Claiming Her Flame by Laurel Skye #newrelease

Claiming Her Flame: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (Hybrid Harem Book 2)

Now that the Devil has been sent back to the Underworld, I have another situation to handle. I have fought many battles through my life only to be thrown right into the next — this time it’s for my team. An unspeakable act of betrayal has been committed by the one person I thought would protect me. 

Can I help Gage to see beyond his past? Will Shane and Theo get to us in time to repair the damage? The battle for my heart and my life is coming. Am I capable of surviving everything that is thrown at me? The answer is yes — I will watch it all go down with a smile across my face as ash and ember dust the sky. 

Or will I die and be reborn again?

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