Pre-order: Their Property: Sons of Odin MC by Crystal Ash #amreading

Their Property: Sons of Odin MC releases May 20th!

The men I want are forbidden. What’s worse?
I want all three of them.

My father isolated me while chaos swept the country. All my life, he hid me away like a precious jewel for being too curious, too attracted to danger.

Then I got myself kidnapped.

My saviors are three brutal men on roaring motorcycles–the Sons of Odin MC. Death and carnage are all they know, and yet I felt safer on the back of their bikes than in the ivory tower where I was imprisoned.

For a moment, I was finally free. Until they delivered me right back to my father.

I know a governor’s daughter shouldn’t dream of men with haunted eyes. Men who have killed, pillaged, and ransacked this broken country I’m trying to fix. But when the Sons of Odin become my personal bodyguards, I’m not just curious. I’m insatiable.

I want to feel free again.

But freedom comes at a price, one that might be too high to pay. We’re playing with fire, sending our two worlds on a collision course.

And I don’t know if we’ll survive the crash.

Their Property is a standalone reverse harem romance set in the same world as the Steel Demons MC series. An HEA is guaranteed and you do not need to read Steel Demons MC to enjoy Their Property. Contains MMF/MM scenes.

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