Such is Life by Goran Jese #amreading

Dive into the Goran Jese’s life and walk a mile in his shoes.

This collection of real-life stories is anything but ordinary. Experience the author’s life changing events and observations through his eyes and join him on his numerous journeys. Whether his journeys involve a change of location or travel into the past, he will take you there with a healthy dose of humour. Whether it is about a major earthquake that shook his hometown, the pandemic, or a new line of products in the food retail business next to his home, you will enjoy every single word.

His best animal friend, Garo, accompanies the author on a walk through the memory lane, while winning the hearts of every person who meets him. Experience the nostalgia, as the author takes you back into the past, recounting the events of decades ago and bringing the reader into the feel and atmosphere of the time long gone. This is not an autobiography, this is a beautiful journey the author is taking the readers on.

This is a book of non-fiction everyone reads with a smile on their face.

Coming July 19th

Zavirite u život Gorana Ješea i osjetite čari njegovih priča.

Ova zbirka istinitih životnih zgoda je sve, samo ne obična. Životna iskustva koja su utjecala na život ovog pisca, kao i njegov pogled na svijet, zaintrigirat će vam maštu i poželjet ćete se pridružiti mu u nevjerojatnim avanturama. Bilo da je u pitanju potres koji je pogodio njegov grad, pandemija ili novi proizvodi u dućanu pored zgrade u kojoj pisac živi, uzivat ćete u svakoj riječi.

Garo, njegov vjerni pratilac u mnogim situacijama, topi srca i nikoga ne ostavlja ravnodušnim. Osjetite nostalgiju u pričama u kojima pisac vraća čitatelje unatrag nekoliko decenija i osjetite atmosferu prošlosti. Ovo nije autobiografija, ovo je jedno predivno putovanje na koje vas pisac vodi.

Ovo nije izmišljena priča nego svakodnevnica pisca koja će nasmijati svakog čitatelja.

Black Dog & Rebel Rose by Dani Julian

Black Dog & Rebel Rose

Half-angel Rose has always flown solo, and that’s just how she likes it. Trained since youth by her angelic father in the ways of battle, she flees the heartache of a broken childhood by hunting the nightmarish creatures that hide in the shadows. When she discovers a nefarious plot involving a mysterious witch and her parade of grisly horrors in an abandoned California town, she eagerly treks out to see what blood can be spilled, only to discover that a boy from her past–now grown to manhood–has sniffed out the same prize.

Skriker, the Halfling son of a demon and a stripper, is a supernatural hunter with nothing to tie him down. Between gore-splattered hunts slaying things that go bump in the night, he fills his days and nights with women, cage fights, and hard, fun living. But when the tattooed, Harley-riding bad boy makes a trip out to the rotting burg of Paradise Hill, he finds that he isn’t the only hunter to arrive on the scene…and she’s someone he was certain he’d never see again. Fierce and beautiful, Rose forces feelings he’d buried long ago to rise to the surface, drawing him into a partnership that neither ever expected.

As the unlikely pair battle their way through the ruins, Skriker and Rose must survive not only the vicious enemy pursuing them, but the reawakened–and forbidden–emotions that both were sure had expired…emotions that might make or break the fate of Creation itself.

Rediscover the first installment of Dani Julian’s cult-followed dark fantasy adventure series, reimagined with enhancements by co-writer Amanda Schrader and film producer/actor Vincent van Hinte (Star Trek: Into Darkness), and featuring stunning new artwork by the creator. Come join the hunt!