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Free books for everyone 😁 Some of these books are perma-free and some are only free for a short period, so hurry up and grab them when you can. 💸

Love Blooms: A Fantasy Reverse Harem (with a twist) by Mia Harlan, Hanleigh Bradley, Eva Delaney, Elena Gray, Jewels Arthur and C.C. Pine

Indebted to the Vampires (House of Durand Book 1) by Erin Bedford

Fate’s Fools by Ophelia Bell

Called: A Reverse Harem Shifter Romance (Hell Baited Wolves Book 1) by Cali Mann

Meow (Catnip Assassins Book 1) by Skye MacKinnon

Godhunter (The Godhunter Series Book 1) by Amy Sumida

Studying her Vikings (Norsemen Academy Book 1) by Skye MacKinnon

All the Teacher’s Pet Beasts: Shifter Days, Twin Afternoons, Vampire Nights Paranormal Romance Duet (All the Teacher’s Pets Book 1) by N.J. Adel

The Four Horsemen: Legacy: A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy Romance (The Four Horsemen Series Book 1) by L.J. Swallow

Her Demons: A Reverse Harem Romance Prequel by Crystal Ash

Winter’s Guardian (Her Guardian’s Series Book 1) by G. Bailey

Unicorn Mates (Valentine Pride Book 1) by Laura Greenwood

Earth and Embers (Briarwood Witches Book 1) by Steffanie Holmes

Their Tygress by Joely Sue Burkhart

Forked Tongues Are Fun (A Touch of Dragon Fire Book 1) by Holly Ryan

The Dragon Heiress: The Dragon Realms, Book 1: A Dragon Fantasy Romance by Eve Newton

The Vicious: Undead in New Orleans by Joely Sue Burkhart

Avarice: House of Mustelid: A Dark Paranormal Reverse Harem by Emma Cole

Fairy-Struck (The Twilight Court Book 1) by Amy Sumida

Her Alien Lovers: Otherworldly Mates SciFi Serial Romance (An Iceilus Reverse Harem Book 1) by Lacey Carter Andersen

Free Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Books

PNR ~ RH Permanently #Free Books

Amy Sumida


(The Godhunter Series Book 1)

Atlantis fell, and the Gods rose.

Thousands of years ago, the Atlanteans dabbled in magic that they shouldn’t have, and they destroyed their continent. The survivors spread out across the world and used that same disastrous magic to convince humans that they were Gods. The humans believed. They sacrificed to their gods and made them even more powerful. But time passed, and humans forgot the Gods. Sacrifice waned, and the Gods had to find new ways to get the blood they craved. Devious ways. Manipulative ways. Ways that I’m going to put an end to. There’s only one problem; he’s big, blond, and swears he’s on my side. Oh, and he’s also a god.



(The Twilight Court Book 1)

I’m trained to kill Fairies.

That’s right; Fairies. I’m an Extinguisher; a psychic soldier charged with protecting our world from them—the Fey. Long ago, there was a war between humans and fairies, and the world was nearly destroyed by it. Now, we have a truce in place to prevent that from happening. Both sides have armies to enforce the truce; we have the Extinguishers and they have the Wild Hunt. Humans don’t remember the truce anymore; they don’t remember the Fey anymore. A fact that the Fey use to their advantage. I hate that. After they killed my mother, I even started to hate them. But that hatred doesn’t seem to matter when I look at him. Fairy hunter. Deadly. Beautiful. Intent on inserting himself into my life. Well, we’ll just see about that.

G. Bailey

Winter’s Guardian

(Her Guardians Series Book 1)

When Winter started university with her best friend Alex, she didn’t expect to find herself in the middle of a supernatural war. Who knew saving a stray wolf could earn you the alliance of the pack.

To make things more complicated, the broody and very attractive Jaxson is tasked with keeping her safe from the growing vampire threat in town. It’s a shame he can’t stand her and enjoys irritating the hell out of her.

When she finds out her new boyfriend has his own secrets, can she trust anyone anymore?

