A Call of Freedom by @poppywoods9 #newrelease

A Call to Freedom (The Unsung Veil Book 4) by Poppy Woods

Tally Hernandez knows two things in life, for certain: 

Her mate is no good. And she can’t leave him. 

When things reach a boiling point and she’s finally had enough, she calls the one person she thinks can help her: Ryan James.

Ryan spent the last three years trying to forget the hole that Tally left in his heart. But when she calls for help, everything changes. 

Can they make something out of this second chance dangling between them? 

Or will old wounds and new complications push them further apart than ever before?

*Book 4 in The Unsung Veil. This book will be most enjoyable if you have read the previous books. 
*M/F paranormal romance

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