July Book Releases 2020

July 1

Seventh Seal:
A Reverse Harem Tale
(Lovin’ the Coven Book 7)
July 3rd

Maid in Time: Only Time Will Tell
(Women of Time Collection Book 4)
July 5th

The Trail:
Succubus Trials Serial
(Succubus Harem 37)
July 5th

(Taming the Elements Book 2)
July 6

Grave Decisions
(Hellgate Guardians Book 3)
July 9th

(Arcane Mage Series Book 1) RH
July 10th

Den of Vibers
Reverse Harem
July 10th

Hell Hath No Fury
(Razing Hell Book 3)
July 10

Alpha Geek: Shaw
July 11th

A Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance
(Darkness Rising Book 1)
July 13th

Villainous Hearts
(Academy for Villains Book 1)
July 13th

Beautifully Wrecked
(Candied Crush Book 3)
July 14

Fierce as a Tiger Lily
(Daughters of Neverland Book 2)
July 15th

You Promised Me
July 16th

Changed by Fire
(Phoenix Rising Book 6)
July 17

The Embers of Phoenix
(The Inferno Pack Book 1)
July 17th

Harboring Harlow:
A Dark Alien Sci-Fi
(The Forsaken Book 3)
July 17th

(Forgotten Prison Book 1)
RH Cyberpunk Romance
July 17

Half Bad:
A Reverse Harem Goddess Romance
(Godhunter Book 31)
July 20th

A Demon’s Heart:
Vice College For Young Demons:
Year Four
July 23rd

A PNR RH Romance
July 23

(Remington Carter Series Book 3)
College Contemporary
July 23rd

Dark Fae’s Secrets:
Dark Fae Kingdom, Book 3 RH
July 23rd

A Loser’s Revenge
Contemporary RH
Friends to Enemies to Lovers
July 24th

Born to be Witchy
(Not Your Basic Witch Book 4)
July 24th

Adapt – Develop:
A Space Fantasy Alien Romance Book 3
July 27th

(Spell Library Book 11)
July 30th

Soulbinding Fate
(Sky Serpent Clan Series Book 3)
July 30

Shadowlands Sector, Two:
A Shifter Paranormal Romance
July 31th

Pretty Bloody
(The Fallen Gods Book 2)
July 31th

(Prodigium Academy Book 2)
July 31th

Sins of our Fathers Book One
July 31th

Unnatural Omega
(Alpha Elite Series Book 2)
July 31

Love and Chaos:
A Dystopian FF Romance

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