Poetry Cover Reveal and #Preorder

Hi everyone, I come with exiting news that I’ve been keeping secret forever. πŸ˜„

First of all, I’m re-publishing my poetry collections Silent Dreams, Nocturnal Embers, Savage Rose and Northern Whispers in a new edition, How to Tame A Wild Tempest, with Butterdragons Publishing.

I’m also happy to tell you that I have three new poetry collections for you, also published with Butterdragons Publishing. They are called Poesi, The Fighter and Dolche Amore.

All four books will go live November 23rd πŸ₯³ SURPRISE πŸ₯³

I hope you will join me on this amazing and creative journey.

The fantastic Tash from Dazed Designs did the absolutely gorgeous covers, teasers and video.

The ebooks will be available on all platforms. They will also be available as audio books and paperbacks. Something for everyone.

How To Tame A Wild Tempest

This award-winning collection of poems will draw you in with their beauty and elegance. Encourage self-reflection and help you on your journey to find yourself. Deeply felt and from the heart this collection showcases the authors immense talent as she celebrates the true emotions in each of us.

This is my previously published book Northern Whispers, with new edits and cover. You can see the book trailer here Butterdragons

The Fighter

Inside each of us is a deep struggle, one that some embrace, and others ignore. This collection of deeply moving poems gives you an eyesight to the darkest place your mind can take you and shows the true struggle with ones own mind. Through the pain and sorrow this award-winning author connects her soul to yours in a beautiful melody of words that will leave you with a deeper insight than most are prepared for.

Dolche Amore

This collection of poems celebrates all facets of love. From romance and passion to heartbreak and loss, it is all a deep part of understanding what love is, and what love can be. Join this phenomenal, award-winning author as she carries you through your inner self, discovering your deepest emotions and pulls them from you with her beauty and rawness of the written word.

Poesi – A Collection of Poems Volume One

A unique and beautiful collection of poems originally written for stories equally unique. First published alongside some of BDPs most amazing stories, now we bring the entire collection to you in one heart stopping collection. 
Find yourself on a journey where your heart is touched and your soul feels connected. Discover love, sorrow, and beauty with each new poem by this award-winning author.

You can see the book trailer here Butterdragons

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