November Book Releases

November 5th

Shadows Ascending: The Complete Trilogy, PNR MF
November 9th

A Shield of Water (Fae Elementals Book 3) Fantasy Romance MF
November 10th

The Alien’s Veterinarian (Aliens and Animals Book 2) Sci-fi FF
November 11th

Betrayed by Hell (Mary Wiles Chronicles Book 5)
November 11th

Tainted Oaths: A Collateral Damage Novel Book One, MF, Contemporary Romance
November 12th

Captured Souls: The Reapings Serial
November 13th

Let’s Play: A Sports Romance Anthology
November 15th

Savior (The D Book 4) Contemporary Romance MM
November 18th

A Familiar Brew: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery (Oxford Magic Kitten Mysteries Book 4)
November 21st

Captured (Omega Market Book 4) MF, Sci-Fi, PNR
November 21

A Home for the Alien Warrior (Treasured by the Alien Book 6)
November 23rd

November 23rd

How to Tame A Wild Tempest
November 23rd

November 23rd

Dolce Amore
November 25th

Midnight Fire: (Midnight Pack Wolf Shifter Romance – Book 5) PNR, MF
November 27th

Savage Games: A Paranormal Romance (Gifted Academy Book 6)
November 29th

A Candied Christmas (Candied Crush Book 21) Contemporary Romance MM
November 30th

Angel Falling – Embers Duology Book Two

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