Author Kris Butler #interview

Please give a warm welcome to author Kris Butler

Tell us a bit about yourself

I started writing as a way to process my emotions, which lead to my first book. Through my characters, I could make sense of the world around me and cope with things in healthy ways. The characters came alive, and they needed to be heard. Thanks to a friend, who was an author, She encouraged me to take the leap and publish. Finding myself through writing has been an unexpected bonus that has allowed me to connect with others and share part of who I am. 
I write under a pen name to have separation from real life and most days, I can be found at home with my husband and dog. I work in the mental health industry, and it is a passion of mine. An introvert by nature, I enjoy reading, photography, and board games. A self-proclaimed nerd at heart, I follow many fandoms. I’m an avid fan of reverse harem and hope to add a new quirky perspective to the genre. 

Have you always wanted to become an author? 

Not all. I never had the courage to try. I felt all the stories had been told and I was just an avid reader along for the ride. From reader to ARC reviewer, to Beta reviewer, to an Alpha reader, to eventually Writer, it has all been an incredible journey of self-discovery. I uncovered a passion and exuberance for something I didn’t know I would love or need in my life but now couldn’t imagine my life without it. 

What was your inspiration for your current book/series? 

I wanted to do something that isn’t seen a lot that I had a passion for. I’ve always been a huge fan of ice skating and did it for a while when I was younger. Once I decided to do a winter sports school, everything else fell into place and a girl running from her past emerged. 

What are you working on now? 

I just released the second book in my series, the Council series, so I’m working on book 3, Fractured Futures. I’m also working on a dark retelling of Rapunzel as part of the Sinners Fairytale series that takes a fairytale and mashes it with a deadly sin. So Rapunzel and Pride will be coming at you in July. 

New Release

Do you have any quirks while working? 

I’ve developed a habit of eating Reese’s pieces, lol. I like to sit on my couch surrounded by a million pillows and blankets. It’s the perfect cloud nirvana to write. 

What are your hopes for the future? 

I’m just along for the ride and wherever this journey takes me. I have so many book ideas now and it was like once I opened myself up to writing, they just started flowing out. 


Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world? 

Ask for help and find a mentor. It’s all overwhelming and scary, but finding someone to go through it with you is the best thing. Finding support with other newbie authors is also a great way to network and encourage each other through the process. I wouldn’t be anywhere without the support and friends I’ve made. 

Do you have anything to say to your followers? 

I’m so honored that you’ve read my book and your support means the world to me!

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