Custom Cover Art Design Services

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Custom Cover Art Design Services
Aeternum Designs is a graphic design company specializing in professional book cover art for fiction & non-fiction authors. We design covers for ebooks, paperbacks and dustjackets for hardcovers. Working closely together as a team, we’ll design a stunning and memorable cover that perfectly complements your manuscript.  
We work primarily with professional photographers for our images, however, we also use the highest quality photography from the best stock photo sites.
We want you to love your cover so we sincerely welcome lots of discussion back and forth. We’ll work together until you are 100% satisfied that your cover will engage a reader emotionally, that the cover’s message is clear and that it will stand out on a crowded shelf. 
Once a cover is designed for you, it’s yours. It will never be resold to another author. So you can rest assured your cover design is exclusive. 
Pre-made Cover Art Designs
Aeternum Designs has a great selection of ready to go book covers for you authors in a hurry. These pre-mades are one-of-a-kind. Several of them are designed using exclusive photos from our designer/photographers Shelley Wyman & Glenda McCarthy. So if you chose those, we can guarantee that no other author will have that cover.  Each design is only sold once.
Promotional Materials Design
For your marketing efforts, we can design  a variety of promotional materials that will match your Book Cover perfectly whether we designed your cover or not. To help with the sale of your book, we offer individual products or check out our bundles.
  • Facebook Page Covers
  • Twitter Headers
  • Website/Blog Banners
  • Google+ Banners




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