Pre-order Attack Little Wolf by @Author_S_Rayne

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🐺 Attack Little Wolf 🐺 by Serenity Rayne

My name is Aurora and the time has finally come to go reclaim my mother’s ancestral home. The suffering ends here, the wait is gone. The woods are filled with a hollow sound. I’ve gathered my mates and assembled my allies. Even with all of our caution there’s still traitors in our ranks. The final battle is upon us, Vladimir must die. With my blood this I swear, I will be victorious.

🐾 Fated Mates
🐾 wolf, bear, dragon and Eagle shifters
🐾 near death experience
🐾 new powers
🐾 m/m, m/m/m

**Trigger warnings**
Blood and Gore, Violence
m/m/m , orgy, graphic sex

Begin the series here:

Ascend Little Wolf: The Aurora Marelup Series

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