Shale City: Child of Blood and Tears (A Punk Fairytale Book 2) by Dani Julian #amreading

Shale City: Child of Blood and Tears (A Punk Fairytale Book 2)

Fifteen years have passed since Ashe and his newborn daughter, Scarlett, fled the horrors of Shale City. They have spent those years in relative safety, and as Scarlett has flourished toward womanhood, so has her strange blend of fox and faun magic. As the years fall away, Ashe trains his daughter in the ways of bow and blade, of mosh pits and street fights, all the while forbidding her to use the abilities with which she has been gifted.

With a teenager’s willful spirit, Scarlett chooses just once to disobey, discovering too late that she cannot take back the events she sets in motion, nor the grief they bring. Soon, the pair find themselves back on the road, hunted by forces they were so sure they had escaped.

Now, hiding out with her father in the shabby port of Irontide, a town infested with criminals, hooligans, and skags of every race, Scarlett must discover who she truly is…and the cost may well be higher than she ever imagined.

Written and richly illustrated by international bestselling storyteller Dani Julian and featuring more cover art by acclaimed concept artist Summer Dale, ‘SHALE CITY: Child of Blood and Tears’ is a gritty punk coming-of-age fairytale steeped in magic, blood, and the raw angst of growing up.

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