May Book Releases

May 6th

Thirst : A Dark Stalker Romance
May 9th

Splintered Shadow
May 9th

Keeper (Kings of the East Book 5)
May 10th

May 10th

Ravaged World: Shattered Galaxies
May 11th

Scattered Petals (Shattered Galaxies)
May 12th

My Demon of Fire: Paranormal Fated Mates Romance (Rebel Demons Book 1)
May 12th

Fractured Waves: Shattered Galaxies
May 16th

Crushed Dominion
May 17th

Broken Song: Shattered Galaxies
May 19th

Glow (The Plated Prisoner Series Book 4)
May 19th

Jagged Honor: Shattered Galaxies
May 23rd

Witchin Solstice
May 24th

Urban Rose
May 24th

Hope for Ukraine: A Charity Anthology: Stories of Hope, Courage, and Strength
May 30th

Reject Me (Immortal Vices and Virtues Book 1)

May RH Book Releases

May 2nd

Touched by Daddy’s 4 Dirty Friends: An Age Gap Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance (Their Temptation Book 6)
May 3rd

Irresistible Monstrosities
May 4th

May 10th

Courting Her Monsters (The Monsters You Know Book 1)
May 12th

Departed Whispers: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (Twisted Legends Collection Book 1)
May 14th

Bloody Waters
May 17th

The Heartbreakers (The Heartbreakers Series Book 1)
May 17th

Spoiled by Daddy’s 4 Dirty Friends: An Age Gap Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance (Their Temptation Book 7)
May 19th

Dulce: The Candy Shop
May 20th

Their Property: Sons of Odin MC
May 24th

Gears & Fears: A Reverse Harem Motorcycle Club Romance (Hell for Leather MC Book 2)
May 26th

Savaged: A Standalone Monster Romance (Her Monstrous Desires)
May 27th

Death Warden: Grave Spirits MC
May 28th

Grace Unchained (Bloodrite Book 1)
May 31st

Wicked Stone
May 31st

Destroyer: The Dark Angel Chronicles

Adamant Spirits: A 2022 Charity Anthology For Ukraine #amreading

Adamant Spirits: A 2022 Charity Anthology of Romantic Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction & Paranormal Romance For Ukraine

Get swept away by more than 1,000 pages of romantic urban fantasy, sci-fi romance, and paranormal romance from bestselling authors – all to help Ukrainian refugees affected by the recent tragedy.

Featuring more than 40 authors, including New York Times and USA Today bestsellers, the Adamant Spirits charity anthology includes more than 42 novellas, novelettes, short stories, and exclusive sneak-peek chapters. Stories range in heat level from mild to scorching. Most importantly, all proceeds (100%) will be donated to the International Rescue Committee (or a similar charity should IRC become unavailable), which in turn will be directed to supporting humanitarian efforts on behalf of the Ukrainian people.

Authors featured include: Eva Chase, Honey Phillips, Anna Carven, Tana Stone, Michele Mills, G.K. DeRosa, Ella Blake, Hattie Jacks, T.K. Eldridge, Grace Goodwin, Debbie Cassidy, Kel Carpenter & Aurelia Jane, Leslie Chase, Jade Waltz, May Sage & Alexi Blake, Sara Fields, Veronica Scott, Ashley McLeo, Jessica Wayne, Tameri Etherton, and many more!

Adamant Spirits is only available for a limited time, so don’t miss your chance to own this incredible anthology and support a very important cause.

The anthology organizers and participating authors are not affiliated or endorsed by the charity.

Maggie Alabaster, G. Bailey, Elle Beaumont, Katherine Bennet, Alexi Blake, Ella Blake, Claudia Blood, Jessica M. Butler, Demelza Carlton, Kel Carpenter, Alora Carter, Anna Carven, Debbie Cassidy, Eva Chase, Leslie Chase, Sarah M. Cradit, G.K. DeRosa, T.K. Eldridge, Tameri Etherton, Sara Fields, Grace Goodwin, Jen L. Grey, Miranda Honfleur, Hattie Jacks, Aurelia Jane, Alana Khan, Lea Kirk, Lisa Kumar, K.N. Lee, Jen Lynning, Ashley McLeo, Michele Mills, Chloe Parker, Vee R. Paxton, Honey Phillips, Candace Robinson, Rebecca Rode, May Sage, Veronica Scott, Tana Stone, Julia Vee, Maria Vermisoglou, Jade Waltz, Jenni Ward, Jessica Wayne, Calla Zae

