Pre-order: Venom and Stone: Cursed Women Series, Book One by Erin O’Kane

Venom and Stone: Cursed Women Series, Book One

Once upon a time…
Legends of knights in shining armour. The story of the fair maiden who sacrifices herself to save her family. Myths of objects of power so great that they will grant your every wish and desire.
That’s how all good stories start, right?
Not every story has a happy ending.
Who hears the tale of the cursed? Those who are tasked with guarding these objects of power your heroes are so determined to steal from us?

My name is Maya, and I am one of the cursed, trapped for eternity. Love is what cursed me, and love is what will free me, but I’ve learned the hard way—men only want me for what I guard, and I will kill every last one of them before I let them take it from me.

Betrayed by her first love, Maya was cursed and is now stuck living as a gorgon, a creature feared and hated across the land. Found by King Marcus, she’s found purpose, working by his side. Until three foreigners arrive and change everything she thought she knew.
Will the curse ever be broken, or will Maya stay a monster forever?

Please note this is an RH fantasy standalone and is aimed at readers 18+ . This story contains dark themes that might upset some readers.

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