What happens when you get yourself stuck in the middle of a war?

This is a reverse harem book series.

17+ readers only.


Mother of Gods:

A Winter Princess Prequel

(Daughter of Winter Book 0)

“I’ve been alive for less than a year, but it’s been nothing but trouble. I was born to be someone I’m not, created by a lonely Goddess in the image of a random man she met at a party. No wonder it didn’t work out. What I have to decide now is how I want to spend the last few days of my life.”

Beira, the Mother of Gods and Queen of Winter, has grown tired and lonely. After millennia of living on her own, she decides it’s time to create the perfect lover. But while Colan might look like the man of her dreams, he’s not falling in love with her as she’d planned. Can she change his mind or has it all been for nothing?

This tragic prequel to the bestselling reverse harem series Daughter of Winter tells the story of Wynter’s parents. It’s a stand-alone novella that can be enjoyed without having read the other books in series.


Demon’s Revenge: A Winter Princess Spin-Off: Daughter of Winter #1.5



Aodh is dead.

My man, my beautiful man. Who pulled me from the darkness and gave me a chance of a life in the light.

Now he’s gone. And with him, all the goodness in me has left.

I’m going to have my revenge.

The world is going to burn.

This is a short Daughter of Winter spin-off, taking place between Winter Princess and Winter Heiress. It can be read as a stand-alone, but to fully immerse yourself in this world, I’d recommend reading Winter Princess first before reading this story. Or maybe after, if you like the characters in Demon’s Revenge.

R.A. Steffan

The Horse Mistress: Book 1

(The Eburosi Chronicles)

Carivel’s secret could save her people. It will also destroy her life.

She was born female, but she has been secretly living as a boy for years in her adoptive village of Draebard, doing a job the elders insist can only be done by a male. The last thing she needs is to fall for not one, but two unattainable men—a fierce warrior and a reluctant wolf-shifter with a horrific past. Now, the Alyrion Empire is poised to invade, and Carivel must choose whether to keep her secret or reveal it—not only to the men she loves, but also to the powerful female ruler whose army could help protect Draebard during the coming war.

Perfect for open-minded fans of ménage and reverse harem romance, The Horse Mistress: Book 1 by USA Today bestselling author R. A. Steffan combines detailed world-building, and a heartfelt romance between three noble, damaged people who have no one to turn to but each other.

Author’s note: This book contains sex. The sex is not vanilla. Some of it is between two men who love each other. If any of those three facts made you go “Eww,” please do the author a solid and don’t download this book.

Lacey Carter Andersen

Her Alien Lovers: Otherworldly Mates SciFi Serial Romance (An Iceilus Reverse Harem Book 1)

Welcome to Otherworldly Mates, a universe where one woman and three males equals pure romance…

Mara was kidnapped by aliens. Finding herself naked, alone, and imprisoned by terrifying creatures with plans to sell her to the highest bidder, she wants nothing more than to wake up. To discover it was all a bad dream.

Yet as time passes she must face the truth, she’s in deep trouble.

When she sees a handsome alien thief escaping, she takes a chance and begs him to save her life. Only, when she’s brought to his ship and meets his brothers, she finds herself battling a different problem: her attraction to them.

Whatever unexplainable science, or magic, that connects her to them makes it impossible for her to stay away. But what if her confusing feelings, and the dark past of one of the brothers, stands in the way of a once-in-a-lifetime chance at true love?

HER ALIEN LOVERS is the first serial in a series of serials. If you prefer to read the whole book in one shot, consider picking up Her Alien Romance, the box set of these serials, instead. This series is a reverse harem romance, so our heroine doesn’t need to choose between her sexy aliens in the end.


The Gladiators’ Slave:

Reverse Harem Serial- Part One

(Warriors of Rome Book 1)

As Lana stared at the twelve gladiators, straining against the ties at her wrists and ankles, she knew she was in trouble…

Being the queen of high society had its downfalls, namely developing powerful enemies. But Lana fears no one and nothing. She speaks out against the cruelty of the coliseum, even while she’s aroused by the muscular warriors.

