But when I’m not writing or counting beans, I enjoy exploring local history and traveling. I found a bar near my parent’s house where Al Capone used to relax. Pretty cool, eh?



Have you always wanted to become an poet/author?


I’ve always wanted to be heard. But I’m shy around strangers. Writing helps me decipher my thoughts and communicate better.


What was your inspiration for the writing?


I find inspiration everywhere. The sky, the trees, stars in space – a lot with the stars in space. Science in general makes me think and ask questions. It’s a good conduit for metaphors. So is romance. My favorite poems from other poets are romantic ones – borderline erotic. Sex is liberating as an art form. And probably other ways too.



Do you have any quirks while writing?


OCD. Lots of OCD. I can agonize over a single word or piece of punctuation for hours. It’s slightly more muted writing for publications, because I can take time. But if it’s for the internet, you’re naked when it’s posted. There’s an urgency, exhilaration and fear that goes with it. But it also helps you find what works and resonates with an audience.



Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world?


Research the publishing and business world. Go to author events and see how they promote and interact. Watch Mad Men. Read as much as possible of the genre you intend to write. Think of who your audience will be and what you can give them they don’t have.


What are you working on now?


I’m working on quite a few things. A book of romantic haiku, a haiku novella and fantasy adventure, and a young-adult collection with various life lessons. It should be a real hoot.


What are your hopes for the future?


I would love to keep expanding and reaching new audiences. That’s my biggest struggle is growing the ranks of people who read poetry. Partly, I’ve been doing this through posting on Instagram, or the Gram as hip Gen-Y kids call it. Or it Gen Z? I’m too much of a Millennial to actually remember.


Do you have anything to say to your fans?


Yes, as a matter of fact. I appreciate you staying with me through these weird ideas I have. I could be living under a bridge shouting haiku, but you like my posts and buy books so I don’t have to.



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Cover Reveal and Pre-Ordre of Tales From The Cacao Tree #AmReading

I’m pleased to present you with the cover for the 4 book in the Mind’s Eye series,

Tales From The Cacao Tree.

It’s all about the sinfully delicious chocolate.

The awesome Kat from Aeternum Designs made the amazing cover.


Pre.order the book now and pay ony 99 cents.

The price is a pre-order discount, and will go up to 3.99 when the book goes live.


Amazon pre-order


You can find the previous books in The Minds’ Eye series here:





Mirrored Voices: Best Contemporary Poetry #AmReading #Poetry


I’m lucky to be included in Mirrored Voices: Best Contemporary Poetry anthology

alongside some very talented poets from all over the world.


This combined poetic anthology embraces free thinking of the untapped mind and spirit. The vast array of best contemporary poets from around the globe share their voices together in harmony. Various styles and thoughts flourish amongst the pages, bringing emotions to life and creating beauty from nothingness. The writers included in this collection have been selectively chosen to represent the best modern talent of the age.

The list of extraordinary poets featured within include such great talent as Paul Morabito, Aric Cushing, Jason P. Hein, Laura Madeline Wiseman, Regina Puckett, Laura Crean, R.M Romarney, Clarissa Simmens, Mark Green, Irum Zahra, Laura A. Lord, Regis McCafferty, Roberto Carlos Martinez, Linda Dobinson, Robert G. Brown, Carolyn O’Connell, Sherry Rentschler, Ben Ditmars, Christopher Meesto Erato, Jill Roberts, Dr. Leesa Abbott, Nichia Morales, Andrea McKenzie Raine, Koyel Mitra, Helle Gade, Terri Cannon, Jerome Michael Bailey, Harika Kottakota, Hafsa Idrees and Kristy Rulebreaker.

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Story Time Friday, #NationalPoetryMonth edition – where @BenDitty finds a poem in poetry

A Life Among The Pages

Story Time Friday Banner

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This week, I’m letting Ben Ditmars take the reigns. I won’t talk his poem up too much. He’s capable of doing that himself…
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I haven’t done many found poems. They are tricky and often come out forced having originated from other voices. But for National Poetry Month I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and help promote some poets in the process. So, please enjoy Dirt Road Embers.fancy lineresize

Dirt Road Embers

by Ben Ditmars

Human beings are powder kegs
Electric lightbulbs burning out and
Waiting to explode; we carry on
Please carry me I’m broken
Caught between the gloaming
Wine-stained fringe existence
Broken places bleeding midnight
On a savage rose where
She is strong and I’m inhaling
Smoke through laughter
Birthing madness; nothing left
But pulse and sadness slipping
Into evening; we can’t lose.

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Found poem composed from titles of: Dirt Road Dreams by Susie Clevenger, Nocturnal Embers by…

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Mind’s Eye Author Ben Ditmars @benditty



Ben is an author of gnomes, plays, poetry and more. He was first published in his college publication and heads the poetry committee at the Mid-Ohio Fine Art Society. Currently, he lives in Marion, Ohio and is working toward his Master’s Degree. He loves historical documentaries and all things gnome.


What genre do you write?

I mostly write poetry but I’ve been known to dabble in fan fiction and stories about magic Zeppelins.

Have you always wanted to be an author/poet?

Interesting question.  I’ve always been writing (and sometimes scaring my elementary school teachers in the process).

I know I’ve always wanted to be myself and make a difference, which writing seems to help.

Tell me three things your readers might not know.

  • I’m terrified of uncertainty. Writing helps me face my fears, but driving to strange places, relationships, even the dark at times can overwhelm me.  Also, death. I really don’t want to die.
  • I’m addicted to caffeine: soda, coffee, tea. Everything but energy drinks. Apparently, I draw the line somewhere.
  • I head a local poetry group where we meet every month to share words, thoughts, and other suggestions.


My poems in “Triptychs” are inspired by some thought-provoking (and beautiful) photographs. For the first Think Green I thought of my mother. She’s always had a green-thumb and seems to think days are best spent outside doing some form of yard work. It’s not a bad thing, unless you have poetry to write or lessons to plan, but I know I’ll miss it when she’s gone.  My second poem “Dry dock” was a take on nostalgia. Martin’s photograph reminded me of age and the danger of complacency. Writers can be guilty of over-dreaming and I’ve tried to get outside and live as much as I write: but it’s hard when there are books to read.


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