E-BookBuilders is the digital division of The Book Connection and Deena is the Digital Director – as well as being the co-host and producer of Bluebonnets, Bagpipes and Books Podcast. She had been in the background of professional independent publishing for almost 20 years when she took the plunge and joined The Book Connection full time in an effort to help move them into the e-publishing arena. As a formatter who uses HTML, she has made E-Book Builders the company to depend on for difficult to format manuscripts and non-fiction. Deena is a tireless supporter of indie authors and publishers. Along with being the e-book builder that other formatters call when they have a difficult or specialty manuscript, she coordinates social media for multiple authors and clients as well as administrates various websites and social media outlets.

The Book Connection

The Book Connection is a full service book packaging / shepherd and consulting service. We are the author and independent publisher’s premier consulting resource for book projects of all kinds. Since 1996, The Book Connection has utilized a team of more than 30 freelancers with book-specific publishing expertise across all genre to help you achieve the goals outlined for your book project.

The Book Connection represents the latest and most innovative ideas in the publishing industry and today’s market. We provide instant access to professional advice on every aspect of your book project, from editing and design, to marketing and distribution.

Here is how The Book Connection can help, whether you are an author wanting to find a publisher for your book project, looking for E-book conversions from your existing manuscript or printed book, an author wanting to self-publish your project, or a small publisher needing outsourcing help.








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