When she angers the wrong man, the last thing she expects is to become his entertainment for the night. Twelve gladiators have been awarded her as their slave. To do with what they will. But even though they’ll follow the orders of their master, they’ll also do something no one expects: arouse her.

~THE GLADIATORS SLAVE is a short, steamy reverse harem romance involving one woman and twelve gladiators. It’s Part One in this book. If you’d prefer to read the entire story in one shot, check out Gladiators Slave.

Author Amy Sumida #interview

Please give a warm welcome to author Amy Sumida

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I put myself in my books, especially Godhunter. I’m pretty much the normal version of Vervain. It’s why I’m so flattered when readers tell me that they’ve connected with her. If you bond with Vervain, you’ve bonded with me. For those who haven’t read Godhunter; I’m a little sassy and very loyal. I love animals, art, and movies.

Have you always wanted to become an author?

Yes; I’ve always wanted to be an author. Since I was very young, I’ve been writing stories. I wrote my first novel in high school and gave a few chapters to my English teacher to read. A few weeks later, I was accosted in a hallway by another teacher who demanded that I finish the story. My teacher had been passing my story around to her friends. That was the first time I thought I might actually be good at writing.

What was your inspiration for your current book/series?

My current series… I have four lol. I’ll go with Godhunter since that was my first series and is closest to my heart. I’ve always been fascinated by religion. I think you can get to know a culture through the Gods they worshiped. During some research, I began to wonder what these gods would be like if they really existed. What would motivate them? What kind of magic might they have? How would they adjust to the modern world? Godhunter was born.

What are you working on now?

Currently, I’m working on Aria of the Gods: Book 8 in the Spellsinger Series. I love this series. Every book comes with a playlist of songs that Elaria sings during the story. Readers can listen to the playlists for free on Spotify. I enjoy searching for new music to add to the playlist; it gets me doing something other than straight writing.

Do you have any quirks while writing?

Quirks about writing… hmm… silence and tea. I don’t understand authors who listen to music while they write. It drives me batty when my neighbor is leaf blowing his yard or working on his car but music? No way; I’d end up paying more attention to the lyrics than the voices in my head. I need to hear the voices to write down their story. And tea is what fuels me; black and sweet. I used to adore Teavana’s Earl Grey Creme but alas, there is no Teavana anymore so I’m making do with Harney and Sons Black Vanilla.

What are your hopes for the future?

I would love to see any of my series made into either a television show or a movie. That’s my greatest hope.

Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world?

My advice to new authors would be to never read your reviews. Good reviews can bolster your spirits like nothing else but they aren’t worth the crushing pain of bad ones. And you will get bad ones. Everyone does. It’s simply not possible for everyone who reads your books to like them. You will offend people, you will annoy them, you will fall short. It will happen. People booed Shakespeare, they will hate you. That being said, there will be people who adore you, who can’t get enough of you, and who will lovingly support you. Focus on those special people; your treasured readers. Mine have gotten me through my roughest patches as a writer. Remember; our mind has evolved to focus on negative things as a way to protect us; a way to prevent us from doing something hurtful again. That’s why we take criticism so poorly and why we lie in bed at night and think about every mistake we made. Don’t let some unknown person’s opinion of your work deter you.

Do you have anything to say to your readers?

To my readers: I have so much to thank you for. You’ve made my dream of writing for a living possible. Not only that, you’ve come along amazing adventures with me; encouraging me to new, magical heights along the way. I couldn’t have done it without all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for loving my imagination enough to give it a home in your hearts.

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An Unseelie Understanding: an RH Erotica
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I just released Vol 2 in my RH fairy tale collections: Happily Harem After Vol 2: Four Classic Fairy Tales with a Reverse Harem Twist is available on Amazon.
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Spectra: A Cynical Superhero (Book 1 in the Spectra Series)

The Last Lullaby (Book 1 in the Spellsinger Series)

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