Attack Little Wolf by @Author_S_Rayne #newrelease

Attack Little Wolf: The Aurora Marelup Series

My name is Aurora and the time has finally come to go reclaim my mother’s ancestral home. The suffering ends here, the wait is gone. The woods are filled with a hollow sound. I’ve gathered my mates and assembled my allies. Even with all of our caution there’s still traitors in our ranks. The final battle is upon us, Vladimir must die. With my blood this I swear, I will be victorious.

**Trigger warnings**
Blood and Gore, Violence
m/m/m , orgy, graphic sex

4 comments on “Attack Little Wolf by @Author_S_Rayne #newrelease

  1. If you want to support indie authors, then please don’t pirate things they’ve made. That werewolf image you used beneath the main text is one of my artworks made for a Sverok GM screen and then used in three of my books. It is not free to use without license (or at least without asking first if it is for a good cause).
    The original can be found here:
    And here:

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    • I am truly sorry for this, I have removed the image and contacted the author. Since I work with lots of artists I understand the frustration of having your work pirated. Thank you for letting me know.


      • The author got it from a page with free pics, she has removed it now. I know that both her and her cover artist is against pirating. I’m sorry your original art is being circulated as free. I hope this helps a bit.


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