April RH Book Releases

April 1st

Eat Your Heart Out 2: A Charity Romance Anthology
April 1st

Altered: Part One (Altered Shifters Universe Book 1)
April 2nd

Grab the Bull by the Horns: A Monster Street romance
April 4

Tainted Savior
April 4th

Indulgent Sins: Book 2 In A Series Of Sins
April 5th

Maristella: Waves of Divinity (Fallen Starlights Series Book 4)
April 6th

Pack Punished (Thrown to the Wolves Book 3)
April 6th

Chosen by Villains (The Heart of a Monster Book 1)
April 7th

Psycho Knights: A Dark Mafia Gang RH Romance (Volkov Assassin Clan Book 1)
April 7th

The Sergeant : A RH Stepbrother Romance (Broken Warriors a RH stepbrother romance Book 2)
April 8th

Venom and Stone: Cursed Women Series, Book One
April 11th

Broken Faun
April 12th

Tempest (The Charlington Chronicles Book 2)
April 13th

An Espresso Machine’s Guide to Love & Mischief: A Quirky Paranormal Reverse Harem Romantic Comedy
April 14th

Demon Throne (Demons of Morningstar Book 1)
April 15th

Succubus Ascended (The (un) Lucky Succubus Book 9)
April 15th

A Shifting Society the J. Kearston Collection
boxset of 3 standalones and exclusive bonus scene
April 15th

Self Studies: The Thorns of Charbon Institute
April 17th

Firefly: A Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance
April 21st

Betrayal: A Monster Romance (Her Monstrous Desires)
April 21st

Church: A Dark Bully Romance (The Boys of Chapel Crest Book 1) Dark bully rh asylum (My website has all the trigger warnings on it. There are a ton.
April 22

Valkyrie Risen (Vikings & Vengeance Book 2)
April 23rd

Road to Chaos (Purgatory Prep Academy Book 2)
April 23rd

Trial by Fire: (Queen of Arcadia Book 2) (Queen of Arcadia Series)
April 24th

For the Ghastly and Beautiful: Where the Mongrels Are: Book 2 (Where They Are) Fantasy Romance
April 29th

The Gods We Obey (The Path of Temptation Book 6)
April 29th

Tastes Like Misery
Dark anti hero
April 29th

Of Monsters and Mania (The Beautiful Monsters Series Book 2)
April 30th

Let Us Prey: An Apex Society Caper: A Paranormal/Dark/Steamy/Shifter Romance
April 30th

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
April 30th

The Librarian’s Monsters: A Monster Reverse Harem Standalone (Books & Monsters Book 1)

April Book Releases

April 1st

Protect Me (The Healing Series Book 6)
April 2nd

Laying it Bare Through the Lies (Laying it Bare Series book 7)
April 2nd

April 4th

A Swan-Shifter’s Song: An MM Fantasy Romance (Tales of the Beneath Book 4)
April 7th

Dangerously Deceptive : A dark mafia MC romance (Beautifully Brutal Book 2)
April 8th

Sweet Temptations: The Boss’s Daughter: An Enemies-to-Lovers Office Romance
April 11th

Pretender (Kings of the East Book 3)
April 13th

Lured by Her (The Reflection Series Book 2)
April 15

The Gift
April 15th

Smoky Darling: Book One of the Darling Series
April 15th

Blossoming Desire: A SciFi Alien Holiday Romance (Rent An Alien Book 1)
April 15th

Shadow Kissed (Marked by Blood Book 1)
April 21st

Tethered to the Fae Lord: An Enemies-to-Lovers Fantasy Romance (Shadows of Dusk Book 1)
April 25th

Missing (Kings of the East Book 4)
April 26th

The Condemned Oak Tree
April 28th

Wolf Hunter (Moon Kissed Book 1)
April 29th

Cunning as a Trickster (Lords of Grimm Book 1)
April 30th

Tales You Win: An Academy of Stardom spin off

Pre-Order: Eat Your Heart Out 2: A Charity Romance Anthology #charity

Eat Your Heart Out 2: A Charity Romance Anthology

Are you ready for seconds?

Eat Your Heart Out is back for 2022 with 19 brand new standalone stories from bestselling romance authors. Pull up your chair and dig into a variety of drool-worthy stories! Whether you want to dip into something steamy, or nibble on something sweet, you’ll find your perfect match amongst the pages. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer your treats paranormal, contemporary or with a side of aliens, we have a dish for everyone.

All proceeds from the Eat Your Heart Out 2 will be donated to The Hunger Project.

This romance anthology contains stories by:

Arizona Tape
Calista Jayne
Danika Bloom
Demelza Carlton
Erin Bedford
Gwyn McNamee & Christy Anderson
Jade Waltz
Jessalyn Jameson
K. R. Max
Lacey Carter Andersen
Laura Greenwood
Lexie Miers
Linzi Basset
Margo Bond Collins
Mia Harlan
Rachel Everly
Skye MacKinnon
TB Mann
Zoey Indiana

River Star Author Spotlight

Please give a warm welcome to author River Star

My true name is Rayner Ye, and I’ve been writing portal space fantasy and space opera for six years and publishing for four. I have been spending more on advertising than what I’ve been making, and even then, my space opera sales are dire. I think self-published space opera has to be written to market to succeed. That means spaceships, military procedures, characters from planet Earth going into space, etc.

My universe doesn’t even include planet Earth. It comprises seven solar systems. Its like magic realism, though what’s real for the citizens of the Plan8 Alliance is not real for Earthlings–because it’s futuristic with different races and religions, etc. But there are amethyst pyramids. They are time portals. Only a select few know. The rivers which well under the portals allow people to shapeshift, teleport, and body-snatch at the speed of thought. Again, only those who know the technique know this. That’s where the portal fantasy and shapeshifting come from.

Space Opera is obviously the wrong niche for this. If I had a good traditional publisher, I might get away with it. As an indie author, I don’t think so. I wrote YuFu’s Run and Cyborg Assassin to market. It’s kind of hard to sell, especially being a woman. Let’s face it. There’s a lot of sexism in science and sci-fi. I changed my face via a gender-changing app to pretend I was a man on my author profile, but it felt wrong.

Then I heard about reverse harem and how Science Fantasy authors can get away with writing a mishmash of sci-fi and fantasy sub-genres, as long as the FMC gets her harem of faithful lovers by the end of the series and there’s a happy-ever-after-ending. I thought it was worth a go, and I was curious about writing sex and romance. I decided to bring my universe over to my pen name, River Star, and then I wrote Princess Celesti.

It’s a Space Fantasy and Time Travel Reverse Harem Romance. There’s galactic empire, shifting (not in the usual paranormal sense,) futuristic sci-fi, and lots more sub-genres. Book 1 and 2 flopped when I published them, last year. I was working on advertising my space opera, at the same time, and following a silly low bid strategy, which was wasting two valuable hours a day. I have two kids so wasn’t getting much writing and dictating done compared to before.

I unpublished the two books, added more povs from villains, and decided to quick release the series in March and April 2022. That’s what I’m doing now. The entire series is on pre-order. Fingers crossed. We’ll see.

I don’t know where the whole idea of a lonely princess came from, but I liked the thought of having kinds and queens in my space fantasy for a change.

When I was four, my grandmother asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said an orphan. She asked me what an orphan did, and I said, “An orphan writes books.” That was the family joke. After my first degree, I travelled to New Zealand alone and wrote a book in a notepad. It was a fairy story for kids. I never got it published. However, the tree-people appear in a couple of my sci-fi series written under Rayner Ye. They’re genetically modified by an alien scientist to de-radiate a planet which was destroyed by a nuclear war.

For the last couple of months, my strategy has been to edit Princess Celesti 1-4 at the computer while the kids are at school, and then dictate Cyborg Assassin 2 by Rayner Ye while I walk to pick them up and walk back from their school drop off. It’s surprising how many words I can get in after even a ten-minute walk, let alone a half-hour walk. Once I’ve uploaded all of Princess Celesti 1, 2, 3, and 4 manuscripts and formatted the paperbacks, I’m going to edit Cyborg Assassin 2 while dictating Cyborg Assassin 3, written under my non-romance name, Rayner Ye. I still have a YuFu’s Run 5 manuscript to edit and release.

You know what, though? If I make any money of this reverse harem series, I’m going to write another and another and another. I might even stop writing under my real name. We’ll see. These are just dreams for now. My hope for the future is contribute financially towards my family through my writing and self publishing. My biggest dream would be to retire my husband. I’m so grateful to him for supporting me financially and emotionally through this arduous journey, like I did to him when we lived in China and South Korea. My advice for new writers is to write! There’s lots of other advice, but everyone is different, and every path is different.

Pre-Order: Wolves and Warriors: A Limited Collection of Paranormal and Sci-Fi Romances #charityanthology

Wolves and Warriors: A Limited Collection of Paranormal and Sci-Fi Romances


Other retailers

What do shifters, monsters, and aliens have in common?

They’re the alpha men we crave.

Prepare to tame villains and bring kings to their knees. Travel to distant worlds and uncover dark secrets in these 20 stories by your favorite paranormal and sci-fi romance authors.

You can’t resist falling for these heroes, whether you like them dark and brooding, sweet and sensual, monstrous or beautiful. No matter what you’re craving, these hot alpha men are eager to please. Dive into never-before published stories of wolves fighting for their mates, warriors protecting their women, and so much more.

These authors don’t hold back on the steam, so if you’re ready to take the heat, claim your copy of Wolves and Warriors today!

Don’t wait. This anthology is available for a limited time only.

Wolves and Warriors is a charity anthology benefitting the Shy Wolf Sanctuary, a safe haven for injured, abandoned or neglected un-releasable wild and captive-bred exotic animals.

This limited anthology contains exclusive stories by:

Kathryn Ann Kingsley
Kathryn Moon
Rory Miles
Loxley Savage
Aleera Anaya Ceres
Loni Ree
Sara Ivy Hill
C.M. Nascosta
Lana Kole
Lyx Robinson
Chloe Gunter
Flora Quincy
Lydia Reeves & Xu-Ji Westin
Lydia Guleva
Leann Castellanos
Jinx Layne
Crystal Ash (writing as Sophie Ash)
Clarissa Bright
Chloe Parker

Author AJ Mullican #interview

Please give a warm welcome to author AJ Mullican

Tell us a bit about yourself…

“A little bit about me …. That always is a tough one, because it’s hard to pin myself down to one essence. I’m an author, a finance clerk, a wife, a catmom, a SCAdian, a sewist, a costumer, an embroiderer, a hobbyist rapier fighter, a painter, a graphic designer, a friend, a nerd, a geek, a gamer, an introvert, and so much more. I’m shy, funny, sarcastic, smart, loving, scared, confident, ditzy, scatterbrained, forgetful–sometimes ALL AT ONCE. It’s a real trip living inside my head, but I don’t think I’d want to be anyone else. I’m constantly changing and evolving, and that is such a cool thing about the human experience.

Have you always wanted to become an author?

Not always. I’ve always loved stories, though, and have always had a rich fantasy world existing within me. I started writing with poetry and short stories in high school, and in the “olden days” of MySpace I would use that poetry as a way to work out some tough emotions I was going through. Now, though, I mostly write steamy paranormal reverse harem romance, with some M/F romance and poly sci-fi romance thrown in. I don’t know what Freud would say about that! Haha

What was your inspiration for your current book/series?

I am really digging the monster romance vibe that’s prevalent these days. I LOVE the concept of “monstrous” beings that end up getting the girl. It’s a modern-day “ugly duckling” story, but instead of changing into a swan, the monsters get accepted just as they are. It’s beautiful.

What are you working on now? Do you have any quirks while working?

As I mentioned above, I’m currently working on a monster romance. I have this fictional town I’ve created called Nowhere, North Carolina. (Funny story: There’s another author who has a series set in a fake town of the same name, same state—but we wrote them independently of each other, and I wouldn’t even have known if not for the fact that she won one of my ebooks in a Facebook giveaway, and I just happened to look up one of her books and see the similarity.) In Nowhere, there are hundreds of ley lines running through the town, which attract some strange beings and cause some major weirdness. This most recent story follows a girl who bumps into three “monsters” at a bank, where they get mistaken for robbers. Calamity ensues, and she gets kidnapped by them. She learns that there’s more than meets the eye to these guys, however, and comes to love each of them despite their monstrous appearances.

What are your hopes for the future?

Ideally, I’d love to be able to quit the day job someday in favor of writing full-time. It’s a tough biz, though, and not every indie author is able to make that leap. I’m super happy for those who have broken through and found their calling, and some day I hope that I can join their ranks.

Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world?

It’s going to be tough. If you’re not a marketing genius, you’re going to have a tough time of it … but don’t give up! If I’d given up when my first book didn’t hit the big time (or the second, or the third…), I never would have made the progress that I’ve made or met the friends I’ve come to love talking with. Not every book has to be a best-seller straight off the press, and not every book will. Very few books will, but that’s not the point. The point is to do what you love, write what you love, and find your tribe.

Do you have anything to say to your followers?

Y’all have no idea just how much I truly appreciate each and every one of you. Every like or share, every preorder, every page read, every single bit of support is met with undying gratitude. I couldn’t continue doing what I love without all of you.

March Book Releases

March 1st

Bound to the Dark Elf King (Of Fate and Kings Book 1)
March 1

Shipley’s Sins
March 2nd

Deception: A Dark Mafia Romance (Sinners of New Orleans Book 2)
March 8th

Edge (The Descendants Series Book 5) Paranormal
March 10th

Thunderstruck (Thunderbird Brotherhood Book 1)
March 10th

Shifter Shadowborns: A Rejected Mates Romance (Rise of the Howling Shadowborns Book 2)
March 11th

Falling: Fallen Series: Book One
March 14th

Nothing (Kings of the East Book 2)
March 14th

Rex : A Dark MC Romance (A Dark & Dirty Sinners’ MC Series Book 9)
March 17th

Toxic Whispers: A Collateral Damage Novel Book Three
March 22nd

This Kind of Ruin: An Enemies to Lovers Charity Romance Anthology
March 22nd

Just A Bite
March 24th

Fated: Dragon Shifter Romance (Ice World Warriors Book 6)
March 24th

Black Magic: The Witches of Valport Springs Book One
March 24th

A Familiar Ghost: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery (Oxford Magic Kitten Mysteries Book 5)
March 25th

Stand For Ukraine: A Charity Anthology from The New Romance Cafe (Romance Café Collection Book